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June 22, 2007

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Look, everybody! Naima is writing on Phusebox!

Ok, so I followed Carla's link to quiz, and thought it would be an utter shame not to share with you fine people the the results:

How I would be defined in the dictionary...

Naima Khandaker: "Having the texture of congealed cheese."

 I am truly flattered.

Anyway, while I'm here (and NOT working on my huge art project that's due tomorrow), I thought I would let you guys in on some great news!

I just found out on Friday that I've been accepted to Teach for America!  My placement is in an inner-city elementary school (my first choice age group) in Washington, D.C. (my first choice city), so it looks like I will be living there for the next two years!  This is pretty much my dream job!

My life rocks! :o)

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Surprise, surprise :o)

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Man, the Coldplay show last night was.... THE. BEST. CONCERT. EVER.
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The Tale of the Butterfly

I never ever ever post stuff on blogs. I\'m not sure why... I think maybe I just forget or something. But anyway, I told Carla this funny story and she said I had to post it on here, so here is first post:
So yesterday I wake up with this mondo stomach ache. It was BAD. And I was like, \"ugh, today is going to be a horrible day...\" but I dragged myself out of bed anyway to go to class. Well, I\'m driving to school when I suddenly see this really pretty butterfly right in front of my car. It was really big, and it was pale yellow. So then I was all happy and I was like, \"Hey! Maybe it won\'t be such a bad day after all!\" And I swear, I kid you not when I say that just at that moment that butterfly flew STRAIGHT into my windsheild with a really loud \"SPLAT!\" I thought I was going to cry. I was like, man, are you serious??
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