Jeana Lewis


Can't Win?

January 12 2007
There are two
theories to arguing with women. Neither one works.


January 12 2007
Heh... Your son is just now beginning to learn that.

Jonathan Wood

January 12 2007
I've found that being quiet until she calms down often works.

Jamie Crabtree

January 12 2007
unless you can scientificaly prove you're right don't try. Even then she may still be able to prove you wrong.

Randy Lewis

January 12 2007
What if...............Never mind.

Jessica Jo

January 12 2007
This made me laugh. Thanks for posting! I just wonder if guys ever figure out that they just can't win...ever. Although I must admit that just to shut them up I let them think they won....but wait I bet they do that to us too! haha


January 12 2007

The Capn

January 13 2007
see... just because you can't argue with a woman doesn't mean that they win... some juvenile women don't understand that yet. what silly women...

adam rodrigues

January 13 2007
I think Jessica hit the nail on the head. When females are being unreasonable and stubborn, I respond with instant apathy. As long as you ladies want to be unreasonable, then you can think you've won the argument, or think whatever you want to think, because I'm not exerting the energy. Haha, the naked truth. :-)