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September 22, 2007

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Drinking and Driving

I guess that yesterday was a bad day for teen drivers because last night  I got pulled over for being drunk and driving but of course I wasnt. The intire time that I was pulled over Hannah B. was siting there laughing her head off. The police officer let me of with a warning
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Finaly bloging sorry school started and killed me and I see almost all of you every week any way

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Its over : (  or : )

its bitter sweet im glad it is and sad that it is because i laved hearing the testimonies of people being saved and families coming to Christ

i am happy it is over because i can sleep

by the way we meet our goal of 202 salvations with 205!!!!!!!

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I hate the hospital

there is no place on earth that i hate more than the hospital

well guess were i was today all day

you guessed it the hospital for a check up

i hate it so much

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i heard somewere that confession is good for the soul and so i am going to try it these 2 weeks at blackman were great. although i have relized that i am doing nothing to witness when there are so many opportunites and i have desided from this day on that i will spread the good news of jesus christ and what he has done for us. i need your help though for people to every time you see me ask me how the witnessings been and kick my but if i say anything but great. any takers?

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