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June 08, 2007

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boys, soccer, dancing, music!!!!!, hangig out with friends, getting in trouble, I LOVE SKATEBOARDERS!!! and watching them cool!


Better Than Ezra, The Killers, Matt Werts, Michael Toulcher, Postal Service, Green Day, Gavin Degraw, Straylight run, Blink 182, Offspring, My Chemical Romance, All American Rejects, simple plan, good charlotte, weezer, OC, Oasis, Papa roach, lifehouse, breaking benjamin, crossfade, MXPX, from first to last, the matches, motion city soundtrack, matchbook romance, The Junior Varsity, The Audition, June, Death Cab For Cutie, PANIC! at the disco uhhh and more


Dumbo, The Notebook, Walk To Remember


gah i hate to read! but i guess my favorite book is house on hackman hill

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pen pal

does anyone want a pen pal?
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Green Gummy Bears In a Field Of Daisys

I want to :

  • Sneek out with a cute boy

  • Drive to anywhere

  • Eat gummy bears && cookie dough

  • hold each others hand through the dark

  • go to the park && swing.

  • Lay in a field under the stars

  • && just feel [loved]?
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I raise pochipines for a living

i love lamp
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Expedition of a life time.

Im on and adventure.

Going no where fast

 No where in perticular.

 Just somewhere to get away from my past

Im lost and confusied

No hand to grasp

My life is not my own

Ive attempted many times but this is my last

The lights that lead us there are blindingHaha. this boy makes me giggle.

My best friendCAPTAN POPPY!!!

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Miracles and Dissapointments

Last week was amazing. Between Making spagetti and fazolies breadsticks for my whole 3rd period, stealing cokes outta the teachers work room, boys sneaking out of windows, kroger power shopping, car races, evil scamming, boys talking about me in the boys bathroom, uncontrolable laughter, lots of hugs, snugglin....and best of all

The guy ive liked for quite some time asked me out. It was adorable. Nervous...cute

There was no time or reason to be upset.

This week. The Dissapointment set in. I found out a secret i wasnt suposed to know just yet. That guy has to move. TO FUH KIN WYOMMING!!! gah.

And everybody wonders why i dont like to get close to guys.

The only guy ive ever truely fell in love with...Had to move to Chatanooga with his sister. I miss him like hell and theres nothing i can do about it. Now that im finally getting close to Tyler...he finds out he has to move.

I think im destined to be a single for life.

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