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May 29, 2006

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God, Water skiing, Wakeboarding, Barefoot skiing, Snow Skiing, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Writing, Singing, Dancing, Acting, Family, Friends, Pets


Jennifer Lopez, John Mayer, Elvis, Jeremy Camp, Kirsten Davies Band, NO DOUBT


Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Monter-in-Law, Wedding Crashers, The 40 year old Virgin


Black, Red, & White Trilogy by Ted Dekker

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Hey guys me and some friends are all heading to the Exit In this coming up Wed. The Show is $12 bucks if you purchase a head of time!!! LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT SOME TICKETS!!!! THE BAND THAT WE ARE VOTING FOR AND SUPPORTING IS THE KIRSTEN DAVIES BAND!!!! They go on at 10pm So if you wanna meet me up there or car pool with a bunch of us up there we will be leaving like 9ish. Remember this is still a crowd Participation Round of Emergenzas Battle of the Bands so we need people there to VOTE!!!! Thanks for your love and support!!!

<3, AMY!!!!

on my top eight or

for ticket purchase online or from the band

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Well, it has been a few weeks since Jazzy died. I'm still hurting but I do feel alittle better... I found this picture of her. She was the cutest Princess for Halloween...

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1/3 DUCK... 1/3 CHICKEN... 1/3 DOG?

Does anyone know what this animal is? It looks like a duck/chicken but it acts like a dog... yes... I said dog... It wags its tail feathers, pants like a dog... its weird! WHAT IS IT????

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Just another day at my house...

So.... yea.

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HA!!!! I SAW HIM!!!!

OMG! I finally got to see my baby and he is soooooo beautiful!!! My cousin started making excuses how they didnt have to time to go today but I was like um no... we are going. He has grown up so fast. Sammy is almost taller than me, I couldnt believe it. HE IS ONLY 5 MONTHS!!! He is going to be a big boy!!! They say he will be 17 hands high!!!!! WOW!!!! Well, he remembered me and now that I know were he is I am going to be around him a lot. He wanted to suck on my fingers like he did when he was just 3 days old and I would bottle feed him. My baby boy is all grown up on me. He wanted to jump up and hug me. When he was little I let him rest his legs on my shoulders. We gotta teach him that he can't do that anymore cuz he is getting huge. He would knock me over. lol OMG!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!

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