It has been a long time!

March 01 2007

hey yall,

 Wow... it has been forever since I have been on this thing. I have gotten caught up with school and tryign to pass so that I can transfer to cumberland with my friend james who is moving from oregon out here in august. I cant wait! He is just the best friend that i could ever ask for. Well, i am gonna go do the family thing tonight!

Life is Strange....

October 20 2006
IT is amazing sometimes how your life can change in a second!


August 07 2006

Wow!  Buy these last few days have been so darn CRAZY! I am living on campus and LOVING IT! I have been so busy with football and then hanging out with everyone till really late and then having to go to sleep and wake up like 2 hours later and go to practice! Yesterday it was so funny that i asked what day it was! That is how wrapped up in football I have been!

Well i am going to go catch a couple hours of sleep! I just got back to the room and i am so exhuasted! Gotta b at practice at 3 this afternoon! PEACE!


July 30 2006
Hey i got a question... Did yall enjoy Brother Dean's Sermon this morning? I thought it was great!


July 30 2006

Hey guys i ususally dont blog twice in one day but i figured oh well...... my schedule for the fall semester is as follows!

English 1010-Expository Writing-MWF 8am-8:55am
Health 1530-Health and Wellness-TR 9:40am-10:35am
Lab Tues 8:00-8:55
Math 1000-Essentials of Math-TR 11:20am-12:45pm
Psychcology 1410-General Psychology-MWF 11:30am-12:25pm
University 1010- University Seminar-MWF 9:10am-10:05am

For a Total of 15 hours!

I have football everday at 1pm! Who knows how long it will last!

For the next 2 weeks i am going to be so bust with football! Everday! I have  a night practice on my birthday! I am sad! I had concert tickets but i guess i will have to sell them now! That really kinda sucks!

Does anyone else have any of the same classes as me? Hopefully i will know just one person in one of my classes!

Have a good day yall!


July 30 2006

Hey yall!

I saw the funniest thing this morning! I was on my way to church and was driving down the road and i saw these two barbie doll looking girls in neon yellow jump suits picking up trash. As i drove by i saw that on the back of there shirt it said I AM A DRUNK DRIVER. The girls had on sunglasses and looked all dolled up. It was pretty funny. I wish i would have had a camera! Bye !


June 11 2006
Look! I am over here at my friends (ex bf) house all day and i am so darn upset! I love him and i dont understand what is going on. You see he has been lieing to this girl today and calling her baby and sweety. I guess he doesn't love me anynore. She calls him crying! Wait he is mine. I dont understand what went wrong. I really dont think that he loves me. He says he loves me! I dont have a clue what i am trying to say anymore? I am so upset!


June 06 2006

Wow these past few days have been really tough! All i wanted to do is CRY AND CRY! Last night the man i know that i will marry some day decided that he wants to take a break and see if there is someone else out there for him! We cried last nite together for hours! You see he has another girlfriend right now and her name is Tiara! That hearts more than anything in the world. Today is out 11 month anniversary. We both had bought eachother promise rings not long ago and we were gonna give them to eachother tonight! Well tonite we did meet together and got something to eat! We gave eachother the rings and let me tell yah eatching him leave is the hardest thing i will ever have to do! Right before he left he gave me a kiss. I was thinking if he can still kiss me then how does he have feelings for someone else. It really makes absolutely no sense to me right now! He says that he will always be there for me and he willl always come back to me! But.... I was thinking who will i come back to. He will never be there when i really need him to. I am gonna miss him so much! I do not think that i have ever cried about a boy this much. He still wants to go on vaction with me in July. That will be really strange. I still really love him and i promised that i wouldn't be the CRAZY EX. I also said that i will wait for hime to call from now on. I wont call him. I am not completely sure that that is the right thing to do right now. I just dont see how a person can say i love you and not want to be with them anymore. He is my first love and i will always love him. After he left i was like what am i gonna do now? I have blown off and lost all my friends because i devoted my life to him. Then when he was like go and make plans with your friends and he still doesn't understand that i dont have any. It really sucks. on my long long long drive home tonite i just cried all the way. I said i couldnt do this and i dont think that i will be able to. It is just really hadr for me to accept that right now he has his arm around another girl. I do wonder if he is thinking of me and that GOODBYE kiss that he gave me tonite. I have the worst stomach ache of my life! I just afraid of what is going to happen in the future. I REALLY REALLY REALLY just want him back right now!


Does this sound STUPID!

June 04 2006

Hello all! How are you doing today? Well this morning i woke up and wrote a letter to my house about how i was feeling about what has happened in the past couple of days! Wow that was so hard! I love him so much and i wish he would love me back! But i gues i can't always get what i want all the darn time! Well guys i will ttyl!

Alone and Depressed!

Finally... Back from the beach!

May 30 2006

Wow I haven't been home in a week in a half and boy does it feel great! I got a new digital camera while i was down there so soon i will upload pictures!

While i was down there i was thinking about staying there for the rest of the summer! However i have so stuff that i have to straighten up here first! So i will be here until July i think! It really depends on if i find another job! I kinda wanna quit Fazolis but i gotta get another job! So I just have so much going threw my mind it is crazy!

Well i gotta go unpack! See yall soon!


May 24 2006

Well yall! Wow this has been an eye opening pass couple of days! I am down in Daphne Alabama! Not far from Gulf Shores! Mayber 20 minutes! I have been shopping and just hanging out! I have come to the conclusion that i might just stay down here for the rest of the summer! I would be home off and on though! I mean i could find a job here since everyone is hiring! I dont know! it is just something to think about! I mean that would be totally AWESOME! I am going to talk to my mom about it! My Aunts company has an airplane so if i needed to be home i could be in an hour and a 1/2! So i have to really think about things!That would mean leaving my baby! That would beso darn hard! Im not sure how he would feel about it though! I think he would ABSOLUTELY hate it! My Aunt, Uncle and Cuz say it is fine! They have no problem!

On a good note i got to drive a LEXUS today! It was AWESOME! Such a smooth ride! Well guys i will hopefully put graduation pictures up soon!

Pray for me and my decision!


May 16 2006

Hey guys this is a picture from Blackmans Prom! This is my baby Jacob! I thought we looked darn good!!!


May 16 2006

Hello all! How has your day been?? Mine has been okay! I have been helping my grandmother clean her house! It has been fun! I am now hanging out with my boyfriend at his house!!!

I got a message from someone who said that i should tell everyone what i am doing after graduation!

Well i am attending MTSU in the fall on a football scholarship! They only pay for books now but if i am dedicated enough then next semester i should get a full ride! Wow me getting a full ride to college never in a million trillion years! One of the perks is that i will be traveling everywhere! I think ww are going to South Carolina and Okalohoma for sure but that is all i know for sure! I plan on majoring in Nursing or Sports Medicine! I also plan on minoring in Spanish! I really wanna work at Vanderbilt childrens hospital so i have heard that they pay for you to go to school if you promise to work for them! Again i would love to do that! I mean that is my dream job! 

I am so excited about GRADUATION! I can't believe that it is almost here then i get to go to GULF SHORES for a week just to relax! It is gonna be awesome! I already went and spent like $200 dollars on clothes for my trip! I can't wait!

Also some of my closet friends are coming to my graduation! Also i am having a grad party on Sunday with me and my cousin Todd! If anyone from church would like to come let me know! i would really appreciate it if you would! No gift or anything is neccessary just you! It would be AWESOME!!! Let me know if you wanna come!!!

Well guys there is only

3more days till graduation!!!



May 15 2006

Hey yall! Well... wow! I can't believe this time next week I will be laying by the pool and I WILL BE A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE!

I can't believe it is almost here! Today was great I slept like all day long! I mean it was incredible! I dont have to go back to school until Wenesday for like a 2 hour graduation practice!

Also today I got a $1,000 scholarship! I am so excited! So i think i am up to 1600 dollars now! Well! Today has been AWESOME! Plus all my family is comin in for GRADUATION! I am so STOKED!

4 more days!!!!



February 26 2006

Hey guys! Well i wanna hear about One Weekend! Where did the seniors girls stay! I heard oit was going to be a GREAT weekend!

Well hope to see yah soon!


February 19 2006

Being sick REALLY  REALLY Sucks!

I have been sick since Wenesday! They think i have mono. All i have done is SLEEP SLEEP........... and SLEEP somemore! How is everyone! I hope that everyone's weekend is going a whole lot better than mine is! I mean being outta school since Wenesday really sucks! I am so bored in my house there is absolutely nothing to watch on tv. It is all the same stuff. That is really sad when i have run out of things to watch on tv.  Get this..... i even started to watch curling! Or might i say (hurling!!) It was probably the most boringest thing i have ever watched in my life. It doesn't make since to me at all! But, anyway i might go work on my research paper! Now that is EXTREMELY Sad... i am actually going to do homework at home!

Everyone please pray for me that i will get better soon. I really don't wanna miss any more school at all!

Hope to see yah soon!


February 16 2006

Hey yall! Well my life officialy sucks! I came home from school yesterday sick!

I went to the doctor and they think i have a kidney infection! So i have to stay home and wait to see if i get any better! I mean i am so bored at home! There is absolutely nothing to do. All i have done is slept like CRAZY! If i dont gget better i have to go back to the doctor tomorrow. It really sucks! Well, im going to try and work on my paper.

Have a great day!

SNOW SNOW and more SNOW!

February 12 2006

I have had an okay weekend! I mean i stayed home on Friday night and then on Saturday Morning my little brother at 7:30am came and woke me up and said lets go play in the snow! We made a snowman and we had a huge snowball fight! We also made snow angels! It was worth waking up that early! We got about 2 1/2 inches

After that i went to my school to set up for the football Banquet! Then i drove into the boro! The closer i got to the boro there was no snow! It was CRAZY! Well most of the snow was gone when i got home!

At our Football banquet i was honored with a football, jersey, and a HUGE plaque! It was so much fun! We had steak and chicken! It was
DELICIOUS! While we were in the banquet it snowed about another 1/2 inch!

Well guys have a good week!

Hopefully i will upload pictures soon!


January 30 2006

Hey I gotta a question!

Are there any SENIOR girls going to One Weekend? Well i was just wondering! I am thinking about going but i dont wanna be the only SENIOR girl! Well just let me know!


January 28 2006

Guess Who's Going to College!

I came home last night around 12:30 and there was a letter sitting on my dresser! 


Well yall i gotta go to work today!