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December 17, 2013

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i wanna get back to that city by the bayyy.

well hello phusebox.

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If you pop that gum one more time....and he did.

The ridiculous Choir rehearsal
I just went through,
made me wanna strangle a teacher&& a coreographer.
in the least violent way possible...

aye me.

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There's no such thing as a grown-up.

I'm watching Grey's anatomy.
It's pretty good.
My dad just got me into watching it.
It brings back my urge to be a doctor.
hah sillly yah know?

I'm gonna go to California.
Study at the Paul Mitchell Academy.
&& Make it.

almosts seems a little..crazy.
it's going to happen.

I'm already sick of school.
Selling cookie dough to go to Europe
[buy some from me]
i'm also taking donations for it as well.

Sarah Sunshine is a Happy Lady.

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English III Honors Early Day- Nichols.

Spanish II-Martin

Women's Select Choir-the brenda

Algebra II-Reavis

U.S. History Honors-Ramsey

Earth Science-Seals

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    In exactly 11hours and 1minute the bell will ring,
&& I will begin my Junior year of highschool....super.

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