pray for me

June 20 2005
I jus need ya'll to pray for me. I woke up this morning with a really sharp pain in my right around my appendix. It's gotten worse as the day has gone on. My mom is takin me to the doctor this afternoon jus to get me checked out and make sure everything is ok. She thinks it may very well be appendicitis...which is not good. So could everyone jus please pray that everything checks out ok. Thanx. ByE

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June 17 2005

photo from bonin4him

this is what I saw everymorning when we walked into the rallies. It's AMAZING to see 1500 teenagers praising Jesus and not caring what anyone thinks of them.

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this is the seniors that will be leaving the youth group. I've known some of these ppl since I started in the's kinda sad.

photo from SingAHappySong

thas some of us playing "Big Booty" the funniest game ever!!!!

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June 17 2005

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June 16 2005
BigStuf was AMAZING!!! God is soo good. He showed me soo much this week. The band was awesome too.

I wanna live like theres no tomorrow
I wanna dance like no ones around
I wanna sing like no body's listening
Before I lay my body down
I wanna give like I have plenty
I wanna love like I never have
I wanna be the man I was made to be
I wanna be the way I was made

That song is sooo true. We should all live our lives like that. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks it's all about God. As long as He is King in your life then your gonna be fine. He blessed me this week with an open heart and some awesome roomies!!! I hope everyone had a blast!!!

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June 08 2005
thas me and amy p. at prom. what a wonderful night...

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June 06 2005
So yea, I was supposed to get off at 10 last night. At like 8 something 2 managers walk over to me and their all like "we need you to stay till 10:30" I didn't really want to but I like had to. So I stayed. At 10:30 I had like 3 big orders and so did the other checker. I didn't leave till close to 11. It sucked. I now know to never agree to stay late again.


June 02 2005
Church last night was really great. We talked about comitting ourselves to God. I needed to be reminded that I'm not fully committed to Him. Restaurant Raid after church. Soooo much fun. Nathan was bouncing around telling everyone about phusebox so now like the entire youth group has one. It's awesome. But hey I'm out. TTEL!!! ByE!!