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October 20, 2008

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Prayer Request

Hey there readers. I am not normally one to do this sort of thing, but I need to ask you guys to please pray for me. I am having some personal trouble and don't really feel like I can handle it. I won't go into details, but I feel pretty crappy inside, and would love any spiritual support than anyone could offer. Thanks, I really appreciate it.
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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone! I was hoping to go to church today as it is my mom's birthday and I like to remember her, but the only service I can go to is a 7:30 service that said it was for the Hispanic community. So I don't think I'll go.

Yesterday I got to see Bethany, and that was a nice treat. And let me give some advice to anyone out there that wants to know: doing a thesis is a lot of time and work, and I don't recommend it.

Hope everyone that reads this has a safe and happy holiday.

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Going to Atlanta

Soon I am going to Atlanta. While there, I will attend the anime convention, and probably fall off the diet wagon. I've lost a little over 10 pounds on Weight Watchers so far, but i need to lose another 20 (at least) before I stop.

Also, for any Depeche Mode fans, please go Opry Mills on Sept 25 and see the movie of the latest tour- it's only playing for ONE NIGHT! I'll be there in my Martin hat.

Lastly, Bethany's wedding was beautiful. She was pretty- everyone was pretty, but she really looked great, and happy. :) We couldn't make it to the reception unfortunately, but the ceremony was great!

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Does such a thing exist?

I would like for a website to exist that is like phusebox, only you can upload documents instead of pictures, and you can make them private. I guess this DOES exist and is called an ftp, but I want the lazy-man's version of an ftp so I can access documents from any computer. Why? Because I am working on several different homework assingnments in MS word and don't want to carry a thumbdrive/flash drive/jump drive whatever you want to call it. The result is that I email myself several different drafts of each paper, filling up my inbox. Yes, I go and delete them after awhile, but wouldn't it be nice to just log onto phusebox and have access to your stuff? I think so. Then again, I might just be crazy.

In other news, I'm going to SEPA! :) Look out Atlanta, I'm on the loose!

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This weekend I saw the infomercial for Winsor Pilates. I really want to buy those DVDs. I feel silly for wanting them, but I feel like being thin would make life so much richer. Does anyone feel like talking some sense into me, or should I go ahead and order?
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