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March 22, 2007

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God, ♥jeremy♥, music, being in love, friends, looking at the stars, drawing pictures with markers, pictures, my camera, dancing when i'm alone in my room, writing, photoshop, you.♥



dirtydancing2:havananights, the notebook, finding nemo, a lot like love, fever pitch, dirty dancing


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he's mine.
she's no longer in the picture.
anywhere in the picture.
and he's my boy.
i love him. god. i love him.
the fight was well worth it.

february ninth two thousand seven.

going back blonde on march 3rd. =).
i can never stay one hair color for a long
period of time.

[that's the way it's supposed to be]

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he's come back into my life.
for a week or so.
in less than 5 days i'll be kissing him again.
i think.
i don't know.
i'm terrified.<3

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i don't wanna know it's over.
so save your good-bye kiss.
i don't wanna know it's over.
cause ignorance is bliss.
now i know i can't stay sober.
cause you left me here like this.<3

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i changed my profile picture.
it's back when i had dark hair.
i liked it that way.

when you think tim mcgraw.
i hope you think my favorite song.
the one we danced to all night long.

when you think happiness
think of my head on your chest.
and my old faded blue jeans.

it's funny how people just.
show up in your life again.


step forward in your life.
either way.

both have happened to me
within the past two weeks.

and i don't know what to think about it.
i guess we'll see.

i'm back for the first time since then.
i'm standing on your street.
and there's a letter left on your doorstep.
and the first thing that you'll read.

when you think happiness.
think of my head on your chest.
i hope it takes you back to that place.

i miss him.

but at the same time.

i think i love him.
i don't know.


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i hate hearing your name anymore.
i'll never see you again.
and maybe that's why this hurts me so damn bad.</3
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