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November 01, 2006

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A new red.

Ooooo poor jeff…. So we went to the beach today, and well…….we we’re kinda out in the sun to long….well at least jeff was (Im still ok) but yeah you got to see these pics.



wow yeah maybe just a little to much sun


March 03, 2006
Sarah said

March 03, 2006
jeff martin said

I'd just like to say that the reason that I got so toasted was b/c as we were leaving, we got the chance to share some very important information (about some guy named Jesus) with someone on the beach.... and about an hour later, we left...... so yeah, I'd do it all over again in a heart beat. -Jeff
March 03, 2006
roy lee said

jeff, it seems that you were abused that time. well,but you look more sexual than before ^_^
March 03, 2006
Kelly said

awww. poor jeff :(
March 04, 2006
Jade Nicole Burnett said

dang Jeff.... make sure u get some lotion okay.... okay jenny says aloe. I am pretty sure I agree with her. Make sure u use some okay
March 04, 2006
r said

Ok, so I guess no more white jokes.
March 04, 2006

oouucch! now just wait for the peeling to begin...good luck!
March 04, 2006
Lacy Evans said

next care package....sun block. Poor thing! gonna be sore in the morning! What a blessing! :)
March 04, 2006
Hawaii Boys said

for all of those who think that this is my first sun burn... i hate to disappoint you. i am what you would like to say....... a professional at sunburns..... this ain't my first rodeo -Jeff (after all, I am Scotch-Irish)
March 04, 2006

way to take one for the team bro.... but dang, i feel for ya! let me know if you need some Aloe(SP?) or something... haha
March 04, 2006
Maria Haun said

remember that day you called me to rub it in that you were going to the beach and i was fighting the winds of new york...just thought i'd remind you...and it looks like you might be darker than me or at least until the red goes away...take some tylenol and keep lotion on ya
March 04, 2006
Meg said

March 04, 2006
Ben Moser said

i love the casper photo...
March 05, 2006
Robin Morrison said

i know you're a pro at these things, but i mean dang sunburn. hope you feel better soon.
March 05, 2006
Rachael Vance said

aww...hope u get better. at least u had a good reason!
March 05, 2006
John said

yeah i know I love it
March 06, 2006
Amy Ayers said

ouch! maybe i should have packed you some sun screen w/ the stuff im sending you. lol
March 06, 2006
Robert Lewis said

dang sunburn! thats gotta hurt...
March 08, 2006

at least you got you some kind of color while you have been in hawaii... justin is still albino!! and its rained the whole time that ive been here, so im still pasty white!!
March 09, 2006
the brian king kenobi said

hawaii is still not as cool as brazil. brazil has the whole samba thing going for it. and it's a different country. nice try though.
March 12, 2006
roy lee said

Oh,sorry for that white joke.i really hope i can take back my words,i apologize again. sorry Jeff.
March 12, 2006
roy lee said

well, i just look up the dictionary. i think i use the wrong word.not "sexual", i was going to use "sexy" .i mean i wanted to say "charming". i think i should keep on english study. but whatever, i am really sorry for that . sorry Jeff.
March 15, 2006
margo chen said

hey, jeff. u r getting old.

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