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March 02 2006

This is my "O" to my best friend and brother in Christ Mr. Justin Vance aka "Justincredible". Many of you know him, some of you don't, but after this blog everyone will. There's no real reason why im doing this and its kinda long but if you know Justin you will read this so that you can get to know him even better and remember him since he's not in the boro right night….So with out any more delay Here's Justin

He's a cool guy, and for some odd reason we seem to get alone really well.

I guess its b/c we can just be really stupid together.

But as I said he's a pretty cool guy, and he has pretty good skill's…

like playing the guitar


Being a ninja

Watching fires

And getting his picture taken

He's a pretty laid back, go with the flow kinda guy.

And im sure your thinking isn't he….well you know…you know…kinda…


And the answer is no….as funny as those pictures are, no. he just really likes to spoon. And actually he has a good little something going on right now with a great little young lady….if I do say so my self…

He's just a great guy to hang out with and be around.

He's that good old country boy.

You always have a good time when you with him.

He'll keep you laughing .

He knows how to play Jenga

He will share his food with you

And he's always looking out for you


So to my bro this is for you. For all the great memories so far. Everything from driving down the road listing to MuteMath in Mississippi at night doing about 95 with the windows down, to scuba class almost being drowned by you, to having fun in the AO parking lot with peoples cars,

He's a nice guy, he's a great guy, he's my friend. But most importantly he's my brother in Christ....

so can i get a what what for Mr. justin Vacne


elizabeth duncan

March 02 2006
what what! i love justin vance. he's the greatest.

Stephen Hamby

March 02 2006
i think this a justin vance shrine!! i love that guy!!

Rachael Vance

March 02 2006
awww....i do not really know what to say...you love my brother just as much as i do...i'm so glad that he has a best friend like you to keep him in line! thanks for this blog...it is one of my favorites!

Bethany Bratcher

March 02 2006
yeah, what a good friend you are :)

Garrett Haynes

March 02 2006
what what! justin rocks my face off

John Dunahoo

March 02 2006
i so took some of those pictures haha


March 02 2006
WHOOP WHOOP! awesomeness! :-)


March 02 2006
I like picture posts.. lol.

Robin Morrison

March 02 2006
all i know is that he's totally my favorite ever! i love you, hot rod! :)

Amy Ayers

March 02 2006
WHAT WHAT!!! Justin is def. the coolest country boy ever! I LUV U!!!!

Jade Nicole Burnett

March 02 2006
awwwwww. THIS WAS SO SWEET !!!! For sure I agree w/Rachael. This is the best blog. It is so great to see God in the both of you and for two really great, amazing, Christ-centered, MEN being BEST friends is such a HUGE Blessing to all of us. Ya'll lead by example. I love you both ;) and your friendship!!!! Great post Hodge


March 02 2006
Dude, words can't express... you're awesome brother... through thick and thin... i couldn't ask for a better group of brothers to experience life with... you rock and i would let you use my loofa anytime you needed.. haha springtime is on its way and the oasis is in sight, we'll "press on" and be there before we know it...


March 02 2006
i can not believe you put some of those pictures up here.. .hahaha

Maria Haun

March 02 2006
what what! it was so good to talk to the both of you the other day. you both mean the world to me! keep being strong...and know you aren't alone!


March 02 2006
yeah, im pretty found of him myself i do believe! Im with justin on the "i cant beleive you put some of those pictures on here". too funny. I love it! God is so good and its so obvious with the friendships that he has placed in our lives!!

Izzy Isaac

March 03 2006
<B>this was pretty good if i could say so myseld .i didnt even read it and i got the message . . .i guess you >could say your boi's for life</B>


March 04 2006
"bois" for life is right brah... have fun with my boy mr ingle this week and save some lovin for me in a few!