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Mends and Messes

April 07 2006

Regarding the last entry: Mended my relationship with my sister. Found out that my other friend... well that was bad communication. It's all good from my last entry.

The Mess of the Storm: My dad was driving, my sister was at a friend's house, and my mom was freakin out. We're all fine except my house. One broken window and half of the back of my house has to have the siding replaced, huge holes. Did I mention the water leak in my guest room?

The other pieces of the day: Late because of sis+mom, its okay though. I forgave. Very stressful school day, but I feel back in the swing of life. Got out of school 45 minutes early for the tornado problems. That was cool.

The Weekend: barely any homework and  (there is the link).

Hope ya'll are all okay!

-+ Jacob +-

Fighting and Friendship

April 05 2006

Two related things, but my stories are not.

Problem 1: My sister and I were fighting a lot today. I love her, and we use to get along really well, but she turned 13 in February. Does that explain everything or what? All of the sudden it is much harder to get along. We both love each other but we are so different now that we fight about even the little problems. Mainly the fact that she doesn't like it when I play Video games. Something about attention. But I barely play anymore and when I do she still has a fit. Any ideas for help on that one?

Problem 2: One of my (thought) good friends might not be as good as I thought. We were great friends yesterday and Monday and Saturday, yet today and Sunday I got on his nerves and he didn't even want to be outside when I was over there. I think I have some bad effect on people recently. I don't know what I'm doing.I can't seem to get the right, or keep the right friends. Tell me what is wrong with me please.

No comments... I'll live.

Comments... I might throw a party.

Make me feel special...

 - The Jake master (or disaster, not quite sure)

Back in the Swing

April 03 2006

Uhh... Not quite ready to go back, but I'll make it. Hope that this week goes by fast though...

Youth group was great tonight. We now have four girls at one time, and five guys. It doesn't sound like much, but it is a fun improvement. We enjoyed ourselves playing basketball, talking, eating pizza, and most important having a really good lesson from Romans 12: 9-20. It was all about compassion, brotherly love, and how to act with your enemies. It sounds like the basic Golden Rule stuff, but Aaron applied it to high school and it really struck home. It made me realize some things about myself and gave me some thoughts on how to act better.

Feelin kinda down, but tommorow is a good day comin on...

Good Night

-+ Jacob +-

Back from SC

March 31 2006

South Carolina was fun.

My grandmother Mimi is better and Nanny's vision isn't too bad right now.

Got some new clothes.

Ate lots of Chick-Fil-A.

Saw a goose who wags his tail and pants.

Interesting break...

-+ Jacob +-


March 17 2006

my teachers are crazy..

One is a republican hatin on Bush.

Two looks at porn in his office during class.

Three looks like Harry Potter.

Four gives out random long homework and locks kids outside.

Five is a crazy 24 year old math dictator.

& Six is stressin me with a huge report/research paper thing.

and they say Oakland is weird...

Back to other Life

Same-Old Same-Old

homework, gaming, and tennis

Spring Break, Coming Soon!

Going to South Carolina to visit family.

Hoping for some good times.

More Important

One of my grandmothers is having high blood pressure problems and that is the reason we are going to SC. Please pray for Mimi.(Minnie Lee Richardson) I hope she is okay, but at least we know she is a great christian and she feels accomplished in life.

I'm goin back to Life...

-+ jacob +-


March 13 2006

Gimme a break...

I'm so tired of school work, fighting with my sister, and trying to make my youth group grow.

None of the three or currently changing so I obviously have something I need to deal with.

I dunno... My soul isn't right with God or something... or maybe I just need to work harder at peacemaking. I know I sound like I'm talkin about nothing, but something's wrong.

I need to work it out...

-+ jacob +-

Missing school, Meeting Spring, and Mending ipod

February 26 2006

Wow... I got sick again. Second long one this Winter.  Five Days of Fever. Still have a lingering cough and cold.

While I was gone, not much happened. Life has been slow with much homework. I have missed phusebox, but I just kept forgetting.

I'm gonna miss winter... Spring seems to be coming in. Still chilly, but grass is gettin greener and the sun is gettin yellower. I guess this means I'll be playin more tennis. Thats cool...

MY IPOD IS GETTING FIXED! Praise the Lord. It has taken a while, but I finally made a phone call to Mr. Pete at my church and he is replacing my cracked headphone jack. The funny thing is, we opened the ipod and found the problem about three months ago, but I just got it to him to fix. Forgetting hurts. I miss my Music. Only about a week or two and I will be good.

No more long waits, I'll be back soon...

 -+ JACOB  +-

Get it right, its ValentiNes not ValentiMes

February 14 2006

All of these fools!

I heard way too many people say Happy ValentiMes day. CAN

THEY NOT READ! i dunno... Its kinda a fun holiday in K-6 but then girls notice your a goober, they get attitudes, and of course I had to get picky.

I was alone this ValentiNes day. I got two candies. I feel happy that I am "loved".

This day makes me feel a little blue, even though I was wearing pink.

I never did understand the whole "I am so lonely, I hate Valentines day" attitude until I got a taste. Everyone has GF/BF 's or at least best friends. I got people who call me a friend, but nobody I could actually just talk to.

Enough with the negative.

I had pizza for dinner, I saw the pink Panthers, my family loves me, I believe in God, and I always have a good place to sleep.

The God part is the most important. Gotta have faith that things will look up...

 - jacob 

Church, Cheeseburgers, and Childhood Memories

February 12 2006


Saw the an old family, who came back to visit. Said goodbye to Maggie who went to a special Birthday surprise lunch with eight of the women who have most effected my sister's life.


My dad and I just picked up Hardees after church because we didnt have time to sit down and eat with church people. (Dad had tennis.) The bacon cheeseburgers were Delicious. And curly fries of course.

Childhood Memories

My family watched The Lady and The Tramp which took me back to the good old days of my youth. lol. It was so cool. I love that movie. (Don't tell anybody. Too embarrassing.)


hope yall had a good one...

- J4C0B


Whatta Weekend

February 11 2006


Great times.

Friday sucked at school, then goodness came.

-I went Bowling right after school and got my new high game (175) and my new high series (413).

-Then I played tennis for 1.5 hours much to my enjoyment.

- shower

- Pizza for dinner

- Played video games till 1:15am

- SNOW!!!!!

- shower

- amazing birthday breakfast for my sister

- Made snowmen and enjoyed snow

- ate McDonalds

- Went Ice skating

- Went to Demos' with the fam.

- Watched hilarious tv

Good times. eh? 

- Jacob

Made the Cuts

February 09 2006

Got a trim

Made it into a new team playin online video games

Got two hours late to school!

Good week

Saturday is my sisters Birthday!

I'm ramblin

- Jacob

LOSER FACE in a Chinese Fire drill

February 02 2006

I'm feelin like a total LOSER FACE with no comments after like a week. I guess its my fault for forgetting to comment on others, maybe because I keep forgetting I don't know. I dressed up wacky tacky today and was one of like 5. That was embarrassing so I kinda hid it.

I gotta stop this negative thing...


Hilarious Story- This morning's excitement

We were on the way to school and my mom said that my sister was gonna be late since we had to take me first. We noticed that my neighbor Ashley was in front of us on HighWay 99. We called her house to get her cell phone number, called her cell, and asked if I could run and get in her car. She said yes and my mom yells, "RUN! RUN! RUN!" So I grabbed my bag flew from the Boxcar volvo to Ashley's van in like 1.2 seconds, closed the door, and we were off! I laughed like halfway to school between breaths. GOOD TIMES!



January 28 2006

Time sure flies when your...well...time sure flies! Hamburger song...that was fun. lol...I am having a good day. Bowling this morning - 40 over my average, then 35 over my average, then 11 over my average. Good games...Good times... Oh man I can't get the whistle song, Fresh AZIMIZ, Lean wit it rock wit it, or (embarassingly) Breaking Free from the Disney Channel original movie...lol. That last one is because of my sister. Have a good night ya'll! Gotta go do family stuff.



January 25 2006

Man...Snow would be nice. Like snowball fight snow. I remember when we got that in January...

School's okay, but my homework is drivin me insane.

I think that now that my computer is faster I'll be on here more often. I'll try...

Next entry I'll start adding interest.

Catch ya'll next time...


Snow Day

January 18 2006

What a treat.

I've waited a while, nice to get a little snow.

Maggie got her braces on today.

I'm gonna go have some fun...

- Jacob

Week End, New week beginning

January 15 2006


school for a few days

my Christmas (all decor in attic)


prayer for Redford and the rest of the Tilson family

the leftover cheesecake from Saturday night

the cold weather


this week

the work to finally finish my xmod

be back soon

- J4(()8

Great Holidays

January 13 2006

Christmas notes:

 I got a cell Phone for Christmas...


Dream made reality.

Also got some new clothes.

Good Notes:

My GPA is 3.5 (hoping to raise)

Phusebox is back!

No school monday.

Prayer Concern:

Everyone please pray for my friend Redford Tilson and his family. Some of you may know him from Bel Aire. Today his father died of a heart attack and I'm sure that they would appretiate all of the prayer you all have.They are still in shock and this a very hard time for them. Prayer is the best thing ya'll can give.

Talk to ya'll soon...

- J4(()8


December 16 2005

Back, after about a month...

Busy Month too.

Parents both got sick, no decorations for a while. (up now.)

Went to my Cousin Paige's wedding (pretty fun)

Midterms 1-4 out of 6 (81,92,94, and ?)

The 81 was bad...

Good times recently

I cant stop laughing all of the time. I guess that it's good that I'm so happy,  I just can't figure out why I keep laughing.

Guess its just the Holidays.

Talk to yall soon.

 - J4(()8

Happy Thanksgiving

November 24 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.

I'm gonna make a little lists of the things I'm thankful for, just hitting a few points. You dont't need to comment, just make a list and Thank God for all you have.

  • Loving Parents

  • My best friend - my sister

  • Aunts, Uncles, and cousins

  • My Grandmothers' health

  • Forgiveness

  • Good friends

  • A place to sleep

  • Meals at all times

  • Holiday Celebrations

  • A great church

  • our guardian dog

  • jokes

  • laughter

  • good movies

  • Phusebox

  • games

  • a healthy body

Happy Holidays

Have a good one!

 - Jacob


November 18 2005
That was a quote from my english video.Mythology...It went well - got laughsMy fever broke on Sunday, so I was at school all weekIt was a good weekJust a little behindGot my first report card C - soon to be changed by a 5 page Alexander essayI've been tryin to be optimisticHard not to complain of frustration sometimesKeeps me a little happier thoughGET A CELL PHONE soon...THANKSGIVING COMING!I love this time of yearPumpkin PieNext Week AgendaMon - schoolTues - schoolWed - FUNThurs - THANKSGIVING!!!Fri - Christmas DecoratingI'll see yall soonI wanna do fun stuffHang out some time? - J4(()8