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September 14, 2007

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Living and loving life each day that i am alive and living it to the fullest!!
"We will rise to the occasion, which is life!"~V.E.W.


i love *Every kind* of music~>piano, Relient K, Alison Krauss, Rascal Flatts, Letters to Cleo, Judy Garland, The Temptations, The Veronicas, Avril Lavigne, and my newly found love(thank you HUB) WICKED!


Wizard of Oz


True Believer, Kentucky Rich, LOTR, Tuesdays With Morrie, Chicken Soup, Nancy Drew

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My Story

It started out as a normal day. Hanging out with my friends, looking back on the fun times and looking forward to the future.

Then in a rush of madness, Tim turned.....Crazy and Uncontrollable.

I ran for my life, but I decided i had to show him who was boss and stand up for myself. So...

I killed him. It had to happen. I couldn't bear the verbal abuse any longer!! Those days of Tim & Emily, friends with pop tarts and silly putty are now gone.

Don't hate me, Tim! you kno it's funny.

**Oh, yeah, and Tim's not really dead. It's just part of the story. He comes back in "My story 2: It's Not Over". So look for the sequel!! And yes, i know, i have a overactive imagination.

<3 emily

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i'm legal!!

So i am officially 18. Yes. My birthday was so awesome, considering it was the same day as POTC! And Donald threw me a big Pirates suprise party, And i must say it was amazing. Bandanas, Eye Patches, Huge Poster, And Both Johnny and Orlando were on my cake!! So, of course, DDR was involved, a little Pirates 1 and 2, Waffle House at 1 in the morning, and Marshall singing on the ride home made my birthday amazing!! Thanks to everyone that came. Definitely memorable!! <3
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its started...

i realized that my new life has started today as i said goodbye to heather. (but she'll be back in 4 months). i'll miss her, but right now i just want to be sad for a while. Cayla turns 18 today (yay!!) . and my own birthday is a few weeks away. MTSU Customs is Fri/Sat, and i'm in a whirlwind of work, previous engagements, and little sleep. Life moves on past graduation, but yet my smile won't fade.

I shouldn't be sad for it being over, i should be glad it happened.

And i am. I'm just sad for a little while...


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8th grade graduation, boredom, and a slice of Hitler

So my little baby brother was promoted today. Yay.

 cheers to Nathan.

there were a couple of Oakland Kids in there, watching their siblings graduate too. And Mr. Duke gets up to end the ceremony, and totally irrelevant to anything he was saying, someone yells


needless to say, I tried not to laugh. I mean, honestly, I know it was tacky, but it was SOO funny. My mom was so mad because i couldn't stop laughing. And all the other parents were really upset too, but Griffin, Meredith, Kyle, and I (scattered throughout the gym) were all laughing. I took one look at Meredith and grinned from ear to ear. And Griffin said he started laughing, stopped and was like, "hmm, no one else finds that funny....."

 what a good laugh.

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forget it.
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