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January 26 2006
Life begins now. 
There is no meantime.

I used to find myself saying meaningless phrases such as "...in the meantime" as well as counting down the days, hours, minutes until [fill in the blank].

Seriously.  I started counting down the days til my 16th birthday when the number was 180.

Until this year, I've always known how many days were left in the school year.

In China (the 5 month time), I knew exactly how long I'd been there
and exactly how long til I went home.

Life is not prison.

God didn't place you where you are for no reason, so you could only look forward to something else IN THE MEANTIME.

The last year of my life has been hard.  I've been in a place (literally) that wasn't necessarily my first choice, but it was safe and comfortable and easy. 

I've looked back with longing and looked forward with impatience.

Now, I'm standing still.  I'm finding that place in my life of absolute satisfaction.  I'm looking back with joy and forward with joy and here and now and everything in between with joy.

Life is captivating.  Life is beautiful.  Life begins now.


January 26 2006
I can't think of anything to say except I understand :) Perfect explanation


January 26 2006
well said...

Rebekah Minor

January 26 2006
i love you and i must agree with justin, very well said.


January 26 2006
amen, sister


January 26 2006
i agree muchly. i am questioning tho. about the last year thing you said. me and everyone else was in your "last year" sooo it wasnt your first choice?

Tasha Romero

January 26 2006
Wow...Ms. Ebeth...you always know what to say and how to say it perfectly. I am so happy for you and your happiness. Nobody deserves it more than you. You are one of the best people I know...Miss ya...much love sent your way! :)

Bethany Bratcher

January 27 2006
glad you are content..that makes me happy

Callie Carter

January 27 2006
I need to see you

Rachael Vance

January 27 2006
very well said!!


January 29 2006
i didn't


January 30 2006
hey! ive been wise. i just dont show it when im around u. i dont know, its like u make my intelligents level go down. lol jk. cya. hey. good words on urs too, thats pretty cool


February 01 2006
much admiration for you do I have... missing you.... call me