too much time has passed...

February 25 2006 was been a while since my last posting but all is not lost...

I would love to update you all on my experience in East Asia, but we all know that could take a while and it was been some time since I have been back.  But, just for you to was great and I made great friends.  I have an unexpected urge to go back in, that might just happen.  God's not done w/ me over there, and I feel too strong of a connection to one particular person to just ignore the urge to be over there.  So...there you have it. 

Recently, everything has been really good...really different...and altering, but good.  I've been bogged down with responsibilities and new experiences this semester, but what's new?!  This semester will most likely be my last as a Young Life leader here in M'boro.  Which is totally cool, and completely a thought/prayer invested decision. 

I am totally ready to be in New York for the summer, I need to mail my reference forms to NAMB, so I can working on everything else.  Since, I am most likely going back to East Asia...I will need to write a 2 in 1 support letter.  I hate asking for money, but if that's what it takes to get me to places and place full dependency in God...well, then I'll just have to ask. 

I don't know if I mentioned on Phusebox the record label that my friend and I began last semester...but its called EQV Records, and we have two artists.  Caroline Sanderson and Andrew can check them out on myspace.  Anyway...thats going really well.  We are finishing Caroline's album currently and working on her actual website as well as album artwork.  Crazy...

And, on top of friends, Zach and Olivia...and myself had a meeting with a lady that owns a building right off of the 'boro square...and she wants to turn in into a music venue w/ our help.  Right on...!!!, now we are in the process of seeing where we would receive the funds to do so...MTSU, M'boro, individuals, and organizations, etc. 

So...I'm doing all of that...and school...which our venue, Empty, that we proposed to administration last year...had its first show last Friday, and went splendidly!  We had 70 folks show up for Sean McConnell, Karg Boys and Caroline Sanderson at the KUC.  Heck yea...anyway...for all of you that are interested, I'm in a theatre performance...called Bleacher Bums, dates are April 2, 3, and 4th...come on out to MTSU Tucker Studio Theatre...and enjoy.  Peace, Love, and PHUSEBOX...


December 01 2005
All of us who are going to East Asia for Christmas were commissioned tonite...and it was pretty much to most amazing thing that I have experienced in a long time. The power of all those college students praying at once was astounding. When everyone began to pray w/ hands placed on our backs or shoulders, I attempted to pray but my thoughts and prayers were clouded w/ the many other voices being lifted to God. I began to just listen...and hear God through all of those voices. Its beautiful to know that their are so many people that love us and support us...I felt the power through the hands placed on me. It was deep stuff, yo. I love life...I love Truth...and I love the opportunities God has placed in my life.
I've had some minor issues this past month w/ school, Young Life, AO, family...etc. And...communication is such a vital aspect of life. Especially, open and honest communication. My education is equipping me soo well...and I'm freakin' excited about putting everything I have learned into practice outside of Murfreesboro and my typical life here. Such as...going to NY...and possibly having a job w/ the comm dept for YL when I graduate...East Asia...anything. Okay...well, I've rambled enough. I have nothing else to do b/c I am sitting at the Corlew desk..."working"...and not doing homework which I should be doing. Oh boy...I'm gonna be freakin' overwhelmed this weekend and next week. Goo...

November 10 2005
So...remember that time my roommate got on my phusebox account and wrote a blog on my behalf. Man...that was awesome. What Seth forgot was that we had talked about taking 10 dollars out of the check that he owed me. So...really Seth should feel convicted. But, its okay b/c I love me roommates. They are all weird in their very own way!

A not nice thing that I have done

November 08 2005

I feel like a complete jerk guys. I was supposed to pay Seth $10.15 on monday for water bill. He had a sign up for like a week and a half on the kitchen table and I didn't even bother to pay him. I have completely failed at my job of being an honest, hardworking friend. I have a photo of me juming in the air that looks like this:

Except right now, it's strange, I don't feel like jumping in a field of flowers. I feel much rather like this photo here:

This is a picture taken of me when I was sad, like right now. I am so sad that I have not given Seth the money that he deserves. He's so good looking too. It's too bad I don't hook him up with all of my girlfriends. You all should go to his page  and give him the sypathy that i do not feel yet.

Oh well.... At least I can talk about it here on phusebox, openly without too many convictions. I know Christ forgives me, but I hope that Seth can too forgive me.

i'm crying little raindrops.

i like emo music a alot.

New Orleans Kids...

September 28 2005
For the past month or so, I have been actively seeking high schoolers at Oakland High School for Young Life and ultimately for God's glory. At the beginning of September, I met two really cool guys. I hadn't ever seen them at Oakland, so naturally I asked them if they were new. They, ofcourse, said yes. And, to add to that, they said that they were forced to go to school somewhere else b/c their high schools were under water. If you haven't gotten my "drift" my title and my last sentence...these kids were evacuees from New Orleans, LA. Fortunately, they are going to be able to go with me to Sharp Top Cove for Fall Camp. M'Boro YL is paying their way. God is good. These kids need to see God some where...b/c they definitely don't know him. So...God is going to work wonders, and I'm really excited. Check out this site to see their houses and some of their friends houses.


September 21 2005
So...I went to the Coldplay concert this past weekend. And, was amazing. I mean really...are there even words to put together that will explain their show. I think not. We got to Starwood Ampitheatre at like 4PM, the show didn't start until 8PM and the doors didn't even open until 6PM. So we sat around for two hours playing cards, eating and really doing whatever we wanted b/c we, my friend, were in the very front of the line to get in the gate. Incredible, I know... Once we were in...we all ran over the hill and I kid you not, it was like Braveheart running for those good lawn seats. My group and I ended up sitting dead center next to the railing. There was nothing in front of was glorious. I'm almost persuaded to say that they were the best seats in the house b/c not only did we visually have a good seat, but also regarding the sound. We weren't underneath anything so what we heard was so pure. was great. The best part other than the end when they played Fix You...was when they played Kingdom Come followed by Ring of Fire by J. Cash. It was superb...okay, enough of my rambling about Coldplay. Back to writing a paper for Consulting/Auditing...gross...

Photo From Shultsie

September 04 2005

photo from Shultsie I not a freakin' rock star?! The glasses...come on...I shoulda bought 'em. Well...this is Seth and I trying to fit it w/ the city folk of NY at Urban Outfitters.

Online Courses/Online NAMB App

September 04 2005
As the wise man, Matthew Harding, would say..."WHAT THE PHAT!!!" So, online courses...great idea, but seriously, do you actually learn from them. Currently, I am taking two online courses; Principles of Management and Consulting/Auditing. The latter of the probably going to be the most ridiculous class, by ridiculous, I mean hard. Its a senior level class...and am I a senior??? Holy heck no! Just a wee lil ole junior. Anyway...the only reason why I am complaining is probably b/c I know that I do not have the time management for such a responsibility as to having to actually sit down and accomplish something...I mean really. These two online courses aren't the only pseudo-productive thing I've began...I have also started up the ever so lovely North American Missions Board (NAMB) Application for my summer in NY. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I was preparing myself for a pretty extensive application...but was not prepared for this. The amazing thing about that it definitely makes you think and pray about your purpose and the true reasons for pursuing this specifc mission. During any other moment of my life, I would have chosen to go to NYC for selfish reasons...just to be there and see the city in all its splendor. Which is why I have never gone w/ AO. But, after this summer of just heart is geniune about pursuing that mission field. So...I mean...I suppose...I can handle filling out 7 essays and all of the other random questions NAMB decides to ask.

back in action...

August 12 2005
Well...its official. I am back in the 'boro. Moved in and all. Its a fantastic little house w/ 5 other roommates...yep, 5. Meaning 6 total. Its like a frat house w/o the rituals...and the letters. So...its pretty much been confirmed...I am destined to be in NYC next summer for TLJ's summer internship. Paperwork and all that jazz has not yet been completed, but its getting there. I owe alot to this decision to my June visit to the city. Its so great to have complete peace on an issue, ya know. Well this next school year is going to be thrilling...16 hours, YoungLife, a job, some hopeful acting work, and my personal search for a more intimate understanding of Christ. I love it, though. I would much rather have every minute of every day consumed w/ something to do...I seem to discover more about myself and what God wants for me through all the hustle and bustle. So its all good. By the way, we just got cable in my that means internet. So, I am actually going to be able to use my computer to get on the you know what this means??? More pics to load...and I'm sure Nathan loves that. Well...I am out of things to God bless.

craziness in the acting world...

July 15 2005
So, I get cast for this independent film. Seems real cool and all...well, when I auditioned there was some vulgar language, if you will...and I told them that I am not too convicted of using such words, but I must draw the line somewhere or it can get a bit out of hand. They were completely cool w/ that and a week later when they handed me the final script saying that I got the part, the lines were changed to suit my morals. But, I told them that I wouldn't accept the part until I read the whole script...good idea, I know. So...I did. And, its pretty American Pie vulgar. Not so much my character but the characters that are associated are a, on the wild side. Hint the title for the film "The Wild Side"...well, I'm not too sure if I want to be apart of the film. It would be great experience...and I know I'm not going to have scripts handed to me but, if I'm uneasy about something than that should be the end of the story, right?! Well...God has been good thus, if I'm feeling the way I do about the film than maybe this is alittle nudge from God. Its a great script, don't get me wrong, but just some unnecessary lines and scenes. Um...decisions, decisions, decisions. This is out of my hands and in God's...forizzle.

Windy Gap...

July 12 2005
Well, I am back from Young Life camp. I am not gonna was hard, almost like pulling teeth. But, God is good and His goodness prevailed. The one week that was spent at Windy Gap in Weaverville, NC felt like 2 months. I only took one of my campaigner guys so all of my energy had to be put to this one camper. I would have much rather taken 15 guys as opposed to 1, just b/c you are scared you are going to be overwhelming to that one kid. But, fortunately, it didn't turn out like that. Some how I was aware of when to give him space and/or be around him. Thursday nite, after club and after 20 min of silence, Sam (my YL guy) was asking big questions. He's not a Christian so he has alot of questions to ask. I told him that some of the questions he asked, I don't even necessarily know, b/c I am very faith-based...I don't need hard facts to believe; however, inquiring minds need hard facts. So, I told him that I will find these hard facts for him. I got acouple of recommendations for, I am gonna start reading them so I can tell him the truth about the amazing love story. I think he is willing to learn but like alot of high schoolers , I don't think he is going to research it has to be laid before him. So...that's what I intend on doing. This is going to be a learning experience for me as well, b/c I like I said, I am learning these hard facts is only going to boost my faith in Him. Man...God is good.


June 30 2005
What the crap...
I got pulled over tonite for the first time ever. I am 21 and have never gotten pulled over. Gotta admit that that is a pretty dang good streak. I was so close to where I was going and !!!BOOM!!! I got pulled over in Brentwood. Dang...since I have never had a "moving violation" the cop suggested that I go to court on my court date (Aug 11) and let the judge give me my sentence of traffic school so this ticket will be cleared off of my record. Man...I coulda had a clean record up till now...dang. Its was interesting b/c I definitely did not freak out like I had always thought I would. I was really calm and I was calling the cop "buddy"...that's right, we're tight. Well...anyway, I am officially moved out of the apartments from the ghetto. My car is packed up to its fullest and all of my other belongings are scattered throughout M'Boro. this is about if for me and my first blog on this amazing website Nathan has brought to us. Just another thing to add to my life-sucking addictions on the web. Thanx Nasty Nate!