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January 06 2006
               Siegel's Garbage
I'm pretty sure Oakland beat siegel sure it was close but who really care and we were at "Siegel Nation"! Which is getting less impressive everytime I go! but they gave us a tiny fan section and I'm pretty sure we had just as many fans so we kinda had to wrap around the gym and they kept on having to tell us to keep off of the court! I guess Siegel's just not good enough to contain us! And everyone said they were better! Ha what a joke! you can read some other stuff on my xanga if you want!

Randy Rodden

January 06 2006
Sorry guys this was so much fun I had to put it twice

Rachel Tenpenny

January 07 2006
actually, i thought it was some refs that had a bunch of garbage calls. and theres always something about the rivalry between schools like oakland and siegel that bring out the worst in people. anyways, i figured a comment was necessary on an entry that had the privelege of being posted twice lol. i mean no harm by it. have a wonderful rest of the night.

Becca Hicks

January 08 2006
too bad you're just jealous and you have to exhibit your emotions like this to hide from everyone else your passion for siegel high school... lol... mucho love buddy, [[:becca:]]


January 11 2006
that's like the best thing to give someone. some randy lovin. ahahah. I miss yaa! where have you been?

Becca Hicks

January 14 2006
okay, so i changed my pic just for you! :) mucho love! [becca]

Rebecca Jensen

January 16 2006
You can't even insult me well! You need to learn to spell! Haha Loser!!

Chris Slate,

January 16 2006
those were prolly the GAYEST comments ever... ur last 25 comments have been disqualified... the guitar is still up for grabs

Aaron Roan

January 21 2006
Randy is my freakin' hero...

♥Chandelle Nicole

February 01 2006
*Randy! Hey there you. I'm glad that Oakland won. I wish I could have been there though. That would have been so freakin awesome. But things happen 4 a reason. But anyways... I hope you are doing well. I miss you. & I love ya. God Bless, *+*Chandelle Nicole*+*

Emily Duke

February 02 2006
Randy....you my buddy!!! i know that you visit paul before 3rd, but you secretly come to see me, dont you?? lol..you're crazy *emily*


February 03 2006
somone needs to update!