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June 14, 2007

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hey kid, yeah you!

hello phusebox-ers
I seriously havent made a real entry
in here for quite awhile.
I actually kind of miss it.
I've had a pretty rough week,
like, I feel like God is putting
me through all this hard stuff
and as much as it's making me upset,
I see a good outcome.
uhm, my church's saturday night live
type of show is starting up next week
and I am pretty pumped up for it.
we have DDR, Xbox, a cappicino machine :]
and on top of all that, an awesome show
so you should definately come out
and check it out because it's great.
it's third baptist church
[behind fat moe's and wendy's on memorial]
school has been pretty good too.
loving all my classes and teachers
and I have lunch with all my friends
I feel a good year coming on.
the new principal is going to work a miracle
for oakland and I'm proud.
we'll be back on top in no time,
even IF we have to tuck our shirts in.
it's actually not as bad as I thought.
the boys look cuter :]
uhm, me and chad are still going out
it's been a great eight months.
I love him more everyday.
the year and a half I've known him,
he's been nothing but this sweet boy to me.

well what's going on with you?
I'd like to know.
I've lost all touch with you.
if I get no comments, it's cool
I understand, since I havent been on
in so dang long.
you're probably like, "who's jamie?" lol

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God is beautiful.

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I think, I'll actually update.

hey guys,
I know it's been awhile
& it's just I'm busy.
and now I have a myspace.
so juggling xanga, phusebox, and myspace
were pretty impossible, lol.
but I thought I'd actually update
and most of you probably wont read it,
but it's okay.

God has been doing some
pretty good things in my life.
I've been doing this Bible study
and the book we are reading is
-dont watse your life by john piper.
and I would recommend it.
some areas of it are hard
and you actually have to think about it.
but it all comes down to say
that glorifying God & your joy should be one.
a lot of people look at it as two things like
"I get to be happy" or "I get to glorify God"
I really dont want to waste my life
because I am only fifteen.
& hopefully if God chooses to keep me here,
I have so much more to do.
I'll be a junior next year
& then I have to start thing about my life
and what all I would like to do with it.
I was thinking about what I wanted to do
with my life the other day and God really spoke to me.
I know I want to be a teacher but
I know japanese and I am learning spanish.
I could go to a different country to minister
but be able to teach at the same time.
so yes, God has called me to ministry
& I am pretty excited about it.
now, maybe I wont stay my whole life..
but I would like to do that at least
two or three years RIGHT after college.
so I wont have attachment like children and a husband.
God has just been growing in me
& I love it.

my summer has been good.
on a scale or one to ten.
probably a 9.5

how have you been?

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got a hair cut :]

you like?

I need opinions.

because I'm not too sure about it yet.

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Untitled <-- add me :]

cmon on baby and race me

& maybe we'll just find ourselves.

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