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February 21, 2008

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I am at my moms work(she works at the hospital).  Its 1:03 in the morning and am not tierd, but thats good because they are putting me to work. I got some time to sit and rest, i might just stay up all night because the girls that work here are realy cool and funny. but i beter go i what to ride the wheelchairs before i get to tierd. Hope you have a great night or morning.



                                                              Ariana :~)

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Miniature Pincher

                         I LOVE MY LITTLE PUPPY DOG

       Here is my love:   

He is a Miniature Pincher &  i love him so much.  but you know how you can get attached...    Oh, and his name is Junior.    =]
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Some times life is awsome, some times life is ok, and some times life sucks. Right now my life is not the best, more stress then any thing. Like things that wont get off my mind even when i try my hardest to make it go away. But you know life is just that way.


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My Head Hurts

Okay, so my head is killing me, realy my mom beats me to death in the Judgement. Every once in a couple of hits she nails my head(and it hurts). well bye I have to go to this thing my grandma having a little party.    Pray for me I just got over strep throat...
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it's my ALI POO!!!!!!!!!! she spent the night......

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