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“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.” -Albert Einstein

In other words, love is not a science. Today’s blog entry is on internet dating sites, eHarmony for example. So here is your disclaimer: Warning this blog entry may be offensive if you participate in internet dating sites and matchmaking services. Nicole is in no way claiming that your relationship will fail if it began with such a site, but she does have a very strong opinion about this issue. In this entry she will be delving into her opinion of these sites and therefore may be irritating or offensive in some way.


I’m not really sorry if this offends you, but honestly, how can anyone reduce love to a bunch of questions on a survey? And how on earth does a survey convey a person’s real personality? Love is not a formula or an equation. It’s when two hearts reach each other in some cosmic connection that runs so much deeper than that. It’s a sort of unity of souls. Yeah, yeah, sappy I know. But seriously folks, since when has love ever been as finite, unchanging, and perfectly logical as a math equation or scientific formula. Loving someone is rarely a logical and well thought out choice. Love is about say fuck logic and going with that tug that you feel when you see someone or hear their voice.


Deep compatibility… again with the survey and the perfect matches. Honestly opposites attract, a lot. Sometimes on the surface you have nothing in common, but deep down you just sort of fit. If you like everything your partner likes that’s great, except you will probably have absolutely nothing to talk about. Differences spark conversation, and they get you to learn new things. Just because two people answered some survey questions that say they are a match doesn’t mean they actually are. I’m fairly certain most couples I know wouldn’t be matched up if they both filled out one of those profiles. It just doesn’t jive at all.


“It forces you to be honest”: This is a direct quote from the commercials. How does that work? How does a website questionnaire make you do anything you don’t want to do? Does it hold a gun to your head and shout tell the truth or die? Does it wrap you in Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth? The answer is that it does none of this. Honestly, I have a theory, for every completely honest person who goes on that site and fills out the survey, there are at least ten who will lie. I mean, wouldn’t you want to say what you think someone would want to hear? It’s human nature to want to put the best foot forward especially when you are trying to impress a stranger or a potential ‘mate’. I watch those stupid commercials and wonder how many people have arranged a meeting with someone the site matched them with, only to be terribly disappointed and discover that their potential ‘match’ is not at all what they imagined them to be. For every happy couple, how many people are rejected or fail to meet a match. And how many psychos make profiles just to seek out potential victims? Forces you to be honest, my ass.


And finally, I may be a cynioc, but I believe in love. And love is not something that just ‘poofs’ in because you are matched on a website. You will not magically fall in love with a person the moment you meet them just because their answers fit your answers. Love comes from knowing a person and becoming close to a person. Surveys do not let you get to know a person. And surveys are just as bad as their ‘picture and a paragraph’ that they say is so terrible to use.


So that is my blog/rant on internet dating sites like eHarmony. I warned you that I didn’t think highly of those sites and that this blog would not be sunshine and daisies.

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That's What Christmas is all About Charlie Brown

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What is it about you Southern girls?

We are a rare breed, one that most don’t really understand. There is something about us that draws attention and fascinates those around us. But why? What is about us that makes us so unique and captivating? Wow, Nicole seems a little vain at the moment. Yeah, well I’ve just noticed that my drawl gets stronger every day, and I’m beginning to seem more and more southern. So let us just say that Nicole is embracing her roots and enjoying what little grace and charm she got from them.


Is it our drawl, that wonderful way words come out all slow and velvety smooth? Is it the way we call everyone things honey, darlin’, dear, and sweetheart without a second thought? Is it the fact we can make small talk about nothing or the way we drop our Gs? I don’t know what it is about us, but I know there must be something. It might be the way we make everyone feel welcome regardless, or it could be our smiles. Maybe it’s the accent and the fact that we can politely tell you that something is wrong, even when we’d rather be rude.


Or maybe it’s in our appearance. Is it perhaps that understated grace and beauty? Is the strand of pearls no southern girl is without? Or is it the fact that we will wear our pearls with jeans and boots. Is it the fact we can make a pair of torn up jeans and a t-shirt look lovely? Perhaps it’s the fact that the beauty seems so natural and easy. It could be the way we have a sort of effortless classy look at times. It’s possibly the way we are not afraid to get our hands dirty and get a little mud on our faces.

Perhaps it is our abilities in the kitchen? I mean we can cook up a storm, many of us, or at least pretend to. And every southern girl can make sweet tea. But I’m pretty sure that’s not what is so intriguing and fascinating about us.


Personally I think it is a combination of many things. I think it might be the drawl, and the way we smile. But I also think it’s our strength and courage. I think it’s the pride in who we are and the fact that we will fight like a cougar for what we love and what we believe in. It’s our hearts and our souls and our spirit. And as I type this I find my accent getting stronger. Funny, it’s something I’m always told I need to tone down. I’m quite proud of my drawl, and I let it show whenever possible. It does not make me stupid, and it does not make me a racist. Southern does not equal stupid, racist, and ignorant.

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Almost Sisters

Almost sisters, best of friends
we shared the same hopes and dreams.
Nearly twins, they used to say,
might as well be joined at the hip.


What happened to change it all?
How did things go so wrong?
Why was there a split between us?
When did we grow apart?


We made so many promises,
and we made so many plans.
I intended to keep them all,
but you suddenly changed your mind.


Where did my almost sister vanish to?
Who are you, standing in her place?
What did you do with my best friend?
Why did she leave me behind?


I've lost my other half,
and I need her back so terribly.
I seem to have misplaced a sister,
and all I want is to find her again.


Will you ever open your eyes?
Can you ever see what you have done?
Do you ever feel the loss that I feel?
Have you ever wanted to make it undone?


Almost sisters, we used to say,
best friends forever more.
The future was so clear then
now it becomes a painful blur.


Do you miss me, my friend?
Do you know how much I miss you?
Are you aware of the hurt you caused?

Can you feel it too?


Come back to me
my sister, my friend.
Return things to the way they were
and let's make it right again.


Inseparable friends,
pinky swears, and wishes
that was so very long ago.
And everyday I want it back.


This poem is written about some things that are going on in my family, and it centers, obviously, on someone who used to be very, very close to me. I'm so angry with her right now, and I have been for a long time. But I still miss her a great deal, and would do anything to get things back to the way they were.

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Saturday night's alright

So Saturday night Kenny and I went to see Beowulf. Yes the crazy Nicole went to see yet another guy flick with her boyfriend, but I guess that means that I’ll get to go see a chick flick later. It was fun, even if the movie wasn’t the best I’ve seen in a while. So I suppose I can give you a brief review of the movie and then talk about the rest of the night.


Would I recommend that you see Beowulf? Well, maybe. It depends on what you like in movies. The 3D was OK; there were a few really great scenes and effects. Like the monsters and stuff. This is definitely not a movie to take your little kids to, though. Parts of it were a bit graphic, especially Grendel’s attacks. There was also some nudity and lewd comments that were definitely adult oriented. They actually didn’t screw up the story as bad as I thought they would. It was the original epic with a twist, that sort of gave the old story a new kick. But it’s not a great movie. I sort of laughed at the people who were screaming, while I did jump occasionally, nothing was especially scary to me.


At the theatre we sat for an hour and a half because we were too late for the showing we were going to catch and too early for the next one. So we people watched, and Kenny and I chatted with an older couple. There were a lot of high schoolers there and it made me feel old. I’m only 20, but all these kids looked like they were 12. And some of them were dressed in ways that made me want to smack them. Why would anyone do some of the things they did to their bodies. As Kenny pointed out, they all look the same, even the guys look just like the girls, and the funny thing is, they were trying to stand out I guess. And you could tell who was there for a date and who was there with just a group of friends. It was sort of funny to listen to Kenny analyse all the people. He’d point out couples on their first date and this one group that were either double dating or the guys were sort of ‘marking their territory’ for later. All in all it was a good night of lots of fun and distractions.

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