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January 22, 2009

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life in general... it's pretty cool...


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That's what I feel like doing right now... I'm soooooooooo tired... Josh, Liz, and Daniel are over right now and that's nice because I haven't had a brother home for Christmas in like 6 years. I think I'll go take a nap soon. I'm going home with Emily O'Berry tomorrow after the youth group goes to the movies so I'll probably want to sleep some today and if I don't sleep well tonight I'll want to take another nap tomorrow... I wish I were a cat... That way I could be lazy and sleep all the time... That would be the life...
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Bob Saget and Bob Corker

At my school, we make jokes about Bob Saget. While we eat lunch we talk about Bob Saget. Almost everyone at my school talks about Bob Saget. A couple of my friends find it hilarious that another one of my friends randomly yells out BOB SAGET! at lunch. One of those friends actually hypervenelates sometimes. Now the friend that yelled Bob Saget has started to say randomly, I'm Bob Corker and I approved this message. I'm about to fall out of my chair laughing because I just heard that exact line on the TV... It was funny. Well, I just wanted to say that. I have to go because Chris Jensen is making lasagna right now like he does randomly about every month. Bye!
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The Lemley Family

Okay... For those of you that didn't know there is a new family of four coming to the church and their dad is going to be the new misic minister and I'm glad because I like his music... Plus he has 2 kids... One of them is named Ashlea. She is 11 and in the sixth grade. The ohter kid Is named Benjamin or Ben. He's 15 and in the ninth grade... And, Ashlea, if your wondering how I know all this, my mom is the church secretary. She knows EVERYTHING! Anyway, they all sing (the whole family), their dad can play the piano, and their son can play guitar really well. The only reason I know is this is because they played on Sunday. Well I have to go but I was just letting you know... if you don't go to my church then this doesn't apply to you... BYE!!!
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I think this is my favorite one of my newest picture...
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Jack Sparrows

The following picture is one of my favorite actors in the whole entire world!!!

Hehe... That's great...

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