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May 24, 2007

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hangin' out wit ma special friends, , watch movies, , go to da beach, , tannin', , chill in my room n listen 2 music


i like any type of music but country and dangdut


the note book, , shutter, , not without my daughter, , how 2 lose a guy in 10 days, ,


not without my daughter, , chinese cinderella, , geisha

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so frustrating!!argghh....

well im havin' dis presentation on monday in health..n one of my partners is not gna b @ skool on monday,,cz she has 2 go 2 singapore 4 her "visa". i dunno y..evrytime we hv a team work thing im always wit her..uurrrgghh...n she barely even in skool..n now im freakin' out bcuz shes gna talk bout da important part on da presentation..n dis time im already prepared 4 it..i know wat im gna say but i knw dat da health teacher will b mad @ my group bcuz da girl is not gna b @ skool..n plus da teacher is neva' like me at all 4 sum reason so jst pray 4 me!!

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yeap concert!well my skool having this choir concert on the 29th of dis month,,n we got to do the try outs for one of the songs that we will present it n one of us can get to do da solo,,n im going to do the try outs tomorrow n hope my throath gets better by tomorrow,,huhuuhhhhh!!!!!im so excited bout dis concert!!xD....


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huhu im so OLD!!!!!='(


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here it comes weekend,,hah!!!so many HOMEWORKS!!!!!!wat???its weekend,,we were spposed 2 let our brain 2 cool down but not if u in JIS,,there is homeworks evry single day!!wwhoooaaa!!!n one of my classes is getting really hard,,n dat makes me even more stress!!JINX but since 2morro is MY B'DAY,,im kinda x-cited...n also i hv test in choir on monday so dat makes me even more x-cited =D...NEwayz,,thats ol 4 2day hihi=P


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1st day @ skool

well....well....well....2day was my 1st day @ skool,,n when i got 2 skool dis mornin' i was lookin 4 my name on da board,,which tells me where my homeroom is,,n then i was shocked 4 a sec cz i cudnt find my name there,,so,,i went to d office n asked them,,n then finally i knw where 2 go,,n then when i got 2 my homeroom,,i finally got my schedule..but then i still not familiar wit d campus yet,,so guess wat???i got lost so many times =p n also i got REALLY..X-TREMELY DIZZY cz i ddnt hv breakfast,,n dats also bcuz i got up late dis mornin'.....well dats wat was happenin' 2day @ my new skool,,bjs 2 all of u dat read dis...


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