My Stance on the Issue

April 16 2006

Already this year I have had to deal with a problem as next years BNCO. I think that we can get passed that and have a great year next year. I understand that a lot of people do not like me being BNCO, one reason I understand is I can be a prick because I don't like flirting constantly to every girl alive, and frankly, I have a girlfriend whom I love to death and WILL NOT, I repeat, W-I-L-L N-O-T under any circumstance jeopardize that relationship because some little girl wants me to flirt with her or be "nice" to her just to earn someone's popular vote. I am not talking to anyone in particular and if you feel like I am singling someone out, you are wrong. I am above peer pressure, and my morals speak firmly against doing something just because others want me to. I will do what is right and will not sway no matter how hard the wind blows, and that is why I think Colonel chose me as the BNCO; I will stand-up and use my power justly.

If I have to step on someone's toes in order to do something right, then so be it. The fact of the matter is that Colonel chose me because he thought I would be a great commander. Plenty of other people tried out for the position that would have done a terrific job, but Colonel chose me because he thought I would be the best for the position as he told me and as I firmly believe I will be. I am not being arrogant; I am having faith in myself so that others may have faith in me. I might be hard and I might seem mean, but I guarantee that when next school year ends, the corps will have changed for the better and perhaps it will the best year for a long time. I don't care what other people think about me, quite frankly, next year WILL be a great year, it WILL be a successful year, and I WILL be a GREAT BNCO because we have a GREAT staff (each and every person chosen), and people with excellent ideas and I am determined to lead this corps with the best of my capabilities.

To those who do not like me being BNCO:

A.)  Either suck it up because they didn't try out for the position or

B.)   They can leave the corps; it really does not matter to me.

I mean, I want people in the corps but if they are just going to cause a bunch of problems, then they can just leave. People seem to join JROTC just to get out of gym and then they complain because we make them actually work, and that I guarantee will change. This is my stance on the issue.

OHS JROTC BNCO 2006-2007

Michael Alan Thoe

A Cursed Blessing

April 13 2006

I really have no idea how to start off this post and would much rather have had Sarah announce the "good" news herself, but since she didn't... As of April 27, 2006 I will be Oakland High School's Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Battlion Commander (in short, OHS's JROTC BNCO). So,  I am the big guy in JROTC. Yeah, I am still really not sure what to think of that... I just hope I do a great job next year, whether or not people like me. So, here's to the seniors and the exceedingly high standards they have set before me.

An Update

April 05 2006

Okay, well nothing is really new. Beautiful is sick with mono, I am as healthy as a horse (which for some reason we assume it means your health??), I am ready for the summer to get here, and I am thinking of getting a job at Kroger because I like it a lot more than I do Bi-lo or Food-Lion.  We got a 039.something out of 400 on our ACI (Annual Command Inspection) in JROTC of course, which is really good considering the moron cadet who decided to walk onto the field (I am not sure if he is a cadet anymore) in the middle of inspection and nine cadets missing. I have a three page paper due next Thursday on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and the ACT this weekend. I also gave Sarah my Chess painting for her birthday, which I hate giving gifts because I am always questioning whether they actually like it or not especially when it involves my art work. I am looking forward to Boy's State at the end of May and beginning of June. I was thinking about getting a job as a waiter so that I could have a little pocket money along with a pay check, ya know? Idk, well, I think that is long enough! ttyl


March 27 2006
Okay, first day of Spring Break... so far pretty good! Tonight I am going to the library to see if I can go get some info on this mysterious J.R.R. Tolkein guy... LoL. I am trying this new technique out "killing with kindness". So far it has worked wonders, wonder why I haven't already tried this... no matter. I have a lot of stuff to do this week academically, but nothing to do socially for now but things just tend to pop up in my life. Well, hope everyone is having a good break. Ttyl

Governor School

March 16 2006
I got my letter today and after a long introduction they stated that I was not accepted to Governor School. Yeah, majorly depressed about that... I think that is the first thing that I have worked really hard at and failed. I guess on a brighter side, I got an 84 on the ASVAB, which is one point away from qualifying to be a Nuclear Engineer, so yeah, I guess it is not such a bright side. Question is what I am going to do for the 5 weeks I was going to be at Governor School?


March 08 2006
SPRING IS HERE! I love spring! This week has been REALLY good! Despite some of the crazy things life has thrown at me including getting injured in my left arm this week (but that is certainly not the worst thing), I have still yet to get depressed, which I owe to the one and the only GOD!! LoL I didn't really intend to give anything up for Lent but I think I did anyways and that would be being depressed and I don't think I will stop with Lent. Looking forward to being off of school on Friday. That is about it! ttyl


March 04 2006
Yeah... yesterday read Callie's or Mark's page to find out the story. Right now I think the best thing to do is not dwell on it and move on as a lesson learned. Although, the incident has put a few things in perspective and on the bright side no one got perminently injured. God Bless and ttyl.

New Things

February 23 2006

Well, as title this is entry is about new things. Yes, this weekend was a blast and yes, this week has been one of the best ones I've had in a bout four years, and today was like I was a little kid again after school. I am enjoying life for the first time in about a year. Can't wait until this weekend! I am finally going to officially go to my sixth drill competition and get my official drill berret! The reason why I titled it new things is because I have done more exploring on what I want and how I want my life. There are things that I have done that I am not proud of in my life but I need to stop letting them hold me back from doing what I want to do and finally living a normal happy life. There is a lot more but I think that is enough for today. LoL

Callie and Jade I hope you do well at the state competition!

Military Ball and CARPE DIEM!!!

February 19 2006

Well.... Saturday kinda started off like crap. I had to forfiet the competition in order to get to the Militay Ball on time when I had beaten everyone in the qualification bouts with ease, which I also didn't now they were qualification bouts. I didn't even get to stay for the whole thing! I still got third but they gave my medal to someone else because I wasn't there. I competed just in foil, not even my best weapon. Oh well... They all new I was better than them anyways!! LoL

Jade looked gorgeous in her dress, as did all the lovely ladies at the Military Ball. The Military Ball gave me an excuse to be the gentleman I love to be, oh, and thank you Sarah for allowing me to pull your chair out for you a couple times so that I could feel like a true gentleman. (Oh, and you know you liked what Modrall and I did!!) LoL

The only bad thing was that my National Guard for Color Guard lead my flag straight into a ceiling fan (which I told him specifically to make sure he doesn't lead me into) and then he proceeded to pistol-whip me, his commander. LoL But it was funny.

DANCING WAS SOOO MUCH FUN!!! Taking the jacket off was like a switch. With the jacket on I was the anal person I have to be as a company first sergeant, but after I could take it off (and by take it off I mean... well... I let your mind wonder on that...) I had soooo much fun! Jade was so much fun, too, and I am very glad that I took her to the Military Ball. I was really surprised one how she danced but in a very good way. I danced with a lot of ladies and I even got to slow dance with three at once. OH YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT GUYS, THREE AT ONCE!!!! I taught Christina Smith a little swing dancing, and danced a few slow songs with her. It was so much fun that I was literally bouncing off the walls. I got a lot of people to loosen up and have fun. It has to be the most amount of fun that I have every had in one night in my whole life!

Although, a lot happen that night that was really fun and interesting, but there is one thing that I thought was very interesting: I got to see an old friend, Kyle, one of Callie's best friend's ex-boyfriend who I met while helping Callie move into her new house. We talked for a little bit and caught up on how things were going. We both seem to be happy at where we are in life and the way things are going.

I had a load of fun, which goes to show that if you want to have fun don't wait around for it, DO IT! CARPE DIEM!!! (THANKS ELAINE!) SEIZE THE DAY! AND BOY DID I!! It feels SOOOO good. I feel better than I have in about eight months! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did and if you didn't, ITS YOUR FAULT! LoL

After the M. Ball, Jade and I went back to my house and watched The Thirteenth Warrior, which was fun. I took her back home at about 12: 45 a.m., then got home and ate at about 1:20 a.m., and finally went to bed at about 2:15 a.m Sunday morning, but I had to get up at about 6:35 a.m. Thats about it!

See everyone on Tuesday or maybe not! ttyl Bye!



Malus Asinus

February 16 2006

LoL, Well, there have been some changes in my life, (FINALLY!!!), but like always, I had to take it in my own hands to do it.

Anyways, today, actually about five minutes ago, I broke into Mrs. Daniels room when we were suppose to go to Miss Bohall's room. So, a few people and I who are in Mrs. Daniel's first period are now in her room while she is on a field trip.

I have to say I haven't felt like this in a long time... it is like I am about to fight... adrenaline... and it feels great... LoL

Ahhhh, to the future, whatever it may hold!

Malus Asinus = Latin for Bad Ass

Don't really have a catchy title...

February 15 2006

Well, the weekend was good, did absolutely nothing after my Governor's School interview, which went well. I will know in about a month if I got in or not, so until then I just have to be patient. The week, though, has not been so good. Monday I just sat around and played Final Fantasy VIII (yes, I am a geek). I got a big ole lecture from my mom, about how I have to change to make others happy when I could not be more miserable, which of course I thought to myself *Mom, you have no idea...* but like the good young son I kept it all inside waiting for another day to explode. Say La Vi... Why do other people always want something from me? Well, I guess that is not really fair to say about everyone but it seems like it. Dad was really pissed off at me after the argument with mom, can't really blame him, after all I get the protective gene from him. House was hilarious like normal, so that made me hapy for awhile, but my mom seemed happy with the "progress" she made. Basically, she wants me to not talk about how I feel and be a "yes, ma'am" or "no, ma'am" kind of attitude. Well, I feel a little bit better... venting is good...

Oh, I have a fencing competition this weekend!! Yay! I am going to win, I've decided. LoL I am doing Sabre and Foil, my two best weapons so I think I am insured a spot in the top three. Well, I guess that is all. TtYl

Chinese Food

February 08 2006

This week so far has been okay except for the brief moments that it completely sucked, but I think it is getting better or at least I am going to make it better. It was my dad's birthday yesterday, but we went out to eat on Sunday at The Daily Buffet, which was twice for me in three days. This weekend is going to be crazy, well, at least the beginning of it it will be. I still have two art things that I have to do! AHH!! Well, I better do something productive....


February 06 2006
Well, Saturday I've labeled as a "good day". I feel very good when I am productive, which is probably why yesterday sucked; I was completely lazy and mildly depressed. This Saturday I have my interview for Governor's School, so PRAY FOR ME!!! Next Saturday is Oakland's Military Ball which will be fun. I have to get a haircut sometime this week before Thurday.... Well, I guess that is about it! Talk to Everyone Later!!


February 04 2006

Today was a very productive day. I got up, did my daily hygen routine, ate breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, swept and washed the kitchen floor, finished scetching my painting, painted the best picture I have ever created, ate dinner, cleaned the kitchen again, put the finishing touches on my painting, watched Walking Tall with my parents, cleaned my room, vacuumed my room, took a shower, checked my email, and now I am writing an entry on what I did today. LoL Wow, that is a lot of things and I LOVE my painting! I am proud of it. I am hoping my sister will take a picture of in so I can put it up here. Well, talk to everyone later. Hope everyone had a good and productive day. LoL

What's that noise in the Kitchen...Oops... I Overslept...

January 30 2006

Yeeah, I overslept but I feel really good. I hope today is a good day because I feel great, and I think I am due for a good day.

I woke up  because there was someone making noises in the kitchen and I wondered what was dad doing? I opened my eyes and realized that it was at 6:40 am!!! I normally get up at 5:30 am in order to take a shower and what not, but I didn't rush this morning to get ready because I hate my early day class.

Well, better get to school... LoL

Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang

January 22 2006
I went to go see Underworld 2 today. I went with one of my church friends. I thought it was good, she didn't understand it (she hasn't seen the first one), and Ms. Denning and Jesse thought it was great.... Yup, I saw them at the movie theatre. The movie was good, but I don't know, I think the music could have been better, personally. I think I am going to go see Hostile next weekend. I don't know... Movies haven't been the same for me; granted, nothing really has been the same in a long time. Anyways, I have been listening to Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang; you know, the "you and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals" song. Well, ttyl.


January 10 2006
I love the song Happy? by Mudvayne. I think I have literally listened to it  more than 100 times this past week. Anyways, that is all that is new. Ttyl

My New Year's Resolution *dang this is long*

January 01 2006

  My New Year's Resolution is to show compassion and mercy. Lately, I have been in an abnormal mood: happy. Strange, don't you think? The only downside about this is when I am, nice and what not all the gall darn JROTC girls flirt and expect it back. I hate it! I do not like rotc-girls, I actually find it disgusting, no offense to any of them. I just don't find girls who and tough and manly attractive. I guess I am old fashion. Although, I have made the mistake in dating a few, but that never lasted long. To be honest the only JROTC girl I can stand is Sarah, that is only becuase she doesn't really act like one. I think another thing that gets on my nerves is the way the JROTC girls walk, and there is a difference; it is just hard to explain. How did I get on to this, anyways?

Any who, without getting into too much detail, my break, both of them, was a much needed and successful in what I wanted to do with it, well, most of it was anyways. The only real downside to this break was I gained a little weight (although, I haven't checked, I feel like I have), and my body feels a little on the impure side, but when school starts, it'll make fasting and training easier.

Tomorrow, I am going out to eat with a friend, a mentor from church, and going to go see a movie with a bunch of friends from church. So, all of that will be funny and a good ending to a great break.

I stayed up last night to watch the ball drop, then I drop into my bed. I was dead tired, and I do not think I dreamed at all. I had to make a trip to Target at 6 o'clock last night for a blender and CD-RW. The blender because our other one broke and my mom want to make more grasshoppers (ice-cream shake with Cream Da'Mint *alcohol*). 

I also found out that if I am left alone for too long, I start to think way too much. Hahah, yeah, yeah, a guy thinking too much is not alot, but I mean it, too much idea flowing through my little male brain that is drives me insane and I need a brain-drainer (TV, computer, that sort of a thing).

I think that is enough writing and probably errors. Ttyl

Slaughter.... ?? Yeah, I need help.

December 14 2005

   Today was just really depressing. First, I found out that I lost fourteen pounds in one week. Yeah, not good, but at least I know that is because I have never been as depressed as I am now. Secondly, I am starting to feel weird about certain things. Things that I once enjoyed, now just seem strange. Perhaps, I am just growing up or the depression is hitting harder than I thought. Thirdly, I have a 75 in Physics without the three points, the test we just took, and the corrections I did today. So, I have a feeling it will not be good. Finally, break is coming up and I am not allowed to see her outside of school or technically at all, so as if I haven't had a hard enough time, triple it and you get what I will be going through.
   I also had an extreme urge to slaughter people today. Not just hurt or kill, but slaughter and torture certain people... ... I REALLY need to go see someone about this.

"Dammit, Death, I win once again!" LoL

December 10 2005

Life is, well, life is.... horrible? That is seems too much of an understatement. I suppose the worst thing is that I have no idea, whatsoever, where I stand. Yet, God snuck some humor in there as always. To the story:

So there I was, climbing a tree on a nice long hike, when all of a sudden, something happens (still have no idea what) and I am falling from 25ft in the air! I already decided earlier that day I would just let life take its course, so I didn't try to stop from falling. I'm falling and tree limbs are passing by me when I suddenly stop. The very last limb on the tree caught my pants and tore my pants until it balled up and stopped. So there I was, swinging from a tree branch from one leg upside down and I was looking around. I realize right then what just happened, and I was laughing my head off while swinging from the tree branch. The first thing that comes to my head was, "Dammit, Death, I win once again!' very sarcasitcally and continued to laugh so hard I feel tears coming to my eyes, then I fell from like three feet onto my head. LoL

That has to be the funniest thing that has ever happened to me.

AH-HA! So that is what that button does! ... Oops!

December 08 2005
Well, so I basically have got the handle on this thing. Today was heck, too much JROTC stuff, and on top of that I got in trouble for being insubordinate and swearing in uniform. Say La Vi, or some French thing like that; anyways, it means that's just life. I have a lot more to say, but people normally don't read LOONG posts. So, I will save the rest for another time. LoL Some funny stuff, too!

Where is the steering wheel????

December 06 2005

So, umm, yeah... Anyways, I got this to upload pictures onto my xanga background.... the question is... how do you work this thing??? *pushes random buttons* ....*beep*...Uh-oh.... this can't be good...