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I saw, that all through the New Testament the coming of the Lord was the greatest hope of his people, and was always appealed to as the strongest motive for consecration and service, and was the greatest comfort in trial and affliction... I saw the Apostolic plan was not to raise ways and means, but to go and to do the work...On Saturday, June 25th 1865, unable to bear the sight of a congregation of a thousand more Christian people rejoicing in their own security, while millions were perishing for lack of knowledge, I wandered out on the sands alone, in great spiritual agony; and there the Lord conquerred my unbelief, and I surrendered myself to God for this service... Need I say the peace at once flowed into my burdened heart?

J. Hudson Taylor


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I normally don't like getting on the soap box websites, but I want to so I am. 

Denomintations are not a bad thing.  Everyone likes 20 10 and 5 dollar bills, but that is not what I am talking about.  A denomitination is a large group of religious congregations united under a common faith and name and organized under a single administrative and legal hierarchy. 

It is so cool and trendy to not be in a denomination right now.  Well it is cool to be in one.  Gosh that was corny but anyways.

I am proud to be a part of the largest denomination in the  world.  Yes we have our problems, but there are a lot of good things too.  Do you know what your denomination's beliefs are.  Are they close to God's heart and vision.  One of the cool things about the SBC is the cooperative program. 

What is it?  

In 1919, the leaders of the SBC proposed the 75 Million Campaign, a five-year pledge campaign that, for the first time, included everything—the missions and ministries of all the state conventions as well as that of the Southern Baptist Convention. Though falling short of its goals, a God-given partnership of missions support was conceived—The Cooperative Program. Since its launch in 1925, the effectiveness of CP has been dependent upon individuals, churches, state conventions, and SBC entities cooperating, working toward a common goal of sharing the gospel with every person on the planet.

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26.2 part II

Ok.  So other post says I hurt bad.  I still hurt in my foot.  So, I went to the doctor.  I have a stress fracture.  I am out for 4 weeks.  Aaaaggghhh!!!!!!
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I ran my first marathon ever on Feb. 4th.  It wsa ok for the first 20 miles.  After that it went awry.  I don't care if I spelled that right.  I have never hurt so much  running in my life.  I averaged 6:45 per mile and finished in 2:56.55.  I think I might have a stress fracture though.  Yes guys I did walk.  I was fourth overall and won my age group, but I was barely beat the women's overall leader.  I was in second place for about 6 miles.  I was in third placce for almost 13.  but I died or atleast I wnated to.  I did qualify for the boston marathon though.  o well .  holla.
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Finally it works.
Finally it works.

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