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hey hey hey!!

March 10 2006
Sup kids, I just thought that you should know that formal is tommorow and I'm So f'n excited you couldn't believe it. I'm probably goin' to end up spending WAY to much money, but who cares, besides I think it'll be worth it! Oh and I added some more pics!!! I gave blood last Tuesday! It was alright except the nurse that was doing mine couldn't find my vain so this other nurse came over and was telling her to move it all around and one of her movements sent a sudden shock through my body and then I turned completely white and my lips turned blue which as most of you know means a lack of  Oxygen! So I almost past out but then that other lady tried she couldn't find it so then this bald guy comes over and he get the needle and finds it in like less than 2 seconds so sometimes I guess things just need a man's touch!! But I gotta go. whish me luck on tommorow! Oh and Kelsey still rocks!!


March 10 2006
last time someone tried to take my blood i pased out! uhh... aren't you datin gsomeone randy?!? lol*

Randy Rodden

March 10 2006
Yeah that's why I said KELSEY still rocks cuz that's my gf!

Aaron Massey

March 10 2006
hey, thanks for the remark man. hope all's well, and i'll talk to you soon. peacE!

Russell Rodden

March 10 2006
Woo hoo! Randy's got a girlfriend, and she is cool. Hope you had fun tonight.


March 11 2006
aww randy thank you! see.. you can be sweet when you want to be! hah just kidding... thank you =D & i'm going to see you tonight! i'm going to the formal presentation!

Russell Rodden

March 13 2006
Hey man! Do you have any pictures of you and Kelsey from the formal dealio? How was it?

Marrissa Odom

March 15 2006
hrmm... how'd yah see that fellah? haha... pretty sure it would be cool if it was a pic with me in it! but i gotta go, supposed to be writing research paperness! ug!

Mai White

March 20 2006
Yes, in fact it was Andrew sitting behind me. Oh, and thanks for your last comment. That means a lot to me. Uniqueness is like the best compliment anyone can get, I think.

Carol Nixon

March 21 2006
sounds like fun!...ummmm

Jeana Lewis

April 01 2006
Wow! Randy, that's the very first post I've seen from you that wasn't just... well... Hey! Thanks for an actual word of encouragement for Zay. You should let your heart out more often! Quit burying it under ridiculous random comments! Love ya!

Chris Jensen

April 01 2006
it's not real arena football, it's more like frisbee football, and unfortunatly the games are in the MTSU rec center so you either have to be a student or come with a student and pay five bucks

courtney kelley

April 02 2006
You know Jessie too?? You're lucky then, 'cause she's an amazing girl.

courtney kelley

April 02 2006
Lisa goes to my church, and Jessie goes to school with Lisa and she comes to our church and youth group quite a bit. They're both really awesome girls.

Jessica Jo

April 02 2006
Where have you been? You have been deeply missed on Wednesdays!

Lin-Z HackneY

April 04 2006