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November 12, 2006

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Writing, photography, scrapbooking, acting, singing in the rain, video filming and editing (though I don't know how to yet)


Christian rock mostly... some faves include Jars of Clay, Lifehouse, dc Talk, , Kutless, Relient K...


While You Were Sleeping, Little Women, Daddy Day Care, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc, A Beautiful Mind, Spiderman 2, October Sky, The Majestic, and I


The Bible, Wild At Heart, Waking the Dead, A Walk To Remember

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Uh... What?

So, I got on Phusebox a few times today, which is not so rare, but when I just tried again, it appeared that my account was deleted! So I'm glad I have this second Phusebox... but this kinda worries me... I really hope that info isn't gone forever... I had a LOT of stuff on there. But I guess if it's all gone it's just all gone. So I guess I'll be UntilLater once again until further notice...


Ok, so when I looked at Anna's last entry where I had remarked and clicked on my SingAHappySong's profile pic my account appeared to still be there, but I can't seem to log into it, and something has been added to my name. How very strange indeed.
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The Legacy of Bruce Gilley

I just wanted to share an old journal entry of mine with all of you...

August 20, 2004 ~ It always happens when you least expect it...

Today started out as a good, normal day. School was fine, I went home, and everything was fine. About 5:30 Garrett called and said we were gonna hang out at Amy\'s in an hour. So I was like \"great, I\'ll see you then.\"

I get there to see Amy, Garrett, and Graham standing in the driveway. That was unusual... They didn\'t seem very happy... no joking or laughing.

So I walk up the driveway, and I\'m glad I get to spend time with my friends, especially Garrett, and wonder why he doesn\'t look equally happy to see me.

And that\'s when he told me- \"Bruce Gilley had a cardiac arrest and died.\"

There went my world again. It was the same feeling I got when Ellen died- this is not real, this cannot be happening, someone please wake me up from this nightmare!

...We eventually went to Amy\'s bonus room, and I continued to cry. There were times I would stop and be ok, but then I would think about Bruce again.

At one point, Garrett and Graham started quoting Finding Nemo and that made me laugh for a few moments. I knew Bruce would want me to not be too deeply grieved (he\'s in heaven- he\'s so lucky! As Brian said tonight at the memorial service- Bruce probably thinks we\'re all crazy crying over him!)

Anyhow, so there was a memorial service tonight at Belle Aire, and yet again, it was a lot like the night of Ellen\'s death. Hugs from friends... long, meaningful hugs. \"I love you\" \'s were exchanged. Tears were shed. Shoulder were cried on. It was rough.

...He was such a cool kid. I have been racking my brain... trying to remember what I can.

I remember one Sunday after church we were both just waiting for our parents to be through with whatever and we had a good twenty minute conversation. We talked about his freshman orientation at Oakland, and he told me how he wasn\'t sure if he wanted to go there. I just told him to pray about it, and I prayed for him some as well. I think him staying at Oakland was definitely God\'s perfect plan for him. He had some lives to touch there before he left.

I think that was the same day he was baptized...

I remember Brian telling me he felt compelled to pray for Bruce... maybe it was preperation.

I did not remember this, but I found a journal entry where I recorded that Bruce gave me a hug. I thought that was so cool.

Oh... my... goodness...

I was just looking through that same entry... it was the Wednesday before we left for New York, and at House of Prayer there was a prayer thing for the people going on the trip... \"and Bruce was saying how much he looked up to me.\"

Looked up to me?! I\'m he one still here on earth, trying to figure everything out. He\'s the one who was so close to heaven...

Oh Bruce... how much I love him...

I found another entry- once Bruce ate with a bunch of us at Cracker Barrell.

I remember leaving him a comment (on Xanga) encouraging him when he was having a tough time, and then he left me one saying thanks and how much it meant to him...

I remember when Garrett and I were at the mall and we ran into Bruce (and his mom). Bruce had gone to the Buckle where he won a free bag, and we were telling him how he could use it for whenever he went to the pool.

We thought he would have plenty of time to use it...

And I remember on the night of Josh and Cindy\'s wedding when Bruce was waiting for his parents to pick him up, and Garrett told him to hotwire the Corvette and drive it home. Ha ha...

I remember always seeing him with a big smile on his face. Whenever I saw him, we said hi to each other. I passed by him and Cari a lot on my way up to the youth room. He won\'t be there anymore...

For the moment, I have reached the point where I can no longer cry. More tears will come though...

Man, he\'s so happy now, and in such perfect peace....

Bruce will be (and already is) greatly missed. We all love him so much...

Garrett pointed out these verses to me, and they are so perfect and comforting-

The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death. -Isaiah 57:1-2

They enter into peace... though Bruce was running and suddenly had a cardiac arrest... and though he was rushed to the hospital and was in pain... he entered into peace... eternal peace, away from evil...

photo from milly
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Second Phusebox

I\'m kinda wondering... especially after seeing how many people wanted to be my friend even though I never use this Phusebox since I got SingAHappySong to work... how can I take advantage of a second Phusebox? Ideas?
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The End?

It seems as if the sad tale has ended... and the once very sad Amy is now very happy again. Is the end, once and for all? Let us all hope so, that she may live happily ever after...
So if you\'re not already, be sure to become SingAHappySong\'s friend.
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Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Amy. She was usually very happy. One day, her friend Nathan created this thing called Phusebox and it was really awesome. To her dismay, however, somehow, someway, she was accidentally logged off her username, SingAHappySong. Well it will be ok, she assured herself as she tried to log back in. She tried again. And again. And seventy times seven more, but to no avail. She shook her fist and smited the Internet on her computer, and she was dismayed. She then installed Firefox, hoping this would solve the problem. It looked as if it might would be but... again to no avail, it did not. And Amy continued to be very sad. She had so many things to tell her friends, and most importantly, many photos to share with them. She sighed as she painfully registered under a new name... UntilLater... which her identity would remain to be... well... until later... when SingAHappySong would come back for her. Please be aware of this unfortunate news and treat UntilLater as you would have treated SingAHappySong.
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