August 02 2006
will mothers & daughters EVER get along?


August 02 2006

justin daniels

August 02 2006
what would be the fun in that? lol I've told you time and time again,but looking at your favorite music thingy on the left here---you've got amazing musical tastes. lol.


August 02 2006
Ha ha... I know what you mean. My mom and I usually get along quite famously but we definitely did not have a good moment yesterday. Cute new profile pic by the way!

beth cooper

August 02 2006
well there are times. they are few and far apart but it can happen. ( :


August 02 2006
me and my mom get along great. i mean for the most part we have our rocky moments and all but who doesn't

Jonathan Bragg

August 03 2006
hahaha i get along with my mom....but i dont count cuz im not a daughter : ) some help i am right? lol


August 24 2006
That's quite awful indeed! Now I am really scarred for life!

ennazus bmal

August 30 2006
i love you so much!


September 03 2006
yay for being pro-OAKLAND!!!!!! hope you feel better... i think we have the same throat crud. my fever is gone and now its all in my throat... not cool! hope you feel better!!!


September 16 2006
steal away!


November 02 2006
yeas that would be the boy...!

Garrett Haynes

January 22 2007
I'm goin to the DBS formal with Meredith Taylor (I went with her last year). So i guess i will see u there!