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Rebecca Jensen

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June 28, 2017

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God is the center of my life. Other interests are: drawing, or any kind of art including graphic, oil, and others, photography (especially b&w, and old looking stuff), horseback riding (love this!), learning fun words, hanging out with my awesome friends, and anything you can think of that's fun, especially if it's thrilling.


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Scripture, CS Lewis' stuff is amazing. I like stuff that makes you stop and think, and I love stuff that is written eloquently.

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Merry Christmas :-)

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I want to pull my hair out!!!!!!!!

I want to pull my hair out!!!!!!!


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Been awhile

ok so prepare for randomness... Life is pretty good... I like my job, like where I'm headed, like my coursework, ... God is incredible and I am really working on just letting Him be enough in my life... have you ever been trying to convince yourself of somthing so much that you tell someone else it and they agree and then you realize that even though that's what you want to feel/think/believe, deep down you don't feel that even though you should... yea but even if feelings don't line up, God knows the desires of our heart, and He knows what is best, and that we are trying, so I am going to stick to that and simply pray that God will help me line up all of the shoulds with the actuals... He is awesome and more than enough... and for Him my beign perfect isn't enough, but being imperfect is... 

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God please

I think I'm broken enough for you to use, make me whole, but not out of me, but fill this empty vessel with...... You...  I'm ready to be new.
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    I feel like a proud mother. I'm bursting with pride for all of you who competed tonight. See all that hard work and long hours of practice paid off! I love you all and I am so so so so so proud of you :-)
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