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March 25, 2007

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, anything, well mostly anything


anything but country and guys trying to sing slow, o yea, and disney stuff


hmm... good question


bible, jesus freaks!, how to be a jesus freak, and the great gatsby(lol, yea right)

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Its time for the National Championship in college football.  That means, it of course is time to see bandwagons pop out.  Who is ganna jump on Ohio State, who is ganna join Florida?  Stay loyal to your team, and MAN LAW, you can only have one team.  AND THAT IS FOR LIFE!!!  lets pick one.  i love you all.  thank you. 

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school is back, isnt that a blast.

remembering things, growing up from the past.

this year will be tight, i guarantee

who is the flyest rapper of all?       me!!!


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not much really to say, just a lot to think about.  u know those days?

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i just recently realized, and this applies to me, it may not to u, but i found this out. 

for me there is no regrets in what has been done or said, there is just learning and growth.  i dont think i regret much, i may be sad or suprised by what i have done, but i would never take back anything that i "regret",  its such a great experience of learning.  Weather u want to go through it or not, u gatta love it.

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nothing seems to be going wrong, but not everything is right.  u know that place?  when ur just coasting with Christ.  it seems like thats all ive been doing lately.  i have all the time in the world for him, yet i just say to myself, that i know him well enough.  what a LIE.  im just feeding off of what i know, rather than what im learning.  and it is soooo important, to be feastin daily with Christ, and honestly, that has been hard for me.  its not that i dont have the time, its that i dont  have the passion.  i need to get that back before school starts as well.  its only ganna heat up before school starts.  and once u get back in the school thing, its ganna suck.  u know it will.  u will be torn down so easily, and wonder what is going on.  be passionate in this belief.  but then again, its not even a belief, its your life.  so be strong with ur life.  and exceed all expectations.  u think u know him well enough,  well get to the point where u KNOW u know him well enough, and not think u know him well enough

and in a few weeks, dont let school get in the way of one's education - Mark Twain

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