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September 27, 2009

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ever look at past journal entries and realize exactly one year ago you were going through the same damn thing? Well, it happened to me and I am so fucking sick of this damn cycle, *sigh*, ah well.
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Sunday, November 27, 2005

…Perhaps, paradise is not so much a physical state, but a dream created by the mind as a last resort to sustain the sanity of a person that is about to fall completely into a dark mass known as depression; it is not reality but a lie to prevent destruction....

…Think about it. Whenever things seem to be getting increasingly worse and completely spinning out of control, something happens that restores your high, but is it something that happens that restores you?

Confusing? What if this 'thing' isn't what created this joy? For
example, you look at a tree during fall, dead and cold, and realize
that in a couple of months it will be full of life with lush greens and
critters running all over it. Suddenly, you feel better and you realize
things will get better in your life, but why? You always knew that this
is the cycle of life, so why does it seem so important now? Is it some
deity speaking, or is your mind kicking in to sustain your happiness?
Perhaps, it is both? Maybe you are only happy because some part of you wants you to be in order to survive. The fact that the seasons are
following the natural order of things is not the actual reason for your
happiness, but the mind needing you to not become depressed in order to perform its functions… Interesting conundrum…

Yet, it does not speak for the moment of bliss when someone comforts
you. Your mind cannot create that. Perhaps that is the deity? Who

Aye, well that is enough for today, I think. Now onto Physics and Latin… Joy…

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The original words of the song....

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What are you thankful for...

I am thankful for the following:

  1. Good times with friends

  2. Lessons learned and not repeated

  3. The "don't touch it, it's hot" learning method

  4. Being single means you get to flirt a lot

  5. All the beautiful women on the planet

  6. That Sarah will one day rule the world and kill all the ugly nude people but keep her friends alive

  7. The "WTF?!?!" moments that make life tolerable

  8. Stupid songs that make you laugh each and every time

  9. Large guns that God made to defend against the dinosaurs and the homosexuals.

  10. Finally, the thing I am most thankful of: the human body's ability to adapt, overcome, and consume large amounts of alcohol just in case the pervious two don't work so well...
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There have been a lot of changes in my life
lately and I kind of welcome them. First off, I am once again seeing another
person. I refuse to call it going out because the term has degenerated down to
the elementary school level; therefore, I am saying 'seeing', which is not
to be confused with an open relationship. The amazing part is that I
finally found a girl that holds true to my abnormally high standards: pure and
Christian (believe it or not that is hard to find now a days). I figured five
months is a clear go ahead on the "I'm over you" gossip line without
having the "He is using her" attached to it, which without a doubt
will still exist but to no avail in the reality domain.

My sister has returned home; I am told is a good thing. Personally, I think she
is cockier than ever now that she has gone through some basic drills and
hand-to-hand combat, but she is mistaken if she thinks she is the only one who
has been training all summer.

I have severely cut back on my hours at work for the moment because I have no
time to myself. I was going to quit entirely but I gave in to my boss and I
said that I would work Saturday mornings.

I have noticed that I have grown by leaps and bounds academically, physically,
and emotionally, though I am sure there still will be faults here and there. I
have finally made all A's! Isn't that amazing!? I, a male, have conquered all
challenges.... Well, that is how I see it, though I am sure Sarah will make
some smart-ass comment that will deflate my head and make my self-esteem lower
again.... *shakes fist* SARAHHH!!! But then again, everyone needs to have a
kick in the go-nads from time to time just to be kept in line.
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