support systems

November 08 2006

Sean thinks that i wasn't supporting him tonight when he needed it and he does need some support..

just like me. im broke, hes broke, hes so broke charges are being threated to be pressed... however you phrase it..

hes seriously worried that he is going to have to move back home and i think he is overreacting to all of this.. i don't know... its just.. not good...

everyone, especially me is under some super stress and we are all penniless and depressed..

but luckily we still have each other. and things will work out. i have devised a plan. (:


October 30 2006

one word....


*edit: okay... i broke down.. got a myspace.. so go and make me your friend. :D

three hundred and somethin....

October 24 2006

did anyone hear about that lady in gat-town that was selling like those 300 & something dogs that she was supposedly breeding on a farm?

i dunno. my mom and gma told me about it. i thought they were crazy and just didn't give me any of the drugs they were on. :

so tomorrow is the big day i go take a certain test. sean is going to go with me. (: how nice.

so anymoo. i can't wait till friday. cause dontcha know what that means! $$ im cashing in... not really its all going to my phone bill. :

*briggy (:


October 24 2006

one day i am going to win or have a gigantic amount of money and i am never going to work ever again a day in my life!!!!

i hate work. i hate being poor.. gah.

someone save me from my middle/lower class woes...



October 21 2006

  yesterday's post is slightly.... dramatic after re-reading it.

we got the new computer. its nice. its new. of course.

i got the old one. yay for me. i will just add more ram... update it to xp and i will have a nice "new" computer. which will do me just fine. (:

i borrowed $20 from sean so i could get out of the negatives... i'm afraid im going to get another overdraft charge.... which will totally fuck me but hey!

other good news i suppose: i signed up for insurance! woo hoo! (:

i'm gonna take amanda up to meet the guys sometime this week. maybe she will like donut hole or even cub! which would kinda be cool. since my two new jobs are to find cub a girl and amanda a guy lol. which i think will be exciting. i hope cub actually will like amanda as a friend. cause kayla.... fucked it up... lol.

'did i pull your string? -- no.'

i think those guys are quality entertainment!! i love 'em.

*briggy (:

~to amanda:

here are some helpful tips when going to meet the guys.

»follow the house rules. you'll see the sign on the door when you walk in. they mostly consist of: don't use all of the tp; don't drink and drive, there is always a couch to crash on; and if you drink the beer always bring a pack the next time you visit!
»wear your shoes at all times, (unless you are like me) because the front yard consists mostly of mud which then tracks into the house. :
»don't open the frige.... its smells like something died...
»respect the stripper room. even pretend you like it. its very important. if you have any free time you should help me remodel it. i'll tell you what i'm going to do to it.
»beware of the adorable dogs. :D
»they like to mess with people. (:
»JESSY. jessy is cookie's girlfriend.. jessy bitches.. cub & jessy have a mutual hate towards each other, and to listen to them bitch at each other is exciting. it makes me want to pop popcorn and watch!
»be prepared for anything. especially mcdonald's runs. :P (free of course)
»Jeffery. aka Chastell.. um... wow. hes hot, but he is dumb and he is going to jail soon... cause he stole his neighbors power meter and got caught! (hello?) so basically he sweet and all but stay away from him. he also smokes pot.. which... yeah, point.

 i recommend the boys in this order according to who i think you would like... i'm guessing.. 1: donut hole, 2: cub, 3: .... yeah that's it.

donut hole.... is tall, kinda lean, basically has no hair... its a buzz (like cub's) but cute. he drives a nice jeep cherokee that is black its up on 33's it has awesome pipes and you can hear that thing like more than a mile away. its so awesome. back to the guy himself. he seems like the quiet type.. and he seems really nice. and a fun fact: he is cub's younger brother. kinda iffy fact: he is one year younger than me. meaning he is still in high school! wow. oh, and i don't remember his real name.

cub... real name michael. is my height a bit heavy set but still cute. extremely funny, provides entertainment by bitching with jessy.. drives a royal blue truck that looks very nice. :D i think its a Ford. and he is a corrections officer like sean will be in about a month. (: meaning he brings in a bunch of money. :P he is the middle brother. his mom is called Momma Bear, and she is da BOMB. (: really sweet. he is legal to drink and likes Bud. (which i know is someones favorite beer!!) he also likes dogs... long walks on the... ha!

and i think that's all you can really be prepared for. oh. they play video games all the time. and they might even show you the penis sock. which is kinda cute but a whole lot of funny.

:D but i love 'em!

down in the dumps

October 20 2006

i am so poor that i feel that i should be walking around digging through dumpsters for a scrap of anything... i have even gone through everylast penny of my savings.

and that $500 i got for graduation for half of a laptop i was going to buy... uh yeah that disappeared way long ago.. say around graduation.. and no it wasn't spent on a new laptop...

and now.. since my mom lost my job i agreed to try to pay rent by paying one of the smaller house payment things and its it $200 which is extremely good and i didn't have a problem with paying that.. but now i do. since i am poor.... i just spent this paycheck on part of my credit card bill that i want to pay off... cause i don't think its really worth it... cause really its just fucking me over... but its nice to have...

oh and tonight i dropped this metal pan, most likely the size and weight of a goddamn sink!! and yes it is swollen and starting to bruise...

to top it off... i lost insurance, also because my mother was fired... i am unable to go to the doctor... because i can't afford to!!!

now people... i think some should agree i should be digging through trash...

oh... i don't have gas... or gas money...

isn't that wonderful...

there... enjoy


October 02 2006

so i got a little busted.. my mom found kayla's almost empty smirnoff bottle.... in one of the bags of extra food i brought home after she went poking. lol. she gave me a look but didn't get mad. lol.

i had a great time camping. i just wish i never had to come back!!! lol. im so tired of all the bullshit at both jobs that i just want to disappear into oblivion.

and i guess i would take sean with me. lol. but right now we wont get into that subject.... because yeah.. i find myself finding reasons to stay out all night so that i can... yeah.. stay out all night. we will leave it at that.

anyways i need to unpack and do laundry and shower lol.

good night folks! use protection.


September 26 2006

so in my life time as we know it. i've always been a good listener, a good thinker, an all around good problem solver. and people namely my friends come to me for help and advice. yesterday as my very long post about unemployment got destroyed by the zap of a browser.. it became drastically short.

in any case. my mother actually took my advice and im proud of her. basically when i came home lsat night before i went to sean's to cook dinner and bake cookies... i told her, after i was tired of the crying/ sobbing, look of the world is over expression on her face while staring into space... i told her 'to get off her lazy ass (yes, i said ass to my mother) and get out tomorrow and find a job'. i said to her, 'you have 15 plus years of experience, you can get a goddamn job anywhere.' so today she got on the phone and the internet and on thursday she has an inerview already!!  and then another to schedule a few days after.

and since im the only one with money right now. i did some grocery shopping. (: and because when im upset or anything like that... i like to bake... so i made chocolate chip cookies.. (: and they are really good. and im happy. (:

and im going camping this weekend. yes!! i can't wait!! lol. beeeeeer! yeah. lol.


September 25 2006

so my mom lost her job today...

chew on that..


September 24 2006

leah says: 'i hate my life...'

well i could say that too. but only because half of my life sucks. (that would be the half that is worked like a slave and is beaten down)

but the other little half maybe not even a half maybe like a fourth. is happy because after being with cool ass people (mainly of the male species) and two beers and two shots of whiskey... well not many problems seem to occur.

except when you watch jackass... and have those same cool ass people try to pull off some stupid shit. :D

much love.


September 19 2006

i mean seriously!! >:|


September 07 2006

Things I liked best about today:

» i did the ronald money all day...
» i didn't have to see sean.
» i talked to joey. :D
» i had some of g-ma's cake

Things I hated about today:

» i had to work.
» i still have to go back to work in 30 minutes to work again.
» i know i have to go to work tomorrow.. )':
» i don't have any money. which is a lie. but i tell myself that so i don't spend it. because i am a money binger. just like a food binger. :P
» i might see sean later.

so yeah... i'll catch you kool kats later. =o.O=

I was eye raped...

August 28 2006

so i have the new manager guy at my store hitting on me seriously. kayla and claudia tell me he was eye-raping me and like licking his lips.

let me tell you now. ew gross. x_x;;

why do i attract weird people to me..? because i am weird? or because i find something in a person that i can relate to or that i like. :

seriously i made this giant burger for my friend cody. (who also works for me and i know how to make his sandwiches just right) and he had to hold it together with a fork!!

this thing is a fucking monster!! it has like two buns in there plus like 6 plus peices of meat and much much much more cheese than that and like all the pickles and stuff. omg. how can anyone eat a cow like this. ugh! it makes me want to be a vegetarian!

so i saw joey at manager class today.. ;) you know as a random thought: i would rather be eye-raped by joey than sean. x_x;;

way rather in fact... actually i would rather be eye-raped by the guys who do the siding than sean and thats saying something.

i can't believe he tried to ask me out on a date... "to show my appreciation for staying late tonight..." All it takes: a thank you! no dates required. for real, kayla told me today on my break from class that he asked her last night "what the policy is on dating a manager-trainee."

sure im flattered and all but... hey buddy. like back off. (:

hopefully my car will pass emissions tomorrow!!

and to all those 06's out there!! good luck with college! hope your first day was great!

Being TOO Thin

August 23 2006

today i was browsing the galaxy-ness of the web. and came across some xanga sites or blogs or something and these girls are literally starving themselves and making a weight journal. and every single one i read they were already fricking 120lbs. or less!!! trying to loose weight so they weigh like 95!!!

omg! that just pisses me the hell off. they write down everything they eat and how many calories or some crap and they don't eat anything!!! by the way!! and that just pisses me off!!!

how are you going to starve yourself when you only weigh 112 lbs!!! argh!

im frickin 5'11" and i weight over 200 even if  you don't believe me. i do. and that makes me depressed. because it kills me. but when youre fucking 112 and starving to be 95, you are sick in the head and you need some damn help. if you don't think you have a eating disorder you are bat-shit-crazy.

*roars like a lion or tiger* whatever. that just pisses me off. ive been fat all of my life. i hate girls like that. it just kills me for them to complain of being fat!! why don't you try being my size for a day. grr.

good news...

im starting to get peoples numbers back... and i sat up and played cards all night with my grandma. :D

technical difficulties... ):

August 21 2006

so today my new cute date person was suppose to call me today. but my phone was acting strange. i forgot to put it on the charger last night so the battery died. which i've done any number of times!! but this morning i hooked it up and it said charging for a minute or so and then it just left a green light on and so i thought.. maybe its charging.. so like 5 hours later, i go in my room and try to get it to turn on and it wont so i think maybe its really really dead and needs more time. so i leave it on. i come back at like 5 and i still can't get it on.

so i decide to go to walmart to see if Grey's Anatomy Season 2 was out yet and it wasn't.. :| so i needed to get Drano too.

a strange thing happened though. when i was at walmart. i was asking the saleslady if she had GA2 there was 2 black girls standing at the phones with some skinny, flava flav looking guy and i asked my question and one of the girls looks at me and says "are you Brigette?" and i looked at her strange and nodded. and i was about to be like "who's asking?! you think you know me?! what?!" but i didn't want to break another nail and on top of it get kicked out of wolly world. yes, i know. there are two wolly worlds here in the boro. --about to be three!! anyways. i just nodded and walked away. but i am curious and it was strange. you have to admit. it was.

so.... i strayed way off the subject of my phone.... whre was i... oh yes so after walmart i was going to stop into the verizon store. let me tell you. go early cause at night they are slam-packed. i stood in line for like 15 minutes until i got up to the counter and then they got my info and told me to look around until they could figure out was wrong with my phone. so that was another 15 minutes until the chick came and got me. and she basically told me they couldn't get it on even with a brand new battery (that hasn't been reused) and it still wouldn't turn on.

so i got a new phone... which is cool and all but the bad news is. Since they couldn't turn the old one on... they couldn't transfer any of the numbers in my phone book. and i just bought a shit load of ringtones and of course i had all of my awesome pictures in my phone.. -.- and now i probably will never get those back. ever. which sucks cause i spent like $30 and i had unlimited gaming on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire... -.-;

this so sucks. half of the people in my phone book i possibly wont ever see anymore and therefore cannot ge there numbers. -.-;;; so depressing really.

so everyone that i know that is reading this!! Leave your number(s)!!! cell phone numbers and house numbers work numbers... i want it all.. just to stalk you and learn all of your secrets... *evil laugh (muwahaha)*

i love you guys. (:

you know what sucks most of all!!! i don't have my new dates number anymore!!! ah! ): and hes really sweet. we went bowling and then he took me out to dinner to a Japanese restaurant where they cook infront of you on a hibachi grill. which is awesome cause they play with the food and do fancy stuff. it was really sweet. (: i enjoyed it alot. then when i got home he called me and we talked to each other all night. (: about things we shouldn't be talking about because we aren't dating and we haven't made out yet.. so that talk was way .... well it was a good talk don't get me wrong, but hey. :D

maybe if i see him again this week maybe on wednesday or thursday... well we wont get into that. (:


don't forget to leave me your number!

new shampoo..?

August 19 2006

so im like a goddess right now. i switch my shampoo type, not brand but type. cause i have a skin condition on my head (exima o something like that-- not dandruff) and so im tired of dry nasy hair..

so i switched. and now, i have the goddess hair of lust and desire.... like sexy hot kitchen sex with multiple orgasms...

what can i say..? i love my hair. (:

music is great.

August 01 2006

my new favortie artist or art-eests? (:


Panic! At the Disco!! (:


July 21 2006

*yawns* ...

im sleepy. and i have to work tomorrow... and the day after that... and so on. and then tuesday.. my car shall be fixed... once again. ugh!!!

im supercalifragilisticexpialidocious frickin tired of fixing it. almost every cent of my paychecks which from the end of march to now has been over $4000 i could have bought another fucking car. argh..

now i think i will finish up my bills, check on my lizard, and either fall into bed or watch Beauty and the Beast or somethin..


my head itches!

July 20 2006


i found out that half of my residents in my usual section at Adam's Place are in the hospital and one of them: his wife died!! :'( even though she was kind of a mean old lady it is still sad cause you know the rumor, when a couple that loves each other that much and has been married so long that when one dies the other dies soon after... that is so sad...

i hate to think about people dying because that makes me think of my grandmother dying and i really can't even begin to touch on that subject before i burst in to smetherens of tears... :'(

but anyways.. i still have Mrs. Haynes. she is lovely and sweet (: and Mrs. Fillers because she lets me help put together her puzzle. cause i like puzzles. :D they make pretty pictures. :P

i'm cutting back on my hours some, so that im not working 14 & 16 hour says anymore.. it will be like 9 or 10 hour days. (:

because i am too tired and i don't have time for anything but work. ): and that includes my g-ma and ma.. and my pets. and my friends. who needs to get off from work to go to the lake or get a tattoo... :D

i want to make some cookies...  what kind should i make.. ?? (:

what a weekend!!

June 26 2006

so my weekend has been so awesome! I went camping at FCF this weekend, even though, here in the boro its poured it was nice and lovely there. i got a nice tan afer a little redness on my face and shoulders... bought some cool indian hand made jewelry and a dream catcher, etc. and my car rides incredibly nice now that i have a new front axle. :D

I drank nothing but beer and water this weekend intending to get smashed, but alas all i got was a nice buzz and discovered i can hold my liquor very well. (:

a guy hit on me and amanda and invited us to party at their place (via up the hill to their campsite) and smoke a blut with them. we found out later from one of the other guys named ben than the guy who they called midget ninja was full of crap lol. and he went to bed at like 8 to conserve his chi or something like than. zenmaster, as it were.

it was great though. i wish i could have stayed longer. like a couple of days longer. (:

but alas i go back to work wednesday. (:

i was very beautiful down there and i want to go every year. now im looking forward to mine and amanda's road trip up to kansas and back that will take 2 weeks in the fall. (: yep i can't wait.

and i think it will be wise to start college in fall 2007 instead of Spring because some of the classes might need to be taken in course. I dunno. College is coming up soon, but not too soon. I still have time. (:

i found this on erin and edi's sites and decided to put it on mine to end tonights blog. :D sleep tight.


[ ] You go to a tanning salon.

[ ] You watch The OC/Laguna Beach/The Hills.

[x] You own a cell phone.

[ ] You love going to the mall.

[x] You take your cellphone everywhere.

[ ] You own an iPod/MP3 player.

[x] You love Starbucks.

[x] You love flip flops.

Total: 4


[x] Red or black is one of your favorite colors.

[x] You have thought about death.

[ ] You wear chains.

[ ] You like heavy metal.

[x] You love Hot Topic.

[ ] You have worn black lipstick.

[ ] Your hair is dark/ kind of dark

[x] You dislike preps.

[ ] You're an atheist.

[x] You have/want piercings in unusual places. (tongue, belly button, etc.)

Total: 5


[x] You can skateboard. *a little bit* (:

[ ] You wear plaid.

[x] You love Converse.

[x] You think you're different.

[x] You hate MTV.

[x] You have moshed.

[x] You have/had/want blue, pink, red, purple, or green hair or highlights.

[x] You love skater girls/boys. :]

[ ] You hate pink

[x] You hate rich kids sometimes.

Total: 8


[x] You love computers.

[ ] You like Star Trek.

[x]You wear/are supposed to wear glasses.

[x] You get straight A's. *sometimes*

[x] You love reading.

[ ] You are in band.

[v] You don't care what you look like.

[x] You have a curfew.

[ ] You always do your homework.

[ ] You never cut school.

Total: 5.5


[x] You're depressed sometimes.

[x] You have black-rimmed glasses.

[x] You like Thursday.

[ ] You comb your hair in front of your face.

[ ] You cry easily.

[ ] You like emo music.

[ ]You hate being called emo. But how does that make me emo??

[x] You keep a journal/diary.

[x] You have written a sad poem.

[ ] You have had a sad MySpace layout.

Total: 5


[x] You like rap.

[ ] You are in a gang.

[ ] You wear Tag.

[ ] You wear rubberbands in your pants.

[x] You swear a lot.

[ ] You have had a freestyling contest.

[x]You have said "fo shizzle".

[ ] You have worn Converse with the tongue flipped out.

Total: 3


[x] You wear a bandana. *if i feel like it*

[x] You love the Ninja Turtles, Scooby Doo, etc.

[ ] You never walk anywhere.

[x] You wear slip-on Vans.

[ ] You love Norma Jean.

[x] You wear band tees.

[x] People have called you a freak and mean it.

[x] You love to "hardcore" dance.

[ ] Your hair has been dyed more than one color.

[ ] You will kill if called a satanist.

Total: 6


[ ]You love Laguna Beach/The OC/The Hills.

[ ] You want a tiny dog.

[ ] most of your clothes consist of pink

[ ] You're a shoe fanatic.

[ ] You shop at AE.HOLLISTER...A&F.ETC.

[ ] You love to shop.

[ ] You love skirts.

[ ] You like Paris Hilton.

[ ] Getting your nails done is fun

Total: 0

(: -*b