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Life is going by so extremely fast

April 01 2007

I have written on here and forever- I miss Phusebox!

But like I said life has changed so fast, im so nervous to see what my future will be like, but I know and hope it will be awesome . I know it will because I have God in my life, and I know there are going to be ups and downs, but with God beside me im ok.

Life does go by so fast, this place we live in is only brief because were we will be going is even greater. So I guess what Im trying to say is we all should try to live out as best we know for the time we have left , but live it for God and what he wants because he gave me life so I should make my life on what he wants for me , not myself.

Everyone should go and listen to Jason Morant... his music is amazing. This song called Hosanna is so powerful! Definately listen to the whole song!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

God bless



March 15 2007

destinnnnnnnnnn i love u =)!


February 15 2007

I will be there tomorrow -tuesday!!!

SO if u live in Quebec and Montreal maybe I will just see ya!

cya people---sarah


<33333nickyp... I will rem his face till I get back hahahaha

3 of my friends in the hospital...from our school... pray for..

February 11 2007

Katie O'neil

AC Black

Ginny Blair

=(.... I know we all say things happen for a reason bc God has a purpose for everything... but it is sometimes hard to believe that, but it is true. So when you pray , and if you pray , pray for those sweet sweet girls.

ALSO realize this :I know we are all like omg my life is horrible blahblahblah... well at least we our breathing, at least we are living... so pick yourself up some how and realize at least I am here... bc I am here for a reason ... even not knowing why im here.. but Im here and THAT should be a reason that u should forget the sadness and realize HEY im living ..................

so stop being sad for yourself if your not in the hospital on an oxygen tank wondering if ur going to live

pray for those girls


romans12:2...thanks dad =)

January 24 2007
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

"uninvited" by Alanis Morssette .. is the best song ever

November 26 2006

I love this picture.. .=) ... well I will put up my pageant pics/bday pics later


November 18 2006

its my favorite hahaha

well liz and I have hilarious pictures, but Im to lazy to put them up right now, but I will soon! AND  there HILARIOUS. k WELL 

Happy Early Birthday to ME! AHHH  17 on tuesday! And Im in a pageant, so wish me luck !

Bye.... I hope everyone has fun at church tomorrow



so I havent updated in forever

November 05 2006

Im ok with my friend taylor being gone, still upsetting

I hate saying goodbye to ppl.. its stupid

Anyway so halloween was AWESOME!

The weekend before halloween I still celebrated with friends, so much fun!!!

Homecoming was this past friday , and Our homecoming float WAS THE BEST AND U KNOW IT!!!! WOOHUU!

Anyway I <3 my friends and I would die right now for every single one  ...

I <3 music too... without it wow cant even imagine

without god I would be lost.. even though I need to get stronger , its hard to get stronger ...but its a day to day process

 WATCH this video, it  touched me : the link url :

Also it made me feel disgusting about myself.. but never again

God does wash away our sins, but ppl today need to learn to try not to ... I cant believe he did that for us... like im not kidding, everyday we should all feel like that before we do something stupid.. its hard for an everyday basis,  I know it is hard.. but we should all try

I hope everyone is doing good, I  miss people =/.

My lifre is good though , always there is something upsetting, but I have to get past it .. bc in the end everything will be ok ... PATIENCE  is the key to everything, and thats hard too , but I can have patience, I just have to listen to what God is telling me ... and live for him , not myself



October 16 2006


But still I cant like stop having random breakdowns of crying, its like an everyother hour thing, bc I think of it, of her not being her... and it saddens me so much to the point were I have to like leave the room or something , and be alone to cry and then come back... but I will be ok ,I just miss taylor .

My Day has

October 16 2006

Been Hell

Ummm so friday I was like yay its friday!!!

And so that day was ok , and then saturday came... I went to my highschool and helped work on the scenery for our play . And then I left I like at like 8:30 Then I went and hungout with one of my best friends for life, nick... and then I got home , and yeh just sat there. And then Sunday came... the day starting of fire and hell..hah sry that was just kinda worded funny ... ok so anyway that day I had planned to go with nick to the mcwane center to get extra points for my science class... but then that didnt happen bc I got a voicemail of Elizabeth crying telling me that our best friend Taylor is moving to  FRIGGIN COLAFRIGGINRADO... RANDOM FRIGGIN STATE. Yeh what made it more upsetting is she I had to find that out from liz who didnt even find out from Taylor, and the worst part is I found out that day and she would be leaving the next day which is today which sucked also bc we had a day off from school... haahh WELL I DIDNT BC  I had to be at my school for our show from 8:30 in the morning to 3:00... and in all of that one more horrible thing just had to happen ... I lost my promise ring when we were practicing , and I have had it since I was in 7th grade... which is forever ago.. I know that its an outer thing that just represents it , and that it doesnt matter if I wear one bc I know in myself that I am keeping my promise, it was just an add on to everything. And I came home and just had a breakdown... hahah and its raining.. and rain is depressing especially when ur driving...yuk. But I am just upset about the future too, like I dont want to grow up... I dont want to say goodbye to people, it hurts like someone just stabbed my heart and threw it away ... liz is here right now , and she is making me feel better, I just want my best friend Taylor to live here, I just dont understand why all of this has to happen , why I have to be in pain , and not stop crying... Im in an emotional roller coaster right now... please pray for me .



October 04 2006


October 03 2006


My Car!!!!!!

September 28 2006

So today I just wasnt havent a great day, so my friend Taylor

gave me a ride home and we drive up my driveway and my moms car

is by the basketball court area thing, and Im like what why is her car

not in the garage. Well the garage has my mom and my Grandmother

sitting there , with my grandmom drinking sweet tea laughing

hahahaha and my mom smiling , and there is a Black Jeep Grand

Cherokee SUV in the garage, and she  puts out her hands

and hands me the keys !!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! HAHAHAH

 That just like made my day so much , and I cried bc it made my

day go so much better, cause my day had just not been going great.

But I love my family, and omg ... I kept on like praying constantly

thanking god , how greatful I am ... like I could cry right now,

bc I thought I was getting some ugly piece of poo , like a dodge

stratus.. hahahah will ferrel " I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS !!!"

HAHAH  Anyway I hope everyones day went well .

<3 always

sarah ........ by the way Im SOOOOOO excited about next weekend

to see my buddy Garrett....psh yeuh u know ur jealous =p ... hahah

"Love Song " by Jason Morant ... go look up the song bc its beautiful

September 27 2006

Well my life right now is going great, very busy but good. I have all my friends for life, and I am very blessed for them to be there for me. Thanks you guys, I <3 u . But I have my AP Art stuff, singing./guitar stuff, theater ... hanging out with all my friends, making sure I leave non of them out, bc I love all of them . But I wish my lil Tennessee friends lived here, but I will see one of u veryveryvery sooooooon !!!!!!! ahahahah , but then I wish all of yall were coming, bc I love u guys and yall are truly amazing. But I hope everyones life is going great, and if not great then try to look at the positive and realize how great we have it, how blessed we are to just have that special thing, creator , God. And how we are so blessed, and how we should take that and be happy even in the down of things, bc if u look at everything negatively , nothing will happen , and you will go no where. So people ... BE POSITIVE !!!!  Because we all are sinners, were not perfect, and sometimes we feel like hell has come to the earth and destroyed our lives, but it hasnt ... bc in the end you should know everything will be ok =) .

That is what I have realized over the past months.. that God will make everything right , if you follow him . I love Phusebox, and sorry that I havent made an entry in ages.

<3 always


ello ~!!!

September 18 2006

Well I havent made an entry in forever so im making one =p



"Life Is A Highway" ....... I love this song

August 31 2006


Im listening to it on like repeat!!!!!!

My life right now

August 30 2006
Cry Out to Jesus*** I love my best friend *** 


Well yall , my life has just been up and down with pain , but in the end I have fallin , I have gotten off track with God. And humility is definately apart of it, so Im going to tell everyone ... I am not perfect, just like everyone else isnt. But im asking for you to pray for me? Because I am trying to get back on my feet with my walk with God... because he has given me so much , and its all in front of me , and I have taken advantage of everything. But I want that fire I had when I left the summer, my life felt maybe not so complete with everything, but complete with God... and I am going to try my very hardest to get that Fire I had inside back .... Gods amazing...we should all sit back and realize how wonderful he is... because we just sin and sin and sin everyday... and it takes awhile to realize how greatful we are to have him .. until we sin, and we feel bad about everything. Well thats why I am just writing this, bc I want people to know that we should try are hardest everyday to live life to the fullest... but to live life to the fullest for god....

~Sarah ~

Today I saw my Dad for the First time in 9 months

August 21 2006

I just said bye to my dad ... it was very depressing, and im still upset.. I wish I could live in the same state as him , I dont get to see him  and my gma jackie till christmas... heck if I could of been ok for not seeing him for 9 months... and the years before a "whole year" ... then I can wait a couple more months to see my dad and my grandma  again. It just hurts ........a TON.  And now im all crying like a stupid baby. I am ok to say that im proud of my dad now =), yes I said it, my friends prob think im crazy for sayin it, but i am . Im seriously like a replica of his personality, except his past bad habits.  But all thats in the past... Amen, Hallelujah.. Praise mary of joseph  .  

im just really sad though right now dangit... I hate this ... blah ... but there is nothing I can do about it... but go to God. It just hurts really bad, ha I just started bawling when my dad said goodbye and gave me a hug... and then he cried so it made me cry more ... gah. hah its like when someone yawns u yawn too. I dont like goodbyes one bit. They suck . ha. Ok well I hope everyones week goes well . Oh yeh and I played all my music for my dad, and I had also recently just wrote 3 more songs, and my dad helped me add some chords, and now it sounds aweeesomee... and he fixed my amp for my electric guitar !!!! Yay so now I can actually put that thing to use... woot. Anyway I love my dad, all of u should love ur dad ... even if he did the smallest thing ... cause my dad had not been in my childhood basically and now he is trying to come back into my life, and I forgave him .... Forgiveness is a hard thing, but everyone give it a try once in awhile.. cause it makes everything a lot better. For yourself, for other ppl... everything.

* By the way tonight made my year... I played the song " Helplessly Hoping " on my guitar... by Crosby Still Nash and Young, and that was my mom and dads song they would always sing together.. but there is 3 part harmony, and my mom and my dad and I all sang it together.. my dad sang tenor, my mom alto , and me soprano... was the coolest thing ever. Gah my family is so  music oriented... its awesome... but yeh sry just had to add that in about how cool that was =p

in  him


my ending of the summmerrrr

August 14 2006

I was pretty sad about leaving the boro

but then I went to the beach and got cheered up by my best buds everrr

we stayed at the fab house

um got some sun

drank some pina coladas and cookies =p bahaaa

Tay and me took random pics

It pretty much made my ending of the summer awesome =) .. I love my friends, without them I would have no life, hahaha jp

I love the beach... I start school tomorrow, and Im actually kinda ready to go , but kinda not. Anyway I hope everyones summer was great, and that this coming year will be great as well.

in him

Well ......

August 07 2006

I went to the amazing Murfreesboro , Tennessee.. and everyone is sweet there . They all say its boring, its not that bad. MTSU is great, Gods definately made me feel thats the place for me. And recently I have just realized how great God really is, like I take life for granted  so much. When God has blessed and givin me so much. I couldnt ask more from him , its just like how he did that for us is amazing, not only does he forgive us, but he puts up with us... but it is obviously because he loves all of us.  But I need to give God credit more... its not about US and what we want... ITS ALL ABOUT HIM , GOD, ALPHA OMEGA.. EXC.  He is amazing, and what is prob the coolest thing that happened to me this past weekend, is my last night I was all sad and stuff, but my friend Liz and I were just sitting in our hotel thing ... at like 2 in the morning... and this woman walked up the stairs, and I ended up talking to her for about an hour and ended up sharing my testimony with her... and it made her day  and my whole trip... and she promised me she would visit the Belle Aire Baptist Church one day... so if yall ever met a woman named Rhonda say hey to her for me and see how she is doing. I love how God makes things happen on a chain reaction... and you realize it at the end... its so amazing .But everything I have realized is what God wants not me... so I will pray that I listen more to him .. and not just myself .This summer has been hard , but I have gotten through it  , and  closing it up with some great TN people was fun .. but I am going to the beach in like two days  with some friends so that will be fun too!!!

Well I hope everyones last week and a half of summer is great...and everyone go listen to The Face Of Love by Sanctus Real .. because that song is amazing, and the lyrics have really been setting in me

Love you guys  

~in him~



August 05 2006


July 29 2006

In loving memory of

Laurie Middleton Brock... the most beautiful woman , inner and outer beauty. She was like my second mother, and my moms best friend. Visitation was today, and she looked beautiful , you try to keep emotions from flowing but its so hard. Death can be so scary , but when you know she is in a better place its not so scary anymore. But it still hurts, and I know everyone else is too... of my family and friends. Tomorrow is her funeral... its at Brookwood Baptist... and Laurie * when she could speak a couple months ago* asked me to sing for her on her day of celebration .. and that is what im going to do. "Amazing Grace" ocupela... so if everyone would pray that God sings for me, and that my emotions dont over take me... tomorrow is going to be hard... but I will be ok... I just cant believe this is happening....I hate it... but shouldnt we all want to be there... I think we should ... heaven is suppose to be a magical place... with no pain ... I wish I was there with her, but I know she is looking down on all of us. And tomorrow she will be looking down on me singing for her celebration of her wonderful life. She is like  my guardian angel..... pray for me and the family and friends. I keep on listening to the fix you song by coldplay... and the words so fit of my feelings... I love music.. its almost as cool as God.



July 20 2006




Prayer Request

July 16 2006

Im asking for people to pray for my mothers best friend , Laurie Brock. She is dying of Lou Gehrig's  disease. She was fine and healthy and walking all last year, and she was having a pain and went to see the doctor and told her she had it. Its a disease were everything in your body shuts down slowly and painfully. And some dissenigrates. And she is to the point right now were she said she wants to go . Because she is to the point were she can't move anything but to open and close her eyes, and that is how she says stuff, and my mom is ok with this and God letting this happen , which is good. This is just very sad, to see this wonderful, sweet woman have this, bc you would never think someone like her would get something so horrible like this. And her daughter is one of my friends, but she is not dealing with this well. But now were all just praying for mercy on her, because she is in pain, and we would rather her now be out of pain and with her heavenly father , and pain free. Because Life is good,  but eternal life is better. And all of ur sadness, pain , hurt goes away. Because God is such a powerful creator . Without him I don't know what I would do . I would be so confused, hurt, angry , mad, dissapointed...  LOST . Sometime I do feel those things, but in the end I am happy bc I know I have God , and that is all that matters. I just ask that people pray  for Laurie, because it is a good feeling when you know more people are praying for her. So I guess that is all I have to say . Sorry this blog was like uber long and depressing . But I love all you guys, and I cant wait to come up and see my friends in TN... yay 18 days... holy mo. haha. Ok well I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer...

in him