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April 06, 2007

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late night - totally dolce

so omg.

sunday is my new favorite night to go to the club. i've never been hit on by so many people in one night. ;)

i met some REALLY amazing people. saw some great friends. made some amazing new friends. got a few numbers.

fun stuff.

and i went to cafe coco afterwards - definitly didn't get home till 5:30 this morning. hahahaha.

spring break 07!!

March 20, 2007
Jamie Crabtree said

Yeah Spring Break is turning out to be a pretty good week isn't it?
March 20, 2007
MichaKathryn said

hahah nice. i go to clubs.. but um. all the guys hit on my friend. :[ so i don't go any more bc they made me feel ugly.hahah <3 you

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