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July 08, 2007

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A little releif

As usual, James has been under quite a bit of stress lately, and blogging has been very low on the list of priorities. I have gotten about 5 non-consecutive hours of sleep combined over the past two nights in order to finish a book and a paper for my English Lit. class. Yeah fun :) But I'm alive . . . barely. The caffine is numbing my true exhaustion now, but it's rubbing off. About an hour ago I fell asleep while "working" at my on-campus job. On top of all of this school stuff I'm also working on Bleacher Bums, my first play here at MTSU. I'm only onstage for maybe a 90 seconds, but it's a start. Since I know you guys care so much, and are clammouring to get tickets it is showing April 2, 3, and 4 at 7pm in the Studio Theatre @ the BDA. Anyway I need to get back to work/sleep.


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2 Weekends Ago

Okay so 2 weeks ago I went to Lexington to see the UK vs. Alabama meet. It's taken me forever to get this stuff up b/c my computer kind of died for a while. You guys may not give 2 craps about gymnastics, but I'm going to recount my trip anyway:

Me on the road. I'm sure doing this while driving is illegal (or it probably should be :)

More driving ... 4.5 hours worth.

The Memorial Collisem.

The UK Mascot & Team

And now some of my favorite athletes:

Terin Humphrey - 1st AA

Cassie Martin - 2nd UB

Ashley Miles - 1st VT & FX

Team Alabama - 1st Team

Next stop on James's 2006 SEC Tour: Athens, GA

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Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Okay, so today was kind of nice. I watched Love Actually, ate a little Quiznos, spent some quality time with my Accounting book, hung out w/ Blake & co. and of course took pointless pictures. . .

Oh, and please pray for my computer. Umm it's kind of dead. One day about a week and a half ago it said "Hello hard drive, you've been great but it's time for you to bomb out, and erase your contents. James would really appreciate that, thanks in advance. Sincerely, Dell Inspiron 1150." I'm handling the loss well.Sometimes it so hard not having it around. But I have to be strong, in major times of grief like this. ;)


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As Usual . . .

I'm sick for the first week back from a semester break. Seriously, this has only NOT happened once. I guess this is just MTSU's creepy way of welcoming me back. I guess you could consider me sufficiently at home now : )


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This feeling has come over me a lot more than once over the past month or so. I'm really beginning to feel like I have absolutely nothing to offer my friends when they seriously talk to me about things in their lives that I can't relate to. I want to be there for them and encourage them, but sometimes that just doesn't feel like enough for me. Something else to pray about I guess.


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