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February 10, 2008

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So everytime I have written something over the past couple of weeks, it ends up not working, so here's to trying one more time.

Last night was amazing. Here's a synopsis:

Date night with Brittany.
Dressed Up.
Beautiful Dress.
Candlelight Dinner.
Driving Downtown.
Got to Centennial Park.
Thought about Running through the Fountains.
Thought it was a Bad Idea.
Walking in the Rain.
Dancing in the Rain.
Walking back to the Car.
Boot on Car.
I was Upset.
Britt laughed at me.
Paid boot guy $50.
Got in Car.
Tickled Brittany.
Her head hit mine.
We Both had headaches.
What a perfect and beautiful evening.
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I am officially 21! oh, and I am going to be in town (m'boro) tomorrow, so if you are in town and want to hang out, give me a call...I'm in town for only one night. Holla.
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Can anyone tell me why my phone is sending tons of the same image? I mean my friend Brittany is gorgeous, but I don't think she would want her face in my photobox like 100 times...haha, anyone know?
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