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July 03, 2008

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Dreams- Inconsistent Angel things

Does anyone out there think satan is allowed to get into your dreams and mess with your head? Is there anything in the Bible to support or refute this?
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Norse Axes and Harvest Lattes

I am now nineteen. Chris took me out to this awesome park and we ate Chinese food, then went to coffee and talked about Medieval warfare and theology for hours. I'll put up pictures if anyone wants to see.


Other news in the life of Stacy... Classes are slowly crushing me. I am actually looking forward to mid-terms.

My health is sort of getting worse. I have more bad days than good days. I might do something about it. If I ever have the time...


I am having a birthday party tonight, so that should be really fun. We are going to watch a foreign film and play games and drink pina coladas. I am probably going to wear my Nigerian shirt. Yep.


Anything else you guys want to know? 

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Whoa... What?

I don't see where I said I was for abortion... And why is that the only thing people zero in on? What about the government's relationship to social services? Anyone with big opinions on that?


Also, yes I have to go here, if abortion is murder, why do you say there are exceptions? I don't want tons of comments about that, just think on it. 

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"Kill the babies, not the homeless."

That is the tongue-in-cheek motto for the University Democrats at Lee. We came up with it because we are very tired of people assuming we are all baby-killers.


Anyway, I worked the UDems booth for this big display of all the clubs at Lee yesterday. I handed out propaganda (yes, I called it that) and tried to convince people to come if they are open-minded or in the middle, basically anyone who is not a hardcore Republican. We call ourselves the University Non-Republicans. It is more true.

The Republicans' table was right next to ours, and the girl running it was a friend who is actually a Moderate. We get along well.

So many students gave me a weird look. Some picked up the propaganda sheet and laughed at it and me. I got some evil stares from those Bible-thumping you-can't-be-a-Democrat-and-be-a-Christian kids who only know about politics from their parents and who don't think for themselves. They would look at me like I was a prostitute and ask where the Republican table was. I tried to be accepting of them because I was representing the club and all Non-Republicans, but I wanted to yell at them. I wanted to sit them down and explain why they were being stupid and mean. They have no idea what is going on the political world, they just know "Death to Hilary!" Do they not get it? I wanted to scream at them, "Fine, you won't come to my table? I think I'll just go PUNCH A BABY!"


I'm not mad anymore... Just disappointed in my fellow man, not to mention my fellow Christians. 

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American Girls are weather and noise...

I am at Lee now. It is nice having my own apartment finally but it is a bit of a hassle being on the edge of campus.

I am actually eating a meal close to breakfast. I woke up at 8:45 to go to a yard sale where I bought ear buds (from a friend, so they're clean) and a Mae CD called "Destination: Beautiful." It is pretty good but I am glad I only paid $1 for it.  


If anyone would like to call me to chat, I would enjoy it. I am a little bored.  

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