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March 20, 2007

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A week from today.
no Spring break, I've had bigger losses..
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Two days in Row.

I'll take it. Any day, is a good day for snow.
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Well I have been home alone since I got home from baseball yesterday.  I went over Adam's last night though, we played guitar hero. it was swell, i suppose.When your home alone, you get bored enough to do the dishes, laundry, and mop..

I really need to get into the word, i've been struggling with that; i try to oversome sins, and i can't since i have no backing..funny how that works.

My Seahawks play tomorrow, I'm ready.

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hold on.

well, i have a car now.

that is about the only profound thing I have too say..Yesterday, i had to present an english project, that i didn't have. so I'm now clinging to the hope, that i can do it late..hopeless?

i had this dream, i was in heaven, but heaven was my Grandma's house. and i woke up, and was so confused, because it truely felt like i was dead..

well, god bless.

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Seahawks. 21.

cowboys 20.

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