September 17 2006

So many many pizzas to cut!!!

So today
I worked from 12-9, it was definitely a pretty long shift.  THe one
thing that kinda stinks about CiCi's is that apparently no one "really"
takes their breaks.  I mean, sure, I can take mine if I want, but no
one else goes for fifteen minutes and chills.  SO I was getting pretty
drained today. 
This stinks opposed to what I heard about Dairy
Queen, where they prett much required you to take your break, and be
sure you were off for fifteen minutes.  O well, I suppose.
got pretty hay wire today, so many pizzas, garlics, sauces, special
orders, massive take outs, all of which I pretty much single handedly
are cutting putting in boxes, or putting on plates, and handing to
either people for the buffet or to bring the plates to those of special
orders.  I'll be honest and say that I was getting pretty stressed, I
think for  a handful of reasons:
One, I feel like I still need to
prove myself to my fellow co workers, and my boss especially.  Two,
there are still special order abbreviations that I have trouble with,
which in turn slows me down.  On top of that, a lot of the time as
pizzas are flying out of the oven, I miss specials, and a couple times
some pizzas got by me, then I realized that they needed to be special
orders.  SO that sucked.
But above all else, I'd say the MOST
frustrating thing was CUTTING ITSELF.  Why?  Because I CAN NOT
Twice I had one of the bosses say "don't be afraid to push to hard."
And I'm thinking " I am pushing hard, dang it!"  Ugh, no I wasn't that mad, and to be honest, I'm starting to get it.
I guess in time I'll master the crust penetration.
So I'm sure this was boring, but this is my life at work, in case you were interested ;)

Contemporary Math

September 12 2006
Today is Monday.
What is the negation of that?

"Today is not monday."

All the people in this room are awake.
What would negate that?
Someone would have to....
Class: "Fall asleep."
Would everyone have to fall aslepp?
Class: "No."

This is what I learned today in math.
O, and yes.
I'm in college.

So cutting pizza throws off space time equilibrium?

September 10 2006
( quick insert, if you want to see pictures of me in a tux for the first time in my life, go to, go to a little square that says events, type in reynolds-biesel for event and 4366 for passcode.  Use my e mail:, and my name adam )

A Body clock:
Doused in intense pizza cutting and rendered temporarily.... handicapped...

yesterday I learned a decent amount of new stuff at CiCi's, mainly,
cutting pizza.  adn then all the other responsibilities that come along
with that.  But what was funny is that when I got off work, every time
I closed my eyes I was picturing pizza in front of me, and spinning it
around as I cut it five times.  Yes, five, every single time, it's the
way we do it ;)
In my loopy state Lori and Laura happened upon  me
at the gas station, and we went to steak and shake, where I partook in
a lovely cookies and creme shake.  It made me happy :)
So after that
I came to my dorm and took a nap.  What was funny is that when I woke
up, even though I only slept for thirty minutes, I woke up feeling like
it was the next day, and I thought "ahhh man, I missed church."
Then I realized it was still saturday night...
and only eight o clock... yeah... I was THAT off...
So then this morning when I woke up for church, my first thought was "man.. I got to get up and go to work..."
THen I realized, o wait, today's sunday, I'm going to church.

So I don't know what it was, but for the past two days, my body's clock has been..... not.... right....
Programmed to the Twilight Zone!!!
Ba na na na Ba na na na Ba na na na!

Jew becomes a man

September 07 2006
So tomorrow Paul's turning 18 years old.  Now is becoming a Jeswish man.  I wonder if there needs oto be some type of like.. Jewish initiation for him.  Something like a barmitsfa, or other ritual ;-)

So anyway, I hope he gets a goood FWC welcome when he comes home.  But hopefully his fellow dorm mates can send him off right ;-).

Welcome to CiCi's!!

September 01 2006

tonight was my first night at CiCi's, and my first, well, not "real
job" I most certainly had a real job in Knoxville, much more demanding
than this one, but I guess the first job you kind of think as... I
don't know, but anyway.

So it was pretty non stop.  Refilling
the salad bar, putting new pizzas out, putting old trays in the wash,
washing the salad bar, going back and forth to the kitchen.
But man, God is good.  I loved it and I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and the rest of my days working there.

So yeah, tonight was 5-9, tomorrow's 11-5.  Yippee skippee.. i guess.

Visiting, Classes

August 28 2006
wondering who will bother to scan this post of decent length....
So it was good to see everyone this weekend, I had a lot of fun hanging out at the Lewis', as usual, and it was cool to go back to A&W for like the first time in at least a year after church on Sunday. 
So I guess you guys can assume that no, Paul and myself didn't die on the way back, in fact, we got back at 12:30 eastern time and I didn't get to bed until 3, having to read... philosophical stuff.  Surprisingly, I'm not tired now... though usually my high seeep requirment seeems to get me... but

Today was my first dose of my manic Mondays!
and by that I don't mean the typical stigma that comes with the
word monday, but the fact that I have six classes, yes, one is tennis,
but from ten to twelve I have two classes, and then I have a class at
1, 2, 3, and 4, three fifty minutes and a 75 minute class. 
And no, my tuesday thursdays aren't non existent, I have two classes, back to back from 1:10 to four. 

SO right now, i'm enjoying a nice caramel latte and lounging in the SU.
really, all and all, it's all good.  I'm really not "down" about this,
it's what I'm here for, and I'm looking forward to how things are going
to unfold this semseter, but I thought I'd let you guys have a peek
into the weekly Lee life of Adam ;)
And my first night at Cici's is at 5 this coming Friday :)

I got a job!

August 24 2006
So, after waiting, praying, and various other things.. I guess, I went in today, and got HIRED AT CICI'S!

I don't know how to explain it, but just how awesome of a guy the head
manager seemed to be, how much his employees like him, and really, the
entire environment, I could just tell God wanted me to be there.

one, the guy was TOTALLY cool with the fact that I have to go home for
a month during Christmas break, and NOT ONLY that, but he is going to
see if I can work at the CiCi's in McMinville that his boss owns when I
go home.
He was also totally cool with me trying to get more hours
during the week of fall break so that I could take that weekend off. 

So I start next weekend, meaning...
HOME THIS WEEKEND! Because working mostly weekends, I'm probably not
going to be home until fall break, the middle of October, then
Thanksgiving, then Christmas.  So sorry to my friends back home, but I
won't be back as much as last year, but guess what...
God has given me an awesome job!
O, and starting pay is 6 an hour :) better than 5.75 ;)

God is good

August 19 2006

God is good!

So today I went job hunting, needing a job with about 15-18 hours, needing to have the money to pay off school stuff.
I went to a place that my friend Noelle works, where she thinks she can
get me hired.  She suggests I go to a place called Moe's.  I almost
didn't, thinking I had the job where she was, but I decided to swing by.
apparently they were desperate for applications, which was cool.  And
then while I'm applying, a guy I met YESTERDAY came in, and was like
"Hey! This is a Hughes guy ( my dorm ) you should hire him" So then the
girl asks if he'd vouch for me, and he said yeah, cause turns out he
works there.  Talk about awesome timing, I just happened to hang out
where my friend Noelle worked for an hour, headed to Moes, RIGHT when
he showed up to get food.
A big bonus about Moe's is when I turned
in the application, I put 6 dollars an hour, but the girl I gave it to
told me it was more.  So I'd definitely want a job there, because the
cafe place where Noelle works is 5.75
God is good!

go to Cici's, and a long story short, the manager was there, I had an
interview, and he basically worked RIGHT with my desired hours, and
would have hired me right there on the spot, but I told him I just
wanted to wait a couple days cause I had dropped applications around
that day.  He gave me his card, and unless Moe's calls me in the next
couple days I'll take the job there.

So yeah, I went to three places, and each place had progressive likelihood.  It was AWESOME!!!!

So yeah, GOD IS GOOD.

Floor Leader Retreat

August 17 2006
So the past two days I've spent with the team of chaplains, those over the entire dorm for the on campus ministry, and floor leaders, those leading the small groups on their floors.  It's been a lot of fun.  Man, there are some awsome people on our team!  We spent a lot of time discussing what it means to be a leader, humble, and various things, and I was continually blown away by the heart and wisdom of my fellow "hype mates" ( hype is the name of the ministry 'heighten your personal experience')

So it's been pretty cool, I think I've learned a lot, I'm definitely pumped about ministering to the guys on my floor during the course of the next year.
So tomorrow's check in, Paul's coming, and I get to meet all the guys who'll be on my floor!
Woot Woot!

Back at FRIGGIN LEE :)

August 15 2006
So now I"m here at Lee.  Paul and I came down pretty early this
morning, got a bunch of his stuff in the room.  We even set up DDR and
went ahead and played some... gosh, my calves ALREADY hurt..  Maybe
it'll put me in shape :)

So I've already seen a handful of my
Lee friends, and it's pretty exciting to be back.  I'm about to go over
to Thorne's apartment, and tonight his parents are taking me, Jonathan,
and probably the turtle ( Tiffany ) out to eat.  Should be "large fun."
Haha... new saying started by an older guy in our church.

So if
you're from Lee, we need to hang out, and if you're in Murfreesboro,
and aren't Paul Chris or Stacy, I'm sad to be leaving you.
But man... OO MAN, Paul and I...
Haha, yeah, we're gonna have some fun ;)

Back from Orlando

August 12 2006
Well everyone, we are now back from Orlando.
Is anyone as... man.. this kind of stinks, as I am?
WEll, anyway, I had a blast, it was freaking awesome.
God was so good, the services were great, and most of all:
My friends are amazing!
You guys rock, every single one of you made this trip an absolute blast.
I  had sooooo much fun with every one of you.
Not to mention that I KNOW you all LOVED every minute you spent with me ;)
No, but seriously, I'm so glad to have friends who make trips like this so worth the week, and SOMETIMES venture out into the same level of weirdness that I seem to always walk in.


August 08 2006
So I"m here in Orlando, and today we went to the beach, and it was pretty freaking awesome.
Since we went to the gulf side of florida, we got to see the sun set over the ocean, and it was pretty flippin sweet.  And just being at the beach and everything was a super blast.  O yeah... amazing.
Tomorrow at 11:40 I'm going to do my drama solo, and I"m really not that nervous at all.  I'm just... going to do it... and I guess we'll see how it goes.
Yep, Orlando is definitely an amazing place. 
Tomorrow should be interesting all of my youth group is going to go to universal, but I'm going to hang out with my old youth pastor.  He doesn't get done judging until six, so maybe I can hook up with some of my Texas friends, or just get to watch some hype competitors.
So yep.. GOod times ;)

Getting saved all over again

August 03 2006
So you guys have already heard about the death to mr.clique service, which was pretty cool. 

NOw here's another part of our adventure last night.  So the youth pastor gives an invitation at the end of the service, basically saying something to the effect of " If you want to come back to "consuming fire" ( youth group name) next week and be more friendly and inviting, stand up."

Well Hooper and I have no intentions of driving 1000 miles to come to a youth service next week, so we sat: and were the only two of the forty or so students who weren't standing. 
THEN the Youth pastor says " I don't think there's anyone sitting down."
Haha, so then of course everyone looks at us, and I can only imagine what the kids in the youth group were thinking who didn't know us. "Wow, look at them, they don't even want to be friendly to people.  THose heathens."

So the rest of the night hooper and I had a lot of fun anunciating our Christianity.  "So hooper, how far are you from being a CREDENTIALED MINISTER?"
Hooper: "Well Adam, I'm taking my credintial test in October, but how's life down at your CHRISTIAN COLLEGE?  Or how about that BIBLE AND THEOLOGY MAJOR?"
I could go on forever, but it was a lot of fun.
So yeah..... Tomorrow we leave for Dallas.  Yippee.

My new accord

August 02 2006
So here you go everyone, a plethra of pictures of me and my sexy, yes i said sexy, new accord, because apparently sexy in reference to a car seems to freak out some of my friends.  O well ;)
So yeah, i like it a lot, tis quite nice, and I'm glad to have one now.

MIdland stuff from Adam's side

July 31 2006

I know this entry might be a bit long, but I think it's fairly humorous and interesting, highlights being two major gringos trying to understand spanish, and my sexy new accord.


So here I am in Midland TX con mi padre.  Haha, with my dad, but since i've been here i'm getting right back into trying to decipher what little spanish I can, especially considering the fact that my step mom speaks practically no english.

Today Hooper and I went to my dad's dealership, and pretty much every conversation with any customer was entirely in spanish, and we both spent most of the time clueless, while at the same time pathetic due to our immense excitement when we would translate words such as "shoes" and "women" and "coche" (car)

So it's been fun, but by far the best event of today was seeing my soon to be ACCORD.  O yeah, she's QUITE PRETTY.  It's black, and the letters on the back that say accord and lx are in gold, so it looks pretty darn spiffy.  I reallllly like the way it looks, black with a great looking interior, sleek, and most of all, amazing gas mileage compared to my current vehicle.  So I am QUITE excited, because I think my dad may be bringing it to his house tonight so we can go ahead and make the trade.

And once that happens, when we have a good car for gas mileage, I think Hooper and I are planning on going to the mall in Odessa, about twenty minutes from here.  So yep everyone, that's the current life of Adam. Yipppeeee!!!



July 24 2006
Okay, so it's not  100 PERCENT for sure, but I'm pretty postive, after talking to my dad just now, that when  Hooper and go down to Midland TX here in a few days, ( well, Springfiled AG headquarters first to see my old youth pastor, then texas ) I will be driving back a...

Trading it for my truck, yes, I must say goodbye to The Beast, but I'll be trading around 15-18 MPG to 23-30 MPG!

The Accord is black, four door, has 120,000 miles on it, which is NOT bad for one of the longest lasting cars in the automobile industry.  This thing will last forever before it breaks down.  I mean, IT'S AN ACCORD!!!

God is so stinking awesome!! Blessings are great!! If you can't tell, I'm excited.  I guess you'd have to drive a truck that guzzles gas like mine in times of nearly three dollars a gallon to truly understand.  And not only that, be getting an Accord, I mean, honestly, that was THE economical car out of all of them I would have asked for!
Finally, I can drive places and not be emptying my wallet all the time.

Here's somewhat what it will look like, and the different specs and such.


July 12 2006
Some good stuff.  Hope it brightens your day.  Got if from a friends post off xanga.

When NASA first started sending up astronauts, they quickly discovered that
ballpoint pens would not work in zero gravity. To combat the problem, NASA
scientists spent a decade and $12 billion to develop a pen that writes in zero
gravity, upside down, underwater, on almost any surface including glass and at
temperatures ranging from below freezing to 300 C.

The Russians used a pencil.


When Bruce Banner gets mad, he turns into the Hulk.  When the Hulk gets mad,
he turns into Chuck Norris.


July 04 2006
The start of the song is that "when I go down, I go down hard," and in the end comes the resolution. (Relient K)

Any control I thought I had just slips right through my hands
while my
ever-present conscience shakes its head and reprimands me
then and there
I confess
I'll blame all this on my
yet you love me
and that consumes me
and I'll stand up

and do so willingly

You give me hope, and hope it gives me
you touch my heavy heart, and when you do you make it light
as I
exhale I hear your voice
and I answer you, though I heardly make a
and from my lips the words I choose to say
seem pathetic, but it's
fallen man's praise

because I love you
oh God, I love you
and life is
now worth living

if only because of you
and when they say I'm dead and
it won't be further from the truth

When I go down
I life my
eyes up to you
I won't look very far
cause you'll be there
with open

to lift me up again
to life me up again


July 03 2006
So all around tonight was probably the most incredible evening OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

The end.

In need

June 24 2006

As much as I can emphasize without getting the improper message across that I am in a personal life and death situation ( as in me backsliding ) I want to do so in saying please pray for me.
I'd appreciate it.

.I must put this in here, what I am saying is that MY WALK WITH GOD IS FINE.  Don't worry about that guys, there is just a situation going on around me, my life, whatever, that I really need prayer for.  Trust me, you don't need to worry that Adam Rodrigues is questioning his salvation, as one person was concerned about.  PLEASE don't think that. 

Just pray ;)

Flyleaf Lyrics

June 10 2006
I could go on and on about how I am continually moved by the lyrics to their songs.  To me, this song is just so, powerful.  Especially the way it's put to music.

Sometimes I'm a selfish fake
You're always a true friend.
I don't deserve you cause      
I'm not there for you
Please forgive me again.

I wanna be there for you.
someone you can come to.
It runs deeper than my bones.
I wanna be there for you.

Swirling shades of blue,
Slow dancing in your sky
The sun kisses the earth.
And I hush my urge to cry.

*Cause I hear the whispered words,
In your masterpiece beautiful
You speak the unspeakable through

Man, that last verse and the bridge are so awesome.  See, this girl's testimony is one of the most incredible I've ever heard. 
I'll post about it later, but basically, if someone's going to feel too dirty for God to love her, it was her.

Guys, no matter what, or how unspeakable it may seem.
He still going so say He loves you.
Okay, that's my serious/spiritual spiel for you ;)


June 03 2006
Go to this link.  And so you know, when the first song "i'm so sick" starts playing, the screaming is being done by the girl.
It's pretty insane.

A thought

June 01 2006
To me, one of the hardest things sometimes..

Is being who God wants me to be..
Even when people don't seem to notice.


May 29 2006
I don't believe existence to be entirely dependent upon physical perception.  If that were true, then when I was first conceived, then it was not until I was able to perceive my own existence that I in fact existed.  If God knew Jeremiah before he was formed in the womb, then obviously Jeremiah existed before he had the capacity to perceive his own existence.  And if the bible is not a source for you, then a fetus will suffice.  All of us were at one point the initial conception of an egg and sperm cell.  Meaning our existence began there.  Had we been aborted, we would not be here, we would not exist, because our existence would have been halted. 
So obviously, some type of existence had to have been there. 

But in response to something chris asked, if someone was born without senses.  Once again, just because they couldn't perceive their existence does not mean, in my opinion, that they exist.  Why?  Well, if there is a God, ( which there is, and His purpose of making us with relationship with HIm, is an apologetics spiel I don't feel like going into right now ) and He is all powerful, totally supra natural, then He is capable of anything.  Meaning He could, if He desired, create someone to be born without a perception of their existence, and then heal them so that they could perceive their existence. 
The question is, if they existed before they were healed.  I would say, yes, because we have a spiritual perception.
You can say that spiritual perception is somehow related to a physical feeling.  In feeling God's presence, I relate it to a physical feeling.  I say no, it is a feeling in and of itself, one beyond the natural, one not capable of being described in the natural, because it is SUPER natural.
You can't naturally describe an emotional healing that from that point on is proven through how I behave differently.  I really don't want to go there, but if you don't believe that something beyond your natural perception can happen when you experience God's presence, then I worry if you believe you can ever experiece His presence.
Go to a camp service and mean it if you disagree.
But anyway, every person is God's child, His creation, and so capable of experiencing that. We are spiritual as well as physical beings.
NOw a bit complicated....
For that person to exist, they have to have a spirit. People are not strictly physical.  I don't want to go here either, but the simple mechanical workings of your body components are not what give you life.  God is the life behind it ( the whole.. two cells through sex made YOU )
So that person does have a spirit, as any one else does.  But their physical being isn't aware of anything.  So God heals the physical, so then they can perceive the natural, but the spirit has always been there. 
You say "no" for whatever reason.
So I ask this: If that person died, wouldn't they go to heaven or hell?
No, they weren't really a human being...
So there's my argument.

I said to the Lord...

May 27 2006
Psalm 16:2

I said to the Lord," You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing."
Do we believe that? I
mean really.  In this context, the psalmist has probably lost
anything of natural value ( from material to like um, a significant
other )Can we say that to God? ( I say we because I definitely include

And please, don't just look at this as another one of those " Do you
really mean this" verses, where you think " ooo, mmmm, yeah, that's
good, we need to stop over looking that verse and really think about

Don't do that.

I think we're too used to that thinking, of, you know, when someone gives a verse, we now know to look at it more closely.

But I think that's starting to become empty, because we've been pushed
to reconsider so many times, we don't REALLY reconsider any more.

It's more like a "motivating afterthought" than a deep life changing commitment.

BUT I'M SERIOUS GUYS.  if everything was taken from us, Can we
really look at God and say " Apart from you, I HAVE NO GOOD THING." Can

Can we do that?  Is He that important to us?  Because I'm saying THIS to myself:


I hate how I can get so wrapped up in everything else, and not come to grips with this, because WHEN ALL THIS IS GONE, HE IS ALL I HAVE.  And NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

I know I can let this pass me by, so I'm asking everyone else as well
as myself, to really stop and get God to where He needs to be:

You're absolute everything, your one care more than all things, so much
so, that in Him, you could be completely satisfied, if everything else
was taken from you.