Jeana Lewis


Remind me to never do that again!

October 10 2006
It's been a few since I phused and when I logged in tonight I had something like 52 entries to read!  Ugh! My eyeballs are tired!

Here's my summary of what I read.
Some people think if no one posts no one cares.  Not so!  I read.  I care.  I just don't usually feel the need to reply.  I think this is supposed to be about sharing yourself not trying to drag everybody into your posts!

Jamie Crabtree makes amazing comments.  She's funny and practical.  But watch out for her right hook!

I don't think Chris' response to Jessica's comment about her lips was meant as it sounded. 

Teenagers can't decide how to feel. Ever!

Adults usually feel like they need to advise when they comment.

Phuse box is a great was to keep tabs on how lots of people are doing in general. And it's fun.

Those are my tiny little opinions.

Have a nice life!

adam rodrigues

October 10 2006
And Adam has all the answers ;-)

Brantley (Miles)

October 10 2006
haha i love you moma geina

Jessica Jo

October 10 2006
*laughs* You would be correct. Chris didn't mean the way it sounded. When I read his comment I didn't think anything about it until I read Jamie's comment. You make me smile Mrs. Jeana. I LOVE YOU! <3

Meagan McCann

October 10 2006
i love you mrs jeana.. and i miss you!!! meag

The Capn

October 11 2006
MOMMYKINS!!! i love you