Hawaii Boys


fun times

April 24 2006

its been a while seen the last post, so here are some random pics hope ya'll enjoy!!!


L-Town what what.....

Boy band yeah!

Not really sure......

From here down was all in the same day....

.....i donno, what do you think?

How can you look at that and say there is no God?

Our God reigns......


Rachael Vance

April 24 2006
First of all, our God does reign! Most of these pics are very beautiful. On the other hand, the one that says, "absolutely no nude bathing"...that's just wrong! expected, but wrong...what will we do with you boys?

kelsey shearron

April 24 2006
so jealous!..but how awesome!


April 24 2006
Our God Reigns Indeed... He does Indeed!


April 24 2006
Definitely looks like fun times!


April 24 2006
you guys are freaks...u sooo copied us with the random front street pics...we did that before


April 25 2006
you guys seem awesome!


May 03 2006
jeep=awesome.....not talking to you guys=sucky

Badabababa I'm lovin' it! ♥

May 10 2006
Awwesome... sounds like FUN!!!!


February 13 2007
yeah, God DOES reign. you guys are cool.