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September 12, 2007

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this past year

2006 has been amazinggg. =]

+unfortunately, i had this guy on my mind who i later found out was scum. but i learned from that.

+everything exploded with kaitlyn saying stuff about my friends. that did not work for me at all. but we have lockers next to each other, and are really nice to each other now.

+justin & i got into alot of little fights.

+deborah went to a bus conference, and things changed, kinda.

+i wrote this long note, saying i wanted me & my best friend to take a break. [i had a reason for doing it, and im glad that i did it. things are pretty great now. he has another best friend, but our friendship is still great.]

+jake & johnny were stupid and got into a really bad wreck.

+deborah got into spectrum. [im pretty sure that was in 2006.]

+got a car.

+went to jazzfest. it was an interesting night.

+turned 15 & got my permit.

+went to a DCI show in atlanta.

+started my junior year.

+hung out with some different people, and some of the same.

+many inside jokes, great times in chemistry with a bad teacher, all kinds of drama.

+went to florida for my niece`s makeawish trip when everyone else was taking exams. it was truly magical. ;] went to mgm, universal, magic kingdom, animal kingdom, and sea world. rode a roller coaster that went backwards, for the 1st time -- expedition everest. rode my 1st "big" roller coaster -- kraken.

i cant think of anything else.. but 2006 was definitely incredible. =]

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oakland needs a young republicans club.

who seconds that?

edit-- apparantly chris seconded that. so i am now a card-carrying member. yay. =]

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some people are just way stupid. but it made for interesting conversation on the ride home. pretty sure mother bought our performance.. and it was really not too bad. some parts i was like wtf is the band playing bc it does NOT sound like our music. and in guard there were some individual mistakes but not THAT bad. most were stupid though. so i dont think we`ll get chewed out that bad.. but who knows? mr waters daughter died a year ago this coming monday, and she went to lebanon high. i think thats why he was moodswingy, but he always says to leave personal matters at home and just focus on guard. and also that we are a family and everyone will be there to support you yet leaves for 2 weeks and avoids talking about it. but whatever, im over it. but i learned three [guard] things today. 1- my tosses on flag tend to be low, and on rifle too high. 2- if you are mad and just go do the work and dont care how it turns out.. you will get a good run. dont know how it works but most guard girls werent too happy and they were like um whatever and it ended up being a good run. well ok i do know why that is, but its hard to explain. 3-i forgot. haha. so it must not be important.


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thanks to an anonymous student

for the topic of the essay i am finishing off. should marching band be considered a sport? the only problem is i cant think of literary allusions for it. but its fun writing it.

yeah, this weekend was amazing. like the best ever. im very happy. well, everything except for the actual performance.

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freaking stupid people

ok pretty sure the very first diagonal in the opener, um, yeah. if a person doesnt stop thinking she is right WHEN SHE ISNT then we are gonna look like shit AGAIN at the competitions. i hate when a person thinks they are awesome or perfect or a parent of theirs does. because if that was true i dont think the opening DIAGONAL would be messed up, now would it?

pretty sure mr waters didnt make two persons captain because they werent there this summer. thats because they were doing other things. like things that take hard work. things that certain others didnt and got to be captain only because they were the best of what was left, not of everybody. no i am not saying that they arent good captains, but some may be letting it go to their head when they have no right to think they are so great.

some people need to respect the captains more. and some people need to stop thinking they are all that bc they arent freshmen anymore.

i am not trying to be a bitch with all that, im merely trying to let this all out. i dont want any comments on it. not really anyone to read it either. but if i keep it private thats kinda dumb.

COMPETITION TOMORROW! [2 of em actually]


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