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February 28, 2006

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Knowing Jesus and making Him Known, and making people Smile :)


Worship, and anything else that makes me dance


One Fine Day, 10 things I hadit about You, and many more!!!!


The bible, Is that really you, God?, and so much more!!!

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Home Sweet Home....

Hey I am coming home Tuesday!!!!!! I hope to see everyone!!! I will be home for a month and half!!!! Go God!! I have many awesome stories to tell!! Love you guys!!!
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Go God!!!

God is so cool!!!!!! I am in Salt Lake city, Utah and drving to San Francisco!!! I am so excited about seeing the Golden Gate bridge!!! Yeah!!! I will be home in about 2 and half weeks!!!
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Niagara Falls!!!!

photo from Shay-Shay

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Yeah Niagara Falls!!!!

photo from Shay-Shay

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God is sooo Amazing....

I put new pics up from some of the places I have been too!!!!! God is blowing me away!!!
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