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December 05, 2006

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art in general :D SUDOKU!!! movies, music, friends, cars (: purses & shoes.


I can jam to anything :D


any and all Disney Movies. ;)


sleezy, smut books. (:

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support systems

Sean thinks that i wasn't supporting him tonight when he needed it and he does need some support..

just like me. im broke, hes broke, hes so broke charges are being threated to be pressed... however you phrase it..

hes seriously worried that he is going to have to move back home and i think he is overreacting to all of this.. i don't know... its just.. not good...

everyone, especially me is under some super stress and we are all penniless and depressed..

but luckily we still have each other. and things will work out. i have devised a plan. (:

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one word....


*edit: okay... i broke down.. got a myspace.. so go and make me your friend. :D

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three hundred and somethin....

did anyone hear about that lady in gat-town that was selling like those 300 & something dogs that she was supposedly breeding on a farm?

i dunno. my mom and gma told me about it. i thought they were crazy and just didn't give me any of the drugs they were on. :\

so tomorrow is the big day i go take a certain test. sean is going to go with me. (: how nice.

so anymoo. i can't wait till friday. cause dontcha know what that means! $$ im cashing in... not really its all going to my phone bill. :\

*briggy (:

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one day i am going to win or have a gigantic amount of money and i am never going to work ever again a day in my life!!!!

i hate work. i hate being poor.. gah.

someone save me from my middle/lower class woes...


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  yesterday's post is slightly.... dramatic after re-reading it.

we got the new computer. its nice. its new. of course.

i got the old one. yay for me. i will just add more ram... update it to xp and i will have a nice "new" computer. which will do me just fine. (:

i borrowed $20 from sean so i could get out of the negatives... i'm afraid im going to get another overdraft charge.... which will totally fuck me but hey!

other good news i suppose: i signed up for insurance! woo hoo! (:

i'm gonna take amanda up to meet the guys sometime this week. maybe she will like donut hole or even cub! which would kinda be cool. since my two new jobs are to find cub a girl and amanda a guy lol. which i think will be exciting. i hope cub actually will like amanda as a friend. cause kayla.... fucked it up... lol.

'did i pull your string? -- no.'

i think those guys are quality entertainment!! i love 'em.

*briggy (:

~to amanda:

here are some helpful tips when going to meet the guys.

»follow the house rules. you'll see the sign on the door when you walk in. they mostly consist of: don't use all of the tp; don't drink and drive, there is always a couch to crash on; and if you drink the beer always bring a pack the next time you visit!
»wear your shoes at all times, (unless you are like me) because the front yard consists mostly of mud which then tracks into the house. :\
»don't open the frige.... its smells like something died...
»respect the stripper room. even pretend you like it. its very important. if you have any free time you should help me remodel it. i'll tell you what i'm going to do to it.
»beware of the adorable dogs. :D
»they like to mess with people. (:
»JESSY. jessy is cookie's girlfriend.. jessy bitches.. cub & jessy have a mutual hate towards each other, and to listen to them bitch at each other is exciting. it makes me want to pop popcorn and watch!
»be prepared for anything. especially mcdonald's runs. :P (free of course)
»Jeffery. aka Chastell.. um... wow. hes hot, but he is dumb and he is going to jail soon... cause he stole his neighbors power meter and got caught! (hello?) so basically he sweet and all but stay away from him. he also smokes pot.. which... yeah, point.

 i recommend the boys in this order according to who i think you would like... i'm guessing.. 1: donut hole, 2: cub, 3: .... yeah that's it.

donut hole.... is tall, kinda lean, basically has no hair... its a buzz (like cub's) but cute. he drives a nice jeep cherokee that is black its up on 33's it has awesome pipes and you can hear that thing like more than a mile away. its so awesome. back to the guy himself. he seems like the quiet type.. and he seems really nice. and a fun fact: he is cub's younger brother. kinda iffy fact: he is one year younger than me. meaning he is still in high school! wow. oh, and i don't remember his real name.

cub... real name michael. is my height a bit heavy set but still cute. extremely funny, provides entertainment by bitching with jessy.. drives a royal blue truck that looks very nice. :D i think its a Ford. and he is a corrections officer like sean will be in about a month. (: meaning he brings in a bunch of money. :P he is the middle brother. his mom is called Momma Bear, and she is da BOMB. (: really sweet. he is legal to drink and likes Bud. (which i know is someones favorite beer!!) he also likes dogs... long walks on the... ha!

and i think that's all you can really be prepared for. oh. they play video games all the time. and they might even show you the penis sock. which is kinda cute but a whole lot of funny.

:D but i love 'em!

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