having fun

Haven't updated in a while...

June 19 2005
I've been rather busy lately with other tasks.
I've moved on up to 49 friends now.
It's making me feel very loved,
thank you everyone.
I've consideredthe possibility of starting to let people know hints about who I could be.
But then I thought to myself, "what would be the fun in that?"
So maybe later.


June 19 2005
it would be fun because people would keep guessing and guessing and guessing.

Sara Read

June 19 2005
hmm i dont know who you are...but youre "my friend" i guess if youre some sort of psycho killer, it sucks for me, am i right? :-)

Jane Woodard

June 19 2005
49? impressive


June 19 2005
49 that's a big number.yeah i know how it is to be mysterious to people it's always to you later.


June 20 2005
hmm interesting....who could it be?...*scratches chin*

Hope Anderson

June 21 2005
i don't think i even know you? haha. ~Hope


June 21 2005
ya i dont know you then again... who knows whether they know you or not????

Sarah Vermillion

June 23 2005
Ahh... apparently Phusebox just can't reist the mysteriousness of your identity! ^_^

Tyler H.

June 27 2005
KUDOS on the imperial emblem, i love Star Wars


June 30 2005
are you really anonymous?


July 03 2005
but it would be fun to see who u i doubt i know u anyways but o well

Redford Gilmore

August 10 2005
im pretty sure anonymous is tony