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November 14, 2007

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phusebox should know that i miss kelly.
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I am drinking chocolate milk.

I haven't posted anything on here since October. I believe an update is in order.

Since October, I have done loads of super cool stuff.

Update complete.
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omelets anyone??

i egged my kitchen floor this morning. only a little. it was pretty funny.
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oh bernard.

like i said, i\'m falling asleep to The Santa Clause. they just got to the north pole and bernard is there! i forgot about him! he looks SO different in this movie than in numbers. not that i would expect him to look the same. it just made me laugh. that is all.
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today was a sad day.

well the braves have done it again. though they have managed to continue their now 14 year streak as the NL East Champions, they\'ve lost the NLDS. really braves?? come on now! as an ending to the most intensely stressful baseball game i have ever seen, the stupid astros hit a home run in the bottom of the 18th inning. yes, 18 innings. crazy! the game took 6 hours! and i caught nearly every captivating moment. so anyway, it was a really great game. at least the braves went out fighting. and no matter what, i love them oh so much! in other news, i will be falling asleep to The Santa Clause tonight. i see nothing wrong with that.
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