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September 24 2005

dude... last night rocked the house. it was Kasey, Anne, Macey, Lauren, Addie, Ina, and me, and we were amazing. we dressed so crazy, and we totally owned the skating rink.

not to sound conceited, but those kids LOVED us! omg. and when i said "5th grade thugs" i wasn't kidding. but seriously, the majority of them thought we were awesome.

some little 10 year olds gave us shit about our outfits, cause we were dressed CRAZAY, we we really didn't care... i mean, they're like 10! and some of those little girls were nazty! they humped the floor during the Cha Cha Slide... geez.

oh! these little boys didn't know who the Spice Girls were, but we got the DJ to play "wannabe" and showed them what's up. he also played "Barbie Girl" and "Thriller" for us. some kid was screaming "80s!!" at us all night. it was funny.

oh and pretty sure this little 11 year old named Parker has a crush on me. he was all "do you have a boyfrined" etc. it was precious.

but yeah, we had a fan club going. kids followed us everywhere. everywhere. they danced like we danced. it was epic. granted, it took a while for them to warm up to us... and some of em still hate us, but whatever. they all wanted pictures of us too. and some guy was just randomly taking pics of us with his camera phone. it was pretty epic. i gave him props. hahaha.

anyway... there's way more to the night, but it's almost too much to write, and it's just little stuff that happened, nothing dynamic. i don't think...

oh! i told everyone i was from Tokyo, Japan, and that i just moved back here after living for like 4 years in Japan. and they were like "does everyone dress like that there?" and i was like "yeah, basically" cause i mean, i looked like a Japanese raver! fun fun.

i felt kinda bad for these kids, cause since they're young and ghetto, they're pretty closed-minded and not really accepting, but i think we can change that. we're gonna go back every once and while, and become sort of regulars.

stay cool, don't do drugs :peace sign:

oooooh yuh

September 19 2005

remeber how i got that killers cd in the maiL? well today i got Duran Duran's Greatest Hits cd. ^_^ awesome, huh?


pretty sure i almost kissed Kelsey Shearron in the hall today... it was kinda scary. hahaha


we're going to the Melting Pot for dinner. MMMMMMMM!!!!

but yeah... i'm out.  <3

buk hum noy, py la?

September 13 2005
no frill, Sims2 Nightlife shipped today!!! it's a day early. that means i'll get it tomorrow instead of thursday!!

hellz yeah!!


September 09 2005
funny things happen to me


August 26 2005
YAY!! LE WEEKEND!! whoop.

fball game tonight. it's prolly gonna be rainy and gross. but i don't have anything better to do since Kasey is sick. maybe if the game sucks, i'll go hang out with here at her crib. heh.

p(r)ep rally today. it was pretty fun. i like being a junior...

and! we get to go back to French class on monday!!! ^_^ hehe. but that's it. love you guys. hope to see you at the game tonight.

whoop there it is

August 22 2005

plain day. nothing happened that's special. i don't think. so i have nothing to write.


i love you's: Kasey Brooker; Katie Kimbell; Kelsey Stroop, Shearron, Johnson, and Floyd; Britny Bryant; Hayley Cantrel; Abby Donnell; Jamie (abby's freshman); Sarah Walls, Gilbert, and Vermillion; Chelsey Warwick; Lauren Clap; Regina Whitehouse; Oday Manosin; Asia; Nana; Addie Baker; Carly Greenwell; Alan Whitley; Amanda Smallwood (Blender); Brett Tenpenny; Emily Pritchard; Liz Joines; Chris Lemyng; Linzy Thompson; Kaitlin Beck; Kyle Hayes; Libby; MariBeth Taglio; Mellie Riddle; Jane Woodard; Milly Hall; Meyekul Mulane; Michael Nobile; Ina Marshall; Niles; Noel Jones; Paige High; Rachel Edwards; Robert Jones; Shoe --no particular order

happy birthday to...

August 21 2005
well... yesterday my nephew, Noah, had his birthday party. he's going to be six. there were 400,000 kids there, and it was insane. but whatever, we got to eat Rice Krispy treats, cause Noah hates cake.

then i went to my other sister, Becky's, house for one of my other nephew, Adam's, birthday thing. he turned 16. that was cool. i got to see Niles, and i haven't seen him in forever. got candy too. and Adam hates cake as well, so we had yummy pie. ^_^

and i spent the night at Becky's and went to church this morning.

Kasey is sick. pray for her. i'm afraid she may have what i had, and that's no good.

love you guys.

how to spell -FUN-

August 19 2005
so Kasey and i went to Nashvegas tonight. we went to Coco, but like, no one was there really, except Libby who got there when we were leaving. and Chris and Jill were there for like 2 minutes.
---aparently the new place to hang out is the "Huka Bar" where everyone sits around and smokes flavoured stuff from this thing that looks like a bong. we didn't go there...

so we ended up going to RCKTWN for another Battle-of-the-Bands. i only watched one band. hehe. i met the people from Kas's lunch table though, and they're awesome. ^_^

i looked real cute tonight too. i had kind of a rough look going on, which i really like for me. i had on Zach's green Hurley shirt, which was hot on me, and some jeans. had on my white "Breakdown" belt and my leapoard-print belt. wore my Asics, and wore a red bandana on my head. to top it off, i haven't shaved for a really long time. ^_^ looked awesome. and Kas wore this old shirt her mom had in the 80s with just a bra underneath it. very hot, she looked.

anyways... i'monna go to bed soon. peace out.

OH AND! there were these guys at Taco Bell making fun of me the WHOLE time we were there. WTF?! don't they have anything better to do? and they said "i bet his shoes come off when he farts" WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! am i supposed to be offended by that, or am i supposed to laugh?

people are dumb sometimes.

too much zeal

August 18 2005
i'm kinda frustrated with this whole exchange student thing... (i know his name, but i'm afraid to butcher the spelling) it's like... he already knows everyone else. he doesn't need to know everyone else. and he's frineds with my frineds, but that doesn't seem to be a plus as of yet. and he's friends with Kelsey Shearron. i swear, she's competition to me in like every aspect of life. she effing goes to church with him. but, i love her to death. :shrug: maybe she can help out. plus the only time i really see him is at lunch. i do see him between like every class, too, but that's it.

maybe i was just too overzealous at first. maybe i should calm down and just be like another person he met at school, and just like wave in the hall and stuff. i don't know. i'll ask Britny about it. after all, we did adopt the aspiration to know this kid together.

but other than that, school is good. it's gonna be a good year.


August 16 2005
gas is freaking INSANE.

i'm already making frineds with the exchange student.

who's good?!


August 15 2005
Your Daddy Is Johnny Depp

What You Call Him: Big Daddy
Why You Love Him: He knows best
Who's Your Daddy?
can we say incest? JUST KIDDING that's why i'm glad he's not my dad. but i'd totally call him big daddy

You are

What Rejected Crayon Are You?


August 13 2005
well, since i'm a seasonal employee at Hot Topic, and Back-to-School is over... i'm on a break from working there. i get to go back for Haloween, which is only a month away, so it's all good. and i'm still an employee, and i still have my discount. it's basically like i'm just taking a break. and, if a position opens up, i have a chance at getting it. so... it's all good. i mean, i understand completely.

man... today was fun too. mainly cause i worked with Ashley again, who is seasonal too. she was acting all ghetto and stuff. fun fun.

some guy (fat and weird looking wearing hot pants) tried on these high-hell boots and a skirt (didn't buy the skirt) and bougt every colour of makeup that we have. omg. funny shit. Ashley had fun with that.

so yeah... that's really it.

... work, wirk, wurk

August 13 2005
some guy tried to walk through the window yesterday and went BAM and left a face print.

hahaha. it was funny, but i feel bad for him.

and guess what... i'monna be there again tonight. whoop... i am so tired.

Kasey and i babysat JohnJohn last night. that was fun. we watched "the Incredibles" GREAT movie. ^_^ i liked it.

but yeah...

i love myself

August 11 2005
so i was gonna go to the Stiff Resistance concert. but, Josh Ray called me to fill in for him at work cuase he smoked too much pot and got sick. ::laughs ass off:: and i was like, i bet he's gonna go to that concert... and he did. but that's later.

and i was glad, because i hate the Grind. so much.

so i worked with Ashley and Lindsay, and we had so much fun. we were real slow, so there was lots of time to stand around and talk.

and one of the rent-a-cops told Lindsay that i have a cute ass. ::laughs ass off again::

and Ashley and i made a bunch of jokes about a lot of things.

then after work i drove through the parking lot of the Grind to see if Josh's truck was there, and i saw him walking out to it. and i talked to him, and he told me that he was "sick" from all the rolling he did, and then just decided to go to the concert, but Ashley and i know he went cause he has a huge crush on Chris Lemyng. (like i do, but in a funnier, more laughable way)

but don't get me wrong, i don't dislike Josh. i just want to punch him sometimes cause he can be REALLY mean to me. ::makes fist::

anyway... i get to work again tomorrow afternoon. (12-4) so i'monna be rollin in the $DOUGH$ sweet ass...

why no holes?

August 11 2005
so today was good. we got lots of cool-looking new asians. ^_^ and my classes are good. except one thing... i can't wear these new jeans i got (and i love them) because they have holes, but the holes are patched. they have fabric behind them... retarted. i'm ither gonna take these back, get some that aren't holy, and then buy these again later (for weekends and work) or just cover the holes when i wear them to school... not sure which.

:shrug: all of my jeans have holes. >_

i need clothes

August 05 2005
oh man... The Great Gatsby is so good! wow. great book.

i think i might go up to band camp again today... but i really don't know their schedule, so i might not see them. whatever. and tonight i get to go to work at HT, and i'll be better, so it'll be that much more fun! tee hee.

but um... i don't really have much to write.

geez my life's boring...

{edit} my Sims2: Nightlife horoscope just reinforces that i need clothes...

Ah, life. What is it all about, anyway? You've been waxing philosophical of late, and that's getting you down in the doldrums. It's time for a change. That could mean anything from a new snakeskin jacket to a whole new life aspiration devoted to the pursuit of pleasure.

whaoh, bored

August 04 2005
i need new pictures...

i went to school today to see my Band Camp Kids. ^_^ but most of them were gone eating lunch... -_- sad day.


- i need razors

August 02 2005
haven't washed my hair in 3 days. not going to for a while, ither. i like the way it looks.

i'm think i'm almost 100% better! i feel tons better today, and i can talk (!) so you can call me. and.... um....

kasey's on a Fine Arts trip. so i can't see her... all week. poo. so i guess i should be the social butterfly i once was and call my other friends. now that i'm better and all.



August 01 2005
last night, i watched Amelie. that is one of the best freaking movies i've ever seen. it's all in french, so you have to read subtitles, but it's way worth it. great movie.

um... i'm getting better. slightly. i woke up with this HUGE white thing on the side of my throat, but i gargled with some salt water and it went away. don't know where it went... but it's gone. hope i didn't swollow it. :shiver: and my mom made me drink this protein thing... sick.

but i feel better than i did yesterday. so... that's good.