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October 06, 2006

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Jesus, music, piano, learning to play gutair, writing, clothes, sewing, drawing, painting, horses, anything country...




Sweet Home Alabama, The Notebook, Walk the Line, Legally Blonde, & Elizabethtown.


Bible, Every Young Woman's Battle, In Her Shoes, To Kill a Mockingbird

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hey kids,

one of my brothers (justin) and a lot of other college students are on their way to china right now. they should get there about 11:30 p.m. our time tonight. so, please pray for their safety, and that they will be able to lead people to the Lord and build strong relationships. thanks!

in Him,


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i believe that the Lord places everyone in your life for a reason. i'm so thankful for all of the people i love! i can't seem to describe the blessings...maybe because they are simply indescribable. all of these people you come in contact with..there's a reason for you seeing them! isn't that amazing? God is so good to me. here are a few of the people i hold dear...

my brothers josh and justin- i don't even know where to start. they're my role-models, men that i respect and adore. i cherish them and always want to be around them. they're  the epitome of Godly men. i long to be closer to them, and i am sooo excited about our future. as much as we have different opinions, as much as we don't get along, as much as we disagree, as much as we hurt each other's feelings...i can't help but think about them and want to be near them. i'd give my life for these boys! and the funny part is that they don't even know how much they mean to me. but i love them more than life!!     

friends- i can't imagine how i'd be sane without my friends!

God's so incredible...

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Girls are like apples...

i saw this on a random girl's myspace. haha i like it :)

------- -----are like apples-------------------
--------on trees. The best ones-----------
------are at the top of the tree.--------
----The boys dont want to reach------
---for the good ones because they ------
-are afraid of falling and getting hurt.----
Instead, they just get the rotten apples-
---from the ground that aren't as good,
but easy. So the apples at the top think
-something is wrong with them, when in
--reality, they're amazing. They just
---have to wait for the right boy to-------
----- come along, the one who's-----------
----------- brave enough to-----------------
-----------------climb all----------------------
----------------- the way---------------------
-----------------to the top--------------------
---------------- of the tree.------------------

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HE has arrived!!

For everyone's information: JUSTIN HAS ARRIVED!! I'm pretty darn happy right now! pictures are sure to come later!

Also, Josh's band, Damascus Road, is on their way to Kentucky tonight. They will be back on Sunday afternoon. so, please pray that they do well and get back safely!

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Just a few more days, March 24 to be exact, at 8 a.m....and i will see that face in person. This is just too much!

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