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Amber Ausburn

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June 21, 2009

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I have many lol luv movies, reading and some sports :p I can't live without my music and i dun understand how other ppl can..Vampires, all that mess.


Seether, Green Day, Disturbed, Simple Plan, POD, Him, Ozzie, NickleBack, crossfade, shinedown, BASICALLY EVERYTHING


Underworld, Underworld2, Xmen 1and 2, Interview with the vampire, queen of the damned, blade 1&2&3, Resident Evil 1 & 2, Pitch Dark, Kong Pow, Monty Python and the holy grail, Nightmare before chirstmas, Corps bride, mulan :), little mermaid, Pearl Harbor, A walk to remember, Saw 1 &2, Lion King, The wedding date,


omg i juss realized i dont read that much!!

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Bad memory

Wow i forgot about phusebox. im sure most of you have as well..I randomly got bored today and googled myself. ROFL anyway IF you are still on here give me a shout out!
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Muahaha i love Halloween. One more day! Im going to be a "gothic" fairy lol yes i know how original of me XD and NO im not going trick or treating tempting as it giving out candy this year. Im gonna try to scare the lil ones half to death it should be fun hehe
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Uhh hey :p

Hey everyone how is it going? Geez i keep on forgetting to get on here :) oops...Anyway this is a quick hello just to let yall know im not dead! i know its amazing! ttyl

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hello there

Lol i must say i get out alot more than my last entry. I have good news i have a new NEPHEW!! Mason James i call him MJ though ..Me and mom took off last weekend to see him and bring him to his home , hes sooo cute and tiny like 6 pounds hehe premi clothes wont fit him yet they swallow him whole hehe To bad his mom is an idiot :( seriously im not just saying that to be mean, I at 18 would be a better parent then she at like 28 will be *shrugs* i cant do anything about it though anyway talks to yaz later
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oops :o

*sad,guilty face* hey its been like a bigillian years since ive updated haha well maybe not that long but ya get the point. How are you my darlings?? ME?? well im hanging in there i dont get out much though : / im turning into a hermit ahhhh! lol nah jk I miss everyone soo much! im soo bored here!! jeez well ill talk to you lovelys laterz :P


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