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April 06, 2007

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late night - totally dolce

so omg.

sunday is my new favorite night to go to the club. i've never been hit on by so many people in one night. ;)

i met some REALLY amazing people. saw some great friends. made some amazing new friends. got a few numbers.

fun stuff.

and i went to cafe coco afterwards - definitly didn't get home till 5:30 this morning. hahahaha.

spring break 07!!

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Srping Break

finally. i'm on spring break.

and what better way to start it than ... GOING TO THE SYMPHONY?!

that's right folks. my mom's boss gave her two tickets, and she let me have them. so... Ms Kelsey Shearron and i are going to see Peter Serkin and the Navshille Symphony Orchestra perform Brahm's Piano Concerto No.2.


aren't you jealous?

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more to life

i don't understand why being gay has to be all about sex. like... why does it have to be such a prominant part of relationships?

i don't get it.

i'd like to meet a guy that doesn't have to have sex to have a boyfreind. if that makes sense.

is that too much to ask?

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places i want to visit...

... with or without friends.

... with or without a signifigant other.

... with or without restrictions, promises, attachements, or obligations.

... with no regret.

and in no particular order.

- st. petersburg - moscow - paris - rome - prague - new york city - london - ireland - bangkok - oahu - new zealand - sydney - las vegas - la - baltimore - boston - international waters - milan - athens - sicily - glasgow - strasbourg - germany -

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white out

well. yesterday was interesting.

went to lunch with Kaitlin and we swang in the freezing cold.

saw Dennis. =] we went to Cool Springs and he got me a cute shirt i really wanted... but didn't tell me he was going to. hehe. so happy.

and last night was the Winter White Party at Play. [see pictures] it was AWESOME. not too much different from a normal night at the club, just a little busier and lots of people wore white.
Dennis' bar was slammed... i think there were about 10 cumulative mintues when he wasn't making drinks.
i decided to go all-out with my outfit. dug out those white pants, frosted my hair, and even colored my eyelashed white. i looked very frosty. i kinda like the all-white thing. it's cute.
i hung out with Dani Rae and Mark most of the night. AMAZING kids. =] we had LOTS of fun.
of course saw my good friend Kyle at his bar... he makes the best cherry cokes. i tried not to hang around Dennis' bar too much cause he was way busy. but i got my kisses in. ;) haha. and i did a real good job of not getting jealous.

aanndd... now i'm just sittin around having a lazy saturday. i'm havin a lot of mixed thoughts about boyfriend stuff... but i'm trying to not let it bother me and just let it take its course. cause i'm happy - just a little unsure in some areas.

i cannot WAIT to go to Play again. i hope i can resist going a 5th consecutive weekend... heh. i kinda need a break.

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