mmm... dry turkey

November 24 2005

so thanksgiving was nice...

we went to some family friends' house. there were a ton of people, but it was real fun.

um. then i went to my dad's. watched Madascar. <3 great movie.

other than that, nothing too special happened.


gee wilikers!

November 23 2005

GREAT day. i'm finally meeting some new cute guys... but most all of them are taken. =\ oh well.

hung out with Karla today. her dad brouught me a WICKED AWESOME guys' fashion mag from Japan. it's amazing.

we went to Starbucks and the mall for a bit... then to MTSU to walk around and scope guys.

then we went to Sakura and had dinner with my mom and her bf, Bobby. that was fun. i LOVE Japanese food (and everything else) had some Sushi, of course. i tried octopus (taco) it wasn't that bad. a little chewy, but the flavour was great!

anyway... now i'm at home. and tomorrow's thanksgiving. have a happy one guys!

<3 oh and, i looked really cute today. Chris asked me, "could you be any more mismatched?" hehe

i don't wanna live on suday when my motto is last week...

November 21 2005

so um...

tomorrow's the last day of school this week. <3

got my class ring today. it's pretty.

AND I ACTUALLY MADE SOMETHING ON THE POTERY WHEEL!! it's not too hot, but it's something. <3

i love my Asian stuff

November 19 2005


i watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with JohnJohn, Ethan, and Becky (my nephews and sister) today. ^_^

then went to work, and that was fun. this guy in Buckle and i checked eachother out a lot. fun. and we listened to our newly aquired Gwen Stefani, and Scissor Sisters.

then i went to Addie's and Asia and i ate PHO! whoop. we had fun there.

and now it's late...

since you've been gone...

November 18 2005

i made out with Addie for like three minutes... weird. and Asia too, a little. every time i go to Asia's house, i do that... we had a blast though.

i've been finding things out about people that i never would have thought they would say or think about me... and it's way more drama than i like to have. i wish i didn't worry about it so much. and i wish it didn't have to be drama. and i wish that we could just accept that we don't like eachother and move on... where am i going? oh, i just wish people wouldn't keep stuff from me. if you have a problem with someone, fucking confront them about it, don't let it stew and then tell one of their friends about it months down the line. that just makes it worse, and makes you a superficial person.

ugh. to all those who are truly my frineds - i love you. and i thank God for you all the time.

night guys.

i'm hung up on you

November 18 2005

kay, just kidding, i don't have a crush on Paul... i just think he's hot.

i totally started a trend. yay me. people are now putting videos in their xanga headers. <3 and it's all me.


maybe not, but i like to think so, cause i'm the first person i know of to do it.

ASIA'S bday party tonight! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASIA!

and Addie's is tomorrow. <3

pour que tu m'aime encore

November 17 2005

i went to the murder mystery thing at Riverdale and it was awesome. got to see Emily-and-Travis, and Jessy, and Carly, Abby, and some others. i wanna go to Riverdale real bad... <3

Buddy = awesome. he's DEFF my new -buddy- haha. he's gonna be a good friend, i can tell.

and then we went to Starbucks, and that was fun. i saw Olivia. and then i saw Paul... <3 :sigh: it's weird, cause i've known him (not well) since like 4th grade (we used to go to church together) and i have the hugest ... well, not hugest... but sort of crush on him... but he's straight.

i think i just really need a boyfreind right now. but good ones are hard to come across.

i also decided tonight that i'm happy with me. for some reason i haven't been good enough for myself lately, but it's just cause of what i think other people think "good enough" is. and i realized that i am good enough for me. for the most part. ... if that makes sence.

yup. 3 tests tomorrow... whoo hoo.



November 17 2005

humina humina humina... i totally forgot what i was gonna write.


she is a total bitch. my friend saw her, and asked her what was up between us or something, and she said "i just hate it when people get mad about stuff that doesn't matter. i don't even know what he's talking about" stuff that doesn't matter?! she ditched me! and i'm not surprised she claims to not know what i'm talking about and acts like i'm stupid, it's exactly what she used to do when she ditched everone else. i shoulda seen it coming.

needless to say, we're not friends anymore.

<X3  too bad...

where did the freshman, Lisa, get my number?

November 16 2005

omg... some people are weird... aparently little freshmen think i'm easy and can get phone sex from me just cause i'm gay. what the hell?! and i hope you're reading this - alex.

geez... do i come off as a typical gay slut?!

anyway... i was gonna write about how i hate this woman in our neighborhood that has this pet trap and will like, capture people's pets... and sometimes her son takes them and drops them off. she doesn't even have an effing fence!

people piss me off.


November 15 2005

happy birthday Ab?y!!!!  <3

we had a little get-together at Espresso Joe's after school. that was nice.

except... i saw her there. and my suspicions (sp?) have been confirmed. i have been ditched. and not only did she ditch me, but she's hanging out with this dude she always told me she hated. a lot. but i mean, whatever, cause i was studying her, and i decided that i don't like her anymore, we've changed, and i don't think she'd be an ideal friend for me any more.

it's funny how far apart two people can get in three weeks...

and i really hate myself sometimes, cause i'm never good enough for myself. ie: i saw these two really cute guys in really cute clothes walking out of Jade Dragon, and i was upset with myself because i "don't dress enough like them" which is not true, i just need the outfit on one of the guys. but i was really hard on myself about it, and it sucks.

i wish i wasn't so pms-y today, cause it's Miss Abby's birthday... sorry babe.

love you guys.

when friendships are weird...

November 13 2005

edit to yesterday:
i also found out that Anastasia's on the square now sells guys' clothes! they're "trying out their customers" too see what kind of things and sizes they need to get in, so i have to go back a lot. ^_^ the (hot) guy that was working was really nice <3

anyway... i'm kinda confused... cause the person i thought ditched me doesn't know that they did. so maybe they didn't... and i saw her today, and it was weird... cause like, i had gotten mad at her, and she didn't know why... i dunno. it'll prolly be one of those things that we talk about and then it'll just be like it never even happened.

ah well. love to my nickles.


November 12 2005

so my first day back to work for the Holidays was grand. i decided that i, in fact, do like working at Hot Topic, even if i don't always fit in there.

it was super: this woman, maybe in her mid- to late-40s came in with her husband. she was getting ready to go see Gwen Stefani in december (which i REALLY wanna go to) and she wanted a hot outfit to wear! it was super! so we hooked her up with this low-cut white-and-black polkadot shirt with a lacy collar, a black, just-above-the-knee skirt, these HOT ASS pumps with lace and a bow (they're EXTREMELY Gwen) and these lace gloves. she said she's gonna come back for accessories. she was THE coolest old lady i've ever met!! and i told her that if i go see Gwen and if i see her, i'll hollar. ^_^

AND i found out that we now carry guys' XS!!! so i tried on a blazer... and it was PERFECT!!  YESSSSS!

so... i had a good day. although, i didn't get my hair cut, cause Timm wasn't working today... =\  ah, well.



November 11 2005

so tonight is gonna be fun. <3

Abbi's over and we're gonna go to Subway with Carissa later, and then to Starbucks to meet Carly... then to the play at Riverdale! ^_^

should be awesome.

... et puis, je fume

November 09 2005

i just love it when i get ditched... like, not just loose a friend, but just get totally dropped. with no notice. and i don't know if it's something i did or if the other person is just being a bitch.

:shrug: but i guess there's not much i can do about it.

i have PLENTY of other awesome friends there for me... so it's not THAT big of a deal... i mean, it pisses me off still, but i can't do anything about it, so i really don't care.



November 08 2005


my afternoon was SUPER.

first - my Urban Outfitters order came in... my mom told me not to open it, but i HAD to, but i only got my blazer out. hehe. i showed it to my dad, and he says "it looks expensive" and i was like "oh, it was"

then... Thomas called, cause i told him to, and i told him i still like him... and he said he likes me too... and it's just super!


and i just heard something about a model aledgedly snorting cocain... hahaha. those crazy models.

love love.

see what everyone

November 06 2005

that's from Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie 'Jarhead'. i think seeing a war movie would be worth it just for this. (above)

had a store meeting at Hot Topic tonight. got my hours. that's nice. the holidays are gonna be stressful... but fun. ^_^


boom chicka boom-boom

November 06 2005

my weekend... i hung out with Abby and Josef friday. that was fun. Jo is a really awesome guy. <3

there was ANOTHER birthday party for my other nephew. John, he's 3. ^_^ and... that was fun. i went to the mall with Whitney, Wesley, and Cheyann yesterday. i met up with Hayley... not planned, but we shopped together. i saw Thomas in Buckle. that was nice. akward... but nice. aaannnddd.... then i went out to eat wtih my dad and stepmom. we went to that Chinese resturant by Wal*Mart. it was goood. had sushi! <3 and my Urban Outfitters order was shipped yesterday! i should get it by Tuesday or Wednesday.

::is excited::

and today is Sunday. i have to do some work for my dad = money. yay!


nothing takes the past away... like the future

November 04 2005

so i'm listening to this remix of Madonna's Nothing Really Matters... and i'm sitting here and i'm like -this is an interesting remix- and then i say to myself -it's like, the sex remix, or someting-


i'm so glad the weekend is here. i really hope it doesn't fly by, and i actually get to enjoy it....

i was gonna go to the movies tonight, but i don't have much of a way to pay for it.

ah well. the play last night was good. "Cross Stage Right: Die" it took place in like 1942 i think and the whole play was in black and white.  very cool. but i'm not exactly sure what happened...

ah well.

love you guys.


November 03 2005

read this one, guys

i'm really disapointed lately, because everything i like that i thought made me origional is becoming mainstream. i.e. Harijuku and Asian fashion. in Teen People, there was a page of people in Shanghi and their styles, and on another page, there was a hoodie from L.A.M.B. and it said "for Harijuku lovers" next to it. at first, i admired Gwen for being J-Pop, but this is all her fault, so i think i'm mad at her. AND there was a thing in Teen People about taking anime styles (they used SSX charcaters) and turning them into actual outfits.

not. cool.

mainstream is turning into me. which means one day, i will be mainstream. which sucks.

i guess i could look at the positive side, and think that i might be considered a trendsetter, and someone who contributed to this J-Pop movment... but still. it's not cool.

things come and go i guess. and this won't stay forever. ~it doesn't match enough for scardy-cat Americans~

i think i'll just quit reading popular magazines. they always depress me.